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Courage is More Contagious than Fear | Joe Oltmann | EP 266

Posted on Friday, February 9, 2024
by Rebecca Weber
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“I’ve lived my life by the idea that I serve my brothers and sisters, and courage is more contagious than fear.” Joe Oltmann is a man of great faith. But his life changed drastically in the aftermath of the 2020 election. He described it as “going into a tailspin” after he felt compelled to speak out about problems that occurred during the election. Before speaking out and having his life publicly scrutinized for the first time, he was a successful business owner who was set to sell many of his companies. But now, he finds himself more involved politically than he ever thought he would be, including weighing what God is calling him to do in regard to the evolving crisis at the southern border. Oltmann makes an important note, that it is not Democrats, or the Democrat party alone that is to blame for many of the issues facing America today, but rather the entire establishment that is comprised of both parties that make decisions for the United States. Tune in to this episode of the Better For America podcast hosted by AMAC CEO Rebecca Weber to hear the Joe Oltmann story in its entirety!

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Bob Olden
Bob Olden
20 days ago

I tried to find Joe Oltman’s podcast and all I got on a Google/Safari search was a bunch of articles about he’s such a spreader of disinformation and he’s accused of all kinds of bad stuff. Tried Rumble, he’s not there. How the heck can you listen to this guy via internet!

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