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AMAC Action Advocacy Infographic – April 2022

AMAC Action is pleased to present our monthly advocacy infographic! It details what’s happening on a local level by the AMAC Action advocacy team. Each month, we want to provide you with some of the highlights and successes of AMAC Action advocates and keep you up to date on important news. Between numerous Chapter meetings, Delegate visits to local Congressional District offices, and Calls-to-Action, there is so much being done each month. AMAC Action would not exist were it not for the high level of engagement and support of the AMAC membership – the AMAC Army. If you would like to volunteer to become an AMAC Action advocate, please call 855-809-6976 or email [email protected]. We hope you enjoy reading these monthly advocacy updates and take comfort in knowing that you belong to a substantial organization that fights for you and delivers results.

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Rodney Cummings
1 month ago

Please lower the cost of social security Medicare plan b premiums.

David Millikan
4 months ago

AMAC puts aarp to shame. Especially, when aarp supported Obamacare after Obama gave aarp a lot of money to support Obamacare. Lost ALL respect and interest in ever joining aarp after that.
Just follow aarp’s money trail.

Roger Wiley
4 months ago
Reply to  David Millikan

Mr. Millikan, the avarice of AARP, became apparent to me in 1990. After then President Bush made the, now infamous, “Read my lips” campaign statement AARP lobbied, and pushed, both in the media, and in Congress, for the “Medicare drug benefit” with the known consequence of taxes on Social Security, and pension benefits. But, enlarging the “Public slop trough”, was the priority.

Jeff Noncent
4 months ago

I am so happy I belong to AMAC

Craig Price
4 months ago

I have been a member of AMAC for several years and appreciate your leading the fight against the assault on American values, however your link on your efforts to reign in the „ woke Disney“ corporation’s attempt to silence the citizens of Florida was somewhat confusing as the first blank space on your comments page was unlabeled

4 months ago

I think you are right the far left it seems will do everything they can to further the cause of communism.

Char Kras
4 months ago
Reply to  Chris

I always say “evil never rests”.

Anita K
4 months ago

I believe dems leaked on purpose so abortionists would have time to rally their forces against decision

Char Kras
4 months ago
Reply to  Anita K

It was no accident, they were directed to leak. All of this is not coincidence, educated politically astute globalists have think tanks to make sure every important issue is carefully calculated. Directions are then given to these followers

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