Critical Race Theory

AMAC Magazine Exclusive – Critical Race Theory- Seven Hard Truths

By: Robert B. Charles

critical race theory

Critical race theory (CRT) is all the rage—and causing outrage. This anti-individual, anti-American, fear-focused rebranding of Marxism is now in schools. School boards, afraid of being called racist, are buckling. But parents, grandparents, and students are fighting back.

What was once just annoying—pushers of class warfare based on race— is getting personal.

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1 year ago

Good and helpful article. I needed some better info to articulate my strong objections to CRT with educator friends and this did it.

1 year ago

Tell ALL parents to home school their children. There are MANY options through the Internet, including Christian schools.
For every student that parents take out, that school loses a LOT of money. Hit them in their pocketbook and see what happens!

1 year ago
Reply to  Angie

absolutely. Never in my 71 years could I have imagined these marxist ideologies happening in what used to be the best country in the world.Any parent with children in school should attend a board meeting ready for a fight.literally.

1 year ago

CRT is geared to cause division and hatred in the population…all tactics of Marxist government.

Betsy t
1 year ago

It’s genocide targeting the White race…plain & simple.

Martha Hurd
1 year ago

Thanks for an enlightening article on CRT. I am trying to educate myself about it so that I can spot their bizarre reasoning wherever it rears it’s ugly head.
Their misguided reasoning sort of reminds me of the “when did you stop beating your wife” sort of trap. I ran across this sort of distorted reasoning a few years ago from some young people before I deleted my Facebook account. They try to dazzle you with their BS. They are very aggressive with this stuff too. Shades of the propaganda from Nazi Germany.

Patricia J Elwyn
1 year ago

I usually copy your articles for Gab and quote some of the article but I can’t do that with this digital edition.

1 year ago

Try using the “save as” function to create a local version you can then share with whom you like. I tried it myself and it works. Not exactly copy and paste, but better than nothing if you really want to share this article. Just a thought.

Patricia J Elwyn
1 year ago

I don’t like the digital edition. Please go back. I can’t even highlight text to copy. Hate it!

G Otts
1 year ago

Very informative article. I read related articles all of them were note worthy, Thank you for what you’re doing to raise the awareness of the propaganda and misdirection our all children are being fed.

Stephen Lykins
1 year ago

Being forced to read the article in the digital version of the magazine is ridiculous. It is much harder to read as the default font is about HALF the size of what is used above.

1 year ago
Reply to  Stephen Lykins

Flip phone sideways and butterfly text to enlarge it.

Orice Walters
1 year ago

This was a very good article. Thank you

America in Decline
1 year ago

That’s what happens when folks don’t take time to educate themselves about the candidates for school board positions, and then get out and VOTE! As a result, we have school boards across the country infested with slimy Marxist maggots.

Andrea Kear
1 year ago

Everything I hear or read about CRT indicates that it’s racist and incredibly divisive. We as a country have enough issues to deal with without trying to push our children to hate each other. Much of our media keeps dividing us, as it is. This CRT should be abolished along with the incredibly ridiculous level of control the teachers’ unions have over our children. Enough!

Bill on the Hill
1 year ago
Reply to  Andrea Kear

Agreed Andrea… The NEA is probably the largest teachers union in the nation & they are indeed fully on board with CRT & the now infamous 1619 project…This is NOT learning, it is a Marxist driven indoctrination, pure & simple…The outcome on young peoples minds, long before they get to college will be nothing short of a horrific outcome for them as they move forward through life…
Bill on the Hill… :~)

Lois Moseley
1 year ago

Thank you for this article. It was very well written and cleared up any misconceptions I might have had about CRT. I hate knowing that they are pushing teaching this in our schools. It is garbage propaganda for furthering the Left’s political agenda.

I have shared it with several families with school-aged children and had received thank-yous from all of them.

1 year ago

I am and do not believe in racial discrimination, in any form. However, this is nothing more than reverse discrimination.

Jocie Taylor
1 year ago

Grandparents such as myself I know I’m getting tired of it do the fact that my taxes still pay for the schools so therefore I feel that I should still have a say so you can keep your CRTs I don’t want that kind of crap taught

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