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Dr. Peter McCullough’s Courage to Face Covid | CPAC 2023

Posted on Tuesday, March 14, 2023
by Rebecca Weber

Dr. Peter McCullough says SENIORS were the ones who needed the most assistance during covid, not young people. Masks, lockdowns, and school closings were all completely unnecessary public responses. Dr. Peter McCullough was one of the few with the courage to face COVID. Hear the rest of his thoughts on how deep biopharmaceutical corruption runs during his interview at CPAC.

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Cheri Martin
Cheri Martin
11 months ago

Under the CARES Act billions have been sent to hospitals in bonuses. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services designed the codes that are triggered by the Covid diagnosis. Once diagnosed by the doctor the computer outputs the protocol. There is no negotiating with the doctor or hospital regarding treatments, that is why so many people went to court under emergency circumstances. Most of us were refused, vitamins, D & C, zinc, antihistamines, budesonide, hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin and a host of other supportive measures. With the protocols there is a system of bonuses paid to the hospital on top of the standard billing. Initially meant to offset the loss of business to the hospital due to their canceling all regular patient business it became the incentive for homicide for hire. Remember most hospitals are run by corporate CEO’s now, with an eye on the bottom line, not by doctors. Any doctor in this scenario who refused to tow the protocol line was threatened with loss of hospital privileges as well as their license. Because the value of the patient’s life was equivalent to at least one additional patient, in some states at least a patient and a half.
This is how it works, positive PCR, bonus. Non complicated admission (regular room), bonus. Complicated admission, bigger bonus. Dosing with Remdesivir, 20% of entire bill bonus. Sedation drugs, bonus. Ventilator, $39,000 (average) bonus. Covid on death certificate, 20% of entire bill bonus.
Each state has a different percentage built into their bonus (except the 20%, that was across the board), based on historical data regarding CMS expenditures in the state in previous years.
If you never had a loved one in the hospital, let’s look at what happens, I speak for hundreds of families who have given their stories for the record on the Covid-19 Humanity Betrayal Memory Project,
Most enter the hospital with low oxygen, immediately asked for Do Not Resuscitate signature, also permission to intubate. Also separated from any loved one for “quarantine”. High flow oxygen is applied, gradually upped regularly without substantial breathing treatments or medications. Generally dexamethasone is used, but in a pediatric dose for short period of time. Also, all fluids are restricted, justified by “you are filling up with fluids we don’t want to add more”, but conversely dehydrated the patient as the days go on. Also either not feeding the patient or not helping the patient balance oxygen & food, because “we might have to intubate you & we don’t want you to aspirate”. Heavy sedatives begin being applied, to calm “anxiety”. These depress breathing. The remdesivir damages the kidneys, liver & heart. Now the patient is filling up with fluids because the IV’s are putting fluid in & the kidneys aren’t responding, this is putting pressure on the heart, lungs, spleen, etc. Patient is now completely unstable & addicted to high flow oxygen, which weakens the body even more. Patient & family (who generally aren’t even allowed in the hospital) are pressured to approve intubation. Many of these are botched. Dialysis begins. Dialysis can’t keep up because blood pressure continues to fluctuate to far out of bounds, sometimes the patient codes from this, sometimes the family is pressured to put patient on palliative care, at which point the patient is even more sedated, intubation is pulled & they die. If they are lucky they are sedated, some just struggle to breath for minutes or hours. While family looks on in horror. Some are given the equivalent of a lethal injection, considering what is already in the body they are then dosed with something like vecuronium, which causes paralysis in all the internal breathing systems as well as the heart. In some cases it’s a mixture of the already on board midazolam, fentynal with the vecuronium or rocuronium. Sometimes it’s a mixture of precedex, lorazepam and morphine.
Another sad “covid” death. Even if they came in with a heart attack, car accident or hiccups, that positive PCR sent them to the hospital version of the gas chamber.

Vann Whitley
Vann Whitley
11 months ago

I have what they call long Covid for the last year. I have been in six hospitals and yearly died seven times. Six of the hospitals could not control my blood pressure that was high is 242/222. My last hospital I spent four days in ICU with a private nurse. They were able to get my blood pressure under control, but refused to treat me for long Covid telling me that it was all BS. This major hospital in Houston Texas even threatened to have me arrested. If I did not leave the hospital if you were interested in my story, I have complete records from all six hospitals and even have done a testimonial which is now hidden.. I have talk to Senator Rand, Paul, and congressmen Mike Johnson. They both know my condition, but only Rand Paul has a doctors background.. I did have one doctor in Colorado, Dr. Bilica in Fort Collins, Colorado that treated me for the adenovirus. This was done with Chinese herbs. Praise be to God it took away the pain, but not the fatigue. It should be noted that my wife and I both have major fatigue and Charlotte has complete deterioration of respond within one year.. if you would like to discuss this in detail again, I have complete medical records. I am a board-certified Christian counselor with over 25 years of experience and serve both the United States, Marine Corps and army reserves. My phone number is 713-818-5623.

11 months ago

Dr. McCullough is an American hero. He has taken so much flak from his own colleagues and the AMA it’s ridiculous. Just goes to show when there is a ton of money involved those on the take will castrate anyone to cover their behinds. THIS man should be honored, unlike how Fauci has been idolized.

Rex Walker
Rex Walker
11 months ago

I was member of AARP OF AND ON FOR 25 years. Got discounts on medical insurance, cell phone. About 3 years ago I added AMAC. I am a proud USMC vet. I started noticing a difference in the two organizations but it really came to a head when they featured Hanoi Jane on their front page. I first tried email but none went through so a phone call was required then I had to play phone bingo finally got a person. I told her I could no longer support an organization that up held a traitor to the country I love and to remove my name from their membership. She said she understood and said I had a refund coming. I understand why some people have a AARP membership to save some money but a year ago we switched our insurance and recently saved $20 month on our phone. In addition I get a good publications and internet news from AMAC. Thanks AMAC.

11 months ago

Covid and gain of function research, Ukraine corrupt or not, the Federal Reserve, Obamacare, stimulus programs, even the assassination of JFK…apparently, news headlines hardly touch the real meat of the matter. The older I get, the more I hear about shady workings behind the scenes. What are we supposed to believe? Are this government and the people working there really that corrupt?

Did 1,000,000 Americans die of Covid, or was the number much, much lower? One or two years ago, I looked at the change in the number of people dying of heart attacks, complications of diabetes, stroke, cancer, and all other causes from one year to the next for a few years. Comparing that data to those dying of Covid, it appeared that the real number of Covid deaths was closer to tens of thousands rather than a million or more, after adjusting for the predictable number of deaths from other-than-Covid causes. The data showed a large decrease in deaths from all those other causes. Dying of Covid is different from dying with Covid. And then we learned that the federal government paid hospitals up to $38,000 for treating patients “with” Covid. So, whether Covid was the cause of death or the person who died of a heart attack coincidentally also had Covid is a moot point when that kind of money is involved. What a disgusting racket.

Looking at several long videos about Covid, funding gain of function research, and Fauci/NIH, some stated research of this sort had been going on since 2012, and likely before that.

There’s an incredible number of associations, foundations, NGO’s, and other alliances conducting business with our public servants and the agencies they represent. Maybe it’s the aversion to watching sausage being made that we prefer being kept quietly unaware of what’s going on. Or the media are complicit in keeping it hushed. I, for one, though, would like to know what’s being done and by whom, and who’s raking in the profits. No wonder we’re $32 trillion in debt.

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