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Posted on Wednesday, July 7, 2021
The Association of Mature American Citizens

internationalWritten By: TravelSherlock

As the world opens and we begin to look towards international travel, let’s get into some ways to have our best next trip!

While much of Asia is closed to us as Americans, destinations to the south are wide open with some truly magnificent opportunities and Europe is opening to fully vaccinated people.

While the cost of flights has risen a bit in the last month, there are still incredible deals to be had by traveling to Mexico, Jamaica, the Virgin Islands and Costa Rica. These trips are available and a terrific way to dip your toes back into International Travel.  So the next question is… What can we do when we get there?

Frankly, these countries are wide open. If you are vaccinated or if you feel healthy with your decisions, take advantage of everything they have to offer. We are talking about curated trips to Ruins and Cenotes (highly recommended for Cancun, Playa del Carmen) and to eat at every local restaurant and place you want to be. You will find that local favorites will be overjoyed to have you back but, as always, we recommend that you stay at properties that are closer to the sand and further from the land! While these properties charge a little more, they are better regulated and it assures a better quality of service and better safety!

What should I be aware of?

All airlines will be requiring face-masks so if you are not comfortable with it, this is probably not the trip for you. Most hotels have now re-instituted  their buffets which are one of the best parts of going to resort destinations, but we need to call ahead to make sure they are available!

Certain hotels will have random health checks for temperature but masks are now rarely required.

What if I want to go to Europe!

We are with you! There is nothing better than being in Paris or London or in the Greek Isles. Nothing can compare to the artistic revelation of Barcelona and the Estadio Madrid, the chance to see the Pyramids or going to the Holy Land.

Unfortunately, 2021 is not the year for these trips….The rest of the world is still reacting to variants of the Coronavirus and unpredictable lockdowns can render that trip of a lifetime to a trip to forget.

We can never recommend a halfway trip when you expect a full-time experience. That said, if you choose to take that European plunge, we highly recommend buying travel insurance.

Don’t worry Friends, 2022 will be a renewed year for International Travel and we will meet you in Venice to celebrate! For the rest of 2021, let’s hit those domestic trips we love or head South to the rhythm of Mariachi bands or Reggae!

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2 years ago

Much of the world remains in partial or total lockdown from the perspective of normal tourist travel. So unless you want to pay full price and be content to receive a half or a quarter of the normal travel experience most of these destinations currently offer, defer your international travel plans to 2022 or beyond. That is just the reality of international tourism today.

Ellen Leyrer
Ellen Leyrer
3 years ago

The ‘Let your friends know’ rectangle covers at least one line of the article. The last legible line says ‘or head South to the rhythm of’.

Ellen Leyrer
Ellen Leyrer
3 years ago

The ‘Let your friends know’ rectangle covers at least one line of the article. The last legible line says ‘or head South to the rhythm of’.

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