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AMAC Magazine Exclusive – How to Think, Not What to Think

By: Robert B. Charles


The greatest service we can do for our children is to teach them how to think, not what to think. The greatest service we can do for ourselves is to humbly remember that lesson. This may sound like common sense, but common sense is fading. Now is a good time to remember.

Daily, we get bombarded by those who are sure they know, confident in their conclusions, pressing our kids—and us—to accept their claptrap lock, stock, and barrel. Can we still say that? Teachers, unions, politicians, and the media push us to forget our history, traditions, principles, and past sacrifice, to abandon all we know from life experience to be true, to add honor to biology and liberty to math.

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4 months ago

Well said, I taught a class of Logical Thinking in my Sunday School Class and passed along a great skill to my High Schoolers

4 months ago

Amen amen!

4 months ago


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