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Better For America: Patriotic Duty with Cleta Mitchell

Posted on Monday, November 8, 2021
by Rebecca Weber

Let’s talk about election integrity! For AMAC members and Americans across the country, this has been one of the top issues since November 2020. Rebecca invites Cleta Mitchell to the Better for America podcast to help our members understand what has happened, what is being challenged, and what is to come for elections in the future. A don’t-miss episode for all interested in seeing faith restored in our election process.

Please leave any questions or suggestions for future BFA episodes in the comments below!

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Scott Berg
Scott Berg
1 year ago

I said this several times folks, the fox is in the hen house, as long as they keep using companies like Dominion with usually tampered with programs like Symantec we will never have a God’s honest election ever again in this country, I mean for Christ’s sake they had the owner of the company dead to rights standing right there on video saying we’ve got this no problem” and on top of that all of the people that were supposedly behind Trump 100% including VPOTUS which now we know are nothing but special interest hacks and that there’s more and more information coming in on as far as their involvement with big pharma”, I hope John Durham is able to put away the real culprits in the stolen election that should have been ours by a landslide‼️

Patriot Kyle
Patriot Kyle
1 year ago

Election integrity its not a matter of faith in the process! We want to see phorensic analysis and PROOF that fraud has been eliminated. THIS IS NOT THE CASE. Here in Utah we tried to get analysis of Salt Lake County (one of the top 100 fraudulent elections) , the government WOULD NOT comply. I take that proof of fraud.

1 year ago

Thank you AMAC and Rebecca Weber for having Cleta Mitchell on the podcast explaining and spreading good and honest information on voting procedures and what “we the people” can be involved in. This type of information is truly a source of help to understand and “do” something to help our voting procedures. I for one hope to get ahold of the procedure booklet Cleta is publishing to hopefully use and become involved here in Arizona. Thank you so much for this podcast.

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