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I Have Been Denied Coverage

Denied health care obamacare

from Michael Duckworth – Original insurance cancelled, had to choose another, my costs out of “my” pocket have increased to $6000 plus dollars out of pocket and that is a conservative number. I have been denied coverage from doctors, I now...
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They Have Simply Given Up Due to ObamaCare


from Gail Mastroberte - Attached is an ad that ran in my hometown newspaper. In the past year, I have personally lost my gynecologist and my urologist. They have simply given up due to Obama Care. It’s genius! What better way to rid the country of Baby...
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One of The Many Victims

Obamacare Watchdog

from Christopher Park – I an one of the many victims who lost their insurance due to the not so affordable insurance plan. I had my old insurance for 6 years and it was wonderful with the exception that I would benefit from gastric by-pass surgery. My...
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82 Year Old Retired Senior Says: WAKE UP AMERICA!!

seniors obamacare

from James R Wheeler,Jr. – As an 82 yr old retired senior I find my self constantly worried that the cuts in Medicare coming in 2014 are going to reduce our health care and increase the huge national debt burden on our heirs! My 80 yr old wife of 61 yrs...
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Obamacare Nightmare


from Lisa Argoe - Obamacare nightmare, that is what we are living. My husband is a diabetic and my “”affordable” healthcare plan costs $377 A MONTH for his insulin. We cannot afford to go to the doctor because the deductibles are so high...
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Decrease in Service, Higher Copays, and Much Higher Deductibles

Negative Side Effects of Obamacare

by Mary Sable – First off my demographic, I am a 57 year old retired (civilian and military) government and National Guard employee for 27 civilian and 33 military years. Having paid for my insurance for all those years I am a bit shocked to have to...
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My Doctor Closed His Practice


from Carol Little - I had a great hand surgeon who was replacing my arthritic finger joints as they deteriorated. I called for an appointment to continue the surgeries and was told by the receptionist that my doctor closed his practice on the day Obamacare...
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Reid Calls ObamaCare Victims Liars


Click Here to Join AMAC Today! Harry Reid believes that if you lost your insurance, saw a health insurance premium increase, were subject to a security breach of your sensitive personal information, or experienced some other negative incident as a result of...
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It Is a No Win Situation


from Catie Hardin - My husband is already semi retired and working part time. I was planning to do the same this year. If I retire, of course I lose my company offered health insurance. Looking into the ACA plans I can get a subsidized plan but none of my...
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Harry I Am Not Lying, You Are!

Fact obamacare

from Ron Burnell – I own a small business. Our existing healthcare insurance was cancelled and replaced with a policy that included things that our men would not need. Our families are older and have moved on. Our cost went up 57% and our copay increase...
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