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AMAC in Action Update – May 3, 2021

Posted on Monday, May 3, 2021
AMAC Action

AMACApril 28th – Regional Rep. John Whelan attended The Villages Conservative Watch event along with an estimated 100 members of the organization (formerly the Trump Club).  The featured speaker was Col. Phil Waldron, who discussed the 2020 election.  The colonel is a cybersecurity expert and has appeared on numerous conservative media programs. Conservative Watch has Chapters in 14 states, and we look forward to growing our relationship with this organization.

L to R: President of The Villages Conservative Watch Suzanne Days, AMAC Action Regional Rep. John Whelan

April 20th – Kansas 04 Chapter Leader Barb Schwerman held a Chapter Meeting at Hillside Christian Church in Wichita. The guest speaker was Vice President of Political Affairs of the Kansas Chamber of Commerce, Jennifer Baysinger, who spoke on championing local businesses.

Vice President of Political Affairs Kansas Chamber of Commerce Jennifer Baysinger speaking with KS-04 Chapter Members

April 13th –  AK-AL Anchorage Chapter Leader Robert Coulter held a Chapter Meeting at Wellspring Ministries Campus with 91 attendees. US Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka was the guest speaker.

US Senate Candidate Kelly Tshibaka along with AK-AL Alaska Chapter Members

April 14th – AZ-08/AZ-06 Chapter Leader Nikki Colletti held a Chapter Meeting at Republican Party Headquarters with 57 attendees.  Those present enjoyed a presentation on the status of the administrative state in America today and reviewed the Hillsdale College lecture series Constitution 101.


Maine – Vote Against National Popular Vote Legislation – Some legislators in Maine are trying to pass National Popular Vote (NPV) legislation which would radically change presidential elections there. NPV is trying to go around the amendment process in the Constitution to nullify the Electoral College with state legislation. AMAC members in Maine are contacting their state legislators, urging them to vote NO.

Arizona Senate – Vote for Arizona Election Reform Laws – In their continuing advocacy for election integrity in Arizona, AMAC members are concentrating their efforts on the state Senate leadership to urge them to pass reform measures without delay.

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