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AMAC: Obamacare ‘Victory Lap’ on April Fool’s Day Was Premature

There are numerous issues that will continue to have a negative impact on the success of the law WASHINGTON, DC, Apr 4 – “Was President Obama making an April Fool’s joke on Tuesday when he touted the alleged success of Obamacare,” asked Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens. Weber said the law has...
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AMAC: New Regulation Would Hike Premium And Drug Costs for Medicare Part D Users

by John Grimaldi - WASHINGTON, DC, Mar 31 – An effort by the Obama Administration to impose new, unnecessary regulations on the Medicare prescription drug benefit, Part D, is nearing the final stage and would increase costs for seniors. The Administration’s effort to destabilize Medicare Part D has been has been ongoing over the past...
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AMAC: Retirees ‘Ill-Informed’ About Social Security

New Web site offers a comprehensive source of information on the future of Social Security by John Grimaldi WASHINGTON, DC, Mar 14 – A new study shows that Americans nearing retirement age are ill-informed about their Social Security options, according to Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens. He said...
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AMAC Chief Dan Weber Says the Elderly are Under Siege Because of Obamacare

Senator Harry Reid was politically motivated when he called opponents of the health care law liars, he said by John Grimaldi WASHINGTON, DC, Mar 7 – The focus in the nation’s Capital this week was on the elderly who are under siege as a result of Obamacare when the House Republican Conference met to consider alternative solutions to...
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AMAC: Obamacare’s ‘Domino Effect’ Has Broader Economic Impact

Hidden provision creates extra costs for consumers and small businesses by John Grimaldi WASHINGTON, DC, Feb 28 – Obamacare is having its own ‘Domino Effect’ creating a variety of unforeseen, extra costs for consumers—including pizza lovers—and new headaches for small business owners. For example, the law requires restaurant...
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White House Under Fire For Liberal Policies, Says AMAC

by John Grimaldi - ‘Dissatisfaction with the president’s performance goes far beyond healthcare and the economy’ -  WASHINGTON, DC, Feb 21 – The Obama administration has come under heavy fire in past days – much of it friendly fire – for its liberal economic and social policies. “The biggest criticisms deal with White...
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Author and Financial Expert Murray Holland Joins AMAC’s Board of Advisors

Author and Financial Expert Murray T. Holland His book, “A Nation in the Red,” is fast becoming an important reference source for those seeking a way to solve the country’s financial woes -  by John Grimaldi - WASHINGTON, DC, Feb 7 – Author and financial expert Murray T. Holland has joined the Board of Advisors of the...
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Did President Obama Steal His MyRA from AMAC’s Social Security Guarantee?

Not Quite!  The President’s proposal does nothing to keep Social Security solvent or prevent future cuts -  by John Grimaldi - WASHINGTON, DC, Jan 31 – President Obama took a tip from the Association of Mature American Citizens in his State of the Union speech on Tuesday, proposing a retirement savings program.  Dan Weber,...
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AMAC: ‘We Want a Social Security Guarantee’

by John Grimaldi - A real and dedicated solution for fixing Social Security is needed - WASHINGTON, DC, Jan 24 – More Americans are reaching age 100 than ever before and that’s all the more reason for a renewed focus on Social Security, according to seniors advocate Dan Weber.  “These days one in 6,000 of us make it to the...
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Hall of Famer Fran Tarkenton Joins AMAC for Social Security Power Play

‘We’re going to make waves on both sides of the aisle lobbying for a different kind of special interest—the future of America’ WASHINGTON, DC, Jan 16 – Hall of Famer Fran Tarkenton and Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens, told reporters at a news conference here that they’ve assembled a team...
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