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Better for America Podcast: Switching Parties for Morals with Rep. Jeff Van Drew   

Posted on Tuesday, July 5, 2022
by Rebecca Weber

Blue Dog Democrat Congressman Jeff Van Drew was told by party leaders, “You will obey,” when President Donald Trump was facing impeachment. His response, in true New Jersey fashion, ultimately led him to make a moral decision to switch to the Republican party. Congressman Van Drew joins the BFA podcast after winning his primaries as a first-time Republican. He gives AMAC’ers the 411 on all things Congress, the root cause of inflation and his new party’s hopeful November forecast.

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Michael L Arnold
Michael L Arnold
2 years ago

Since Jeff van Drew’s switch to the Republican party, he has voted with the Democrats 39% of the time. I hope no more Democrats switch to the Republican party. He WAS a Democrat for a reason, and it seems that he still is at heart, even if the leopard ‘appears’ to have changed his spots. One vote for the Democrat agenda is a vote against Freedom, Liberty, and the Constitution. WE NEED POLITICIANS WHO WILL STRICTLY FOLLOW THE CONSTITUTION AND STAY AWAY FROM THE DEMOCRATS/PROGRESSIVES/SOCIALISTS/COMMUNISTS AT EVERY TURN.
We can no longer trust what a politician SAYS. The best way to know a politician is to look at his voting record which shows his Constitutional allegiance written in stone. There is no way one can change their voting history. They can lie, tell half-truths, but what they have done (how they have voted on each and every Bill) that is a matter of public record, and tells the whole story. I don’t trust him anymore now than I did when he ‘was’ a Democrat.

2 years ago

anna hubert
anna hubert
2 years ago

It is his duty to do the right thing

Marsha Gullion
Marsha Gullion
2 years ago

A congressman with values , integrity and morals. Gives me hope.

Daffodil White
Daffodil White
2 years ago

Thanks for the subject of Jeff Van Drew switching party.
Would you talk about Stolen Election on Nov 3, 2020 midnight and Election Integrity?
How to prevent Voter Fraud in Midterm 2022? Thanks again..

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