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AMAC Supports Bill to Impose Sanctions on Drug Cartels

Posted on Monday, June 8, 2020
The Association of Mature American Citizens

Congressman Mike Gallagher’s (R WI-08) bill freezes the assets of foreign drug cartels, blocks members of these criminal organizations from entry into the United States, and punishes those American citizens who provide aid or resources to these illicit enterprises.


June 8, 2020

The Honorable Mike Gallagher
8th Congressional District of Wisconsin
1230 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

Cc: Senator Tom Cotton

Dear Congressman Gallagher,

On behalf of the 2.1 million members of AMAC – Association of Mature American Citizens, including nearly 6000 residing in WI-08, I write to offer our support for H.R. 5417, the Significant Transnational Criminal Organization Designation Act and its companion bill, S. 3031.

AMAC members have shared with us their concern over violent Mexican drug cartels and the impact their illegal trade has on American society. They also understand that the purveyors of these foreign illicit and dangerous businesses often seek entry into the United States and their entrance is sometimes assisted by U.S. citizens.

Your bill gives the Trump Administration the tools they need to go after these criminal organizations in a way that exerts maximum pressure on their unlawful operations. H.R. 5417 designates drug cartels as Significant Transnational Criminal Organizations, which means the penalties they incur would mirror many of those for entities described as Foreign Terrorist Organizations, such as imposing sanctions on designated criminal organizations, including:

o Barring organization members and their immediate families from admission into the United States,
o Freezing assets, and
o Seeking civil and criminal penalties against individuals providing aid or resources to the criminal organization.

The foreign criminal drug trade has had tragic consequences on American lives for years. Thank you, Congressman Gallagher, and your 18 cosponsors, for making it tougher for Mexican drug cartels to infect American society with the misery that is associated with illegal drug use. AMAC appreciates your efforts and is pleased to offer our organization’s full support for H.R. 5417, the Significant Transnational Criminal Organization Designation Act.

Bob Carlstrom
President, AMAC Action

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