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Better for America: Keeping the Torch Ablaze with Congressman Jody Hice

Posted on Tuesday, December 14, 2021
by Rebecca Weber

Congressman and AMAC Member Jody Hice joins Rebecca on the BFA podcast to run down a list of questions from Rebecca on the topics that matter most to AMAC Members in Georgia’s 10th district. Congressman Hice believes the American people are rejecting the current administration and the policies of the Democratic Party as a whole. If you have been scratching your head at our government, you are not alone! Tune in to hear how this member of the Government Ops Oversight Committee plans to limit the government’s intrusion in your life.

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Mary Curry
Mary Curry
2 years ago

Thank you for allowing us to see real leaders who do not support the radical Democratic policies. It helps to know I am not alone if knowing that there are leaders who want to see our country return to the good policies of Pres. Trump–his policies were right and good for all of us. Keep up the good work!

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