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Best of 2022: AMAC Action’s Advocacy Victories | EP 183

AMAC CEO Rebecca Weber and AMAC Action SVP Andy Mangione run back our greatest advocacy victories of 2022 involving the top issues AMAC’s over 2 million members cared about most this year. We tackled and WON when it came to woke corporations like Disney, poll worker recruitment to ensure free and fair elections, standing up to PBM’s to put an end to runaway drug prices, and much more. AMAC Action heard you and got to work! But we aren’t finished – join us as we share our significant wins and hear how you can help AMAC Action achieve our shared goals in 2023!

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Rob citizenship
2 months ago

To Rebecca Weber and Andy Mangione, The AMAC Action advocacy victories are significant and appreciated. Hope is a great thing to have, especially when it is generated by genuinely successful efforts to make life better, making needed improvements as you have made possible.The AMAC Action victories have provided that hope for a better future. Positive, noble ideas have a way of building a strong foundation for other developments of a positive, noble nature. In the spirit of helping to defend the importance of Faith, Family and Freedom, that is the reason AMAC is a great organization. Well Done, Best Wishes, Courage, and Happiness for you.

2 months ago

So nice to have an organization that’s more than giving AARP, who showed it’s far left ideals a few years ago, a solid run. May AMAC continue to grow and out distance the left.

2 months ago


Many thanks to both Rebecca and Andy for your steadfast work and determination. I get up everyday to see “What’s UP” at AMAC with my coffee!

Seems all of us old folks complain a lot or at least I do, but I very much appreciate everyone as pretty much, another family member!! ????

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