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AMAC in Action Update – April 5, 2021

Posted on Monday, April 5, 2021
AMAC Action

Advocates in Action:

March 31: FL-25 Delegate/Chapter Leader Ted Daily met with Regional Director of Southwestern Florida Enrique Padron with Florida 25 Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart’s office. The Congressman expressed interest in addressing AMAC members at a forthcoming Chapter meeting.

L to R: Regional Director Enrique Padron and Delegate/Chapter Leader Ted Daily

AMAC Calls-to-Action:

State Get Involved Campaign:

March 31: Invitations to Get Involved, AMAC Action’s advocacy recruiting initiative, were sent to AMAC members in Michigan and Georgia. So far, 293 members in Michigan and 235 members in Georgia have clicked the link to learn more about getting involved in AMAC Action Advocacy, demonstrating once again that AMAC members are fired up and engaged!


H.R. 1 / S. 1 Senate Opposition Campaign Update:

We asked AMAC members around the country to contact their Senator to urge them to vote NO on the deceptively named For the People Act. This legislation is a partisan, federal takeover of the election process, would weaken the security of future elections and is an attack on the First Amendment! The bill is now under consideration in the Senate and so far, over 142,200 emails have been sent by AMAC members to their Senators compelling them to vote NO!


Call-to-Action in Mississippi:

AMAC members in the state of Mississippi were asked to contact their State Representatives and ask them to vote for HC 58, which would allow Mississippi to become the key 34th state in the Union that would trigger an Article V Constitutional amending convention. The bill is currently being considered by the Mississippi State House Rules Committee and passage would allow the states to continue a process that helped build America 400 years ago.


The Article V Constitutional amending convention could propose and debate:

  • Forcing Congress to balance its budget, which is supported by 83% of Americans polled.
  • Restricting Congress’ spending to its revenue limits.
  • Saving families from being held accountable for Congress’ out of control spending.
  • Return D.C.’s spending power to the states and to the consent of the governed.
  • Consider proposing term limits for Congress and the Supreme Court.
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