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Sanctity of Life

The right to life is not only granted by God but codified in our Declaration of Independence. AMAC fights to protect the most vulnerable and defends the sanctity of life from conception to natural death. AMAC Action believes that an unborn baby retains his or her own sovereign rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and we boldly support efforts to ensure they may live and be welcomed as new Americans. Even in excruciatingly poignant situations, such as rape or incest, AMAC believes that the God-given rights of an unborn baby are just as legitimate and sacred as any other humans.
Sadly, in legislation to regulate rare occurrences to “protect the health of the mother”, the word “health” often lacks a hard definition and may well include vaguely defined terms referring to mental, social, or economic health as a matter of convenience.
Tax dollars should never be used for the practice of abortion. Providing education and alternatives to abortion such as assistance programs, and adoption are key in making abortion a footnote in American history. Supporting and preserving a precious human life is essential, vital, and a moral imperative.
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AMAC is the voice of conservative Americans who believe in the founding Fathers vision for our Constitutional Republic. Now more than ever we need our generation to make a stand for the preservation of this great Nation for our children and grandchildren, that is what AMAC stands for, and fights to do. I implore you to become a member of AMAC and make a difference for yourselves and the future of America.
-Allen West
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If you’re over 50 and think that the only place you can get all the benefits and discounts you’ve earned is AARP, think again - AMAC provides all the same and more and you don’t need to compromise your values
-Mark Levin
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If you’re anything at all like millions of other frustrated Americans looking for an alternative to AARP, then it's time to join conservatives at AMAC! We must stand together to defeat the left!
-Dana Loesch
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AMAC fights for our America…Faith, Family and Freedom.
-Glenn Beck

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