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Better for America: Shaping the Election – Redistricting in 2022 with Adam Kincaid

Posted on Thursday, March 17, 2022
by Rebecca Weber

As Biden’s polling numbers continue to decline at the same rate inflation is rising, Republicans have a massive opportunity in 2022. This week Rebecca welcomes Adam Kincaid, the President of the National Republican Redistricting Trust to share with AMAC members what exactly goes into determining district lines, why the country is turning more red, and how we can continue growing the number of red seats in the Senate as we race toward the return to a Republican governed country!

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Tina Stalker
Tina Stalker
1 year ago

Tell Rebecca she has great comments to share, but she needs to choose clothing that directs us to her face and not her cleavage. Otherwise her comments about Biden having no moral compass, sound like hypocrisy. I want people to hear what she says! Thanks!

Robert Zuccaro
Robert Zuccaro
1 year ago

Although you won’t hear about it on CNN… According to the NY Times, it’s finally “out” that Hunter Biden’s computer is REAL and we learn that Big Tech and the mainstream media colluded with the DNC and Biden to suppress this fact, NOW I’m supposed to believe there wasn’t shenanigans in the last election and it’s all better now? What I’d like to know is if Hunters computer is real and I was booted off for citing its existences then, do I get my YouTube account back now? Anyone not betting there’s a sudden “unexpected” COVID SURGE for this one too?

1 year ago

France, Germany, Italy, and all of the EU is so close to Ukraine let them do something big. The US should stay out of it. Our young men should not lose a leg, arm, or anything for this awful problem.
Do you want to see us in another 5, 10, or 15 year on going battle?

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