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Better for America Podcast: Right to Bear Arms with Rep. Greg Steube  

“Democrats don’t even want to let me show what they’re trying to ban.” Following his unorthodox demonstration in the House Judiciary hearing- that went viral throughout the media- Congressman Greg Steube from Florida’s 17th district joins BFA to expose the dark motives behind the radical left’s push to ban guns and the detrimental effect it will have on society. Tune in for the sobering truth and an essential update for all AMAC Members!

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Stan d. Upnow
4 months ago

For the Left, gun control is a critical step in proceeding to a complete totalitarian take-over. Jan. 6 caused them to wet their panties. They know it was, in effect, really nothing. But, in their minds they’re thinking– “What if it was an actual armed insurrection by millions of armed citizens?”

They will keep pushing one ineffectual gun law after another, with the help of the RINO “compromisers.” When none of those stop the next mass shooting(big surprise), then they’ll say we need stricter gun control. The endgame of course is the eventual ban on all privately owned weapons and the dismantling of the domestic firearms industry.

Robert Zuccaro
5 months ago

My inherent rights are from God not given to me by a Democrat so I say “GFY’s”.

5 months ago

The Ga. governors race is coming up in november and his,,, Demorat,,, opponent is backing a tv add that says he pointed a gun at a young guy on tv,, can there not be a law suite over this BIG ASS LIE by another lying cheating,,,, Demorat ,,,, and the ad says the person talking is a nurse ,,, so this really helps people believe in covid vaccine right ,,, PLEASE GO VOTE PEOPLE

5 months ago

Your audio gain is too low! Please increase the audio gain. Mine is on FULL and I strain to hear the words oner my much needed air conditioner!.

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