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About Us: Overview

A New Day for America

America is reaching for a new day, and the Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC) is leading the charge. It’s no secret that our country’s traditional values of faith, family, and freedom have been severely undermined on a number of fronts, and AMAC has stepped into the breach with a mission of restoring America’s moral compass.

The conservative philosophies we share with our members pave the way for everything we do. In fact, we rely on input and participation from our members as prime ingredients in the initiatives we undertake.

Beyond our general mission, AMAC is focused squarely on protecting the interests of America’s seniors. We offer an alternative perspective on how to best solve the problems seniors face today, and we’re on your side when it comes to fighting runaway taxes, excessive government involvement in our day-to-day lives, and the erosion of accountability at all levels of government.

From a mere start-up in 2007, AMAC has evolved into an extraordinary force with considerable traction in our Nation’s Capital. With over a million members, AMAC has positioned itself as an organization that our country’s leaders are taking note of, and we’re accomplishing this by advancing solutions instead of rhetoric. The opinions and the views put forth by AMAC on Capitol Hill are based on careful research and analysis, as evidenced by the “AMAC Social Security Guarantee” legislative proposal now under consideration in Washington.

Day-in and day-out, AMAC is at your service in a number of ways. The website, for example, features viewpoints and updates on breaking news involving or affecting seniors, and our quarterly member publication—AMAC Advantage—is packed with a variety of news, editorials, and general interest articles. The AMAC Foundation also provides a website ( dedicated to covering the Social Security landscape’s major, breaking news items. In addition to these services, AMAC provides weekly email alerts—AMAC Update—on major issues affecting seniors, along with frequent member bulletins and advisories of major issues.

And AMAC is active at the grassroots level as well, with our AMAC Ambassador program (, featuring a cross-country network of involved members providing a two-way communication channel between AMAC and community organizations around the U.S. These engaged member volunteers take the AMAC message to civic groups and bring back the concerns that they have. AMAC members also serve as Delegates (—volunteers who maintain regular dialog with elected officials in their home districts, sharing AMAC’s initiatives and promoting effective communication channels that put a local face on AMAC.

But we’re more than a political advocacy organization, and we offer a variety of consumer benefits for our members, ranging from travel discounts to insurance discounts, from retail and restaurant discounts to discounts from local service companies, and a host of benefits and savings opportunities in between. We are continually developing our slate of offerings on both a national and local level, with new merchants being added nearly every day. In fact, we encourage our members to help recruit vendors and merchants in their local area as part of our effort to offer an ever-expanding network of discounts. To get a feel for what’s available with an AMAC membership, visit

We invite your interest in AMAC and its mission, and we invite you to browse this website to get a complete understanding of what we have to offer.  You’ll be impressed…and we invite you to join the AMAC Army…become one of our more than a million patriots!

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