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President Trump Announces Testing Strategy to Facilitate U.S. Re-Opening

Posted on Tuesday, April 28, 2020
The Association of Mature American Citizens

President Trump unveiled a testing overview and a testing blueprint yesterday to facilitate state development and implementation of robust testing plans and rapid response programs—all in string partnership with the private sector.

Additionally, here are comments from the President and his Task Force regarding the testing strategy:

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “Today, (April 27) we’re releasing additional guidance on testing to inform the states as they develop their plans for phased and very safe reopening.”

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “Our blueprint describes how states should unlock their full capacity, expand the number of testing platforms, establish monitoring systems to detect local outbreaks and conduct contact tracing.”

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “I directed our Medicare program to make it easier for seniors to get the testing that they need and the pharmacies, as you know, we are allowing pharmacies now to do testing, and we have other testing locations that we’re going to be allowing also … We’re also asking governors to do the same in their Medicaid programs, so they’re going to be able and authorized to do the same in Medicaid, so it’s a big — that’s a big deal.”

DEBORAH BIRX: “The blueprint lays out the roles and responsibilities to enhance our partnership between the private and public sector, bringing together state and local governments with the federal government to ensure that we can accomplish and achieve our core principles and objectives.”

ASSISTANT SECRETARY ADM. GIROIR: “The supplies that we will be providing to states — the minimum that we’re supplying to states is approximately double in that month than the Republic of Korea has performed in the four months to now, accumulated.”

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