Joe Biden is “a bad guy,” says Alex Marlow

Posted on Friday, March 29, 2024
by AMAC, John Grimaldi

WASHINGTON DC, March 29 — They say Alexander Marlow is “perhaps the most significant media figure in America.”  The late Andrew Breitbart hired him as his editorial assistant when he was 21 years old.  Alex is 38 now and editor-in-chief of Breitbart News.  He is also a New York Times best-selling author for his book Breaking Biden – an expose of “the hidden forces and secret money machine behind Joe Biden, his family, and his administration.”  In an interview with Rebecca Weber, CEO of the Association of Mature American Citizens and host of AMAC’s Better For America podcast, he said that in writing his book about President Biden he found that “his corruption was much deeper” than he had anticipated.

As Marlow put it to Weber: “I’m not out there trying to trash people who don’t deserve it.  He really is a bad guy and he comes from a bad family filled with bad people.  And I find this to be totally interesting.  And I think it conveys why he’s been able to be a survivor in an increasingly cutthroat Washington.  And the results have just been terrible for the country.  We are now in a moment in which DC is a ‘pay for play’ culture, where it is all about big corporations, big entities, buying off aspects of the government.  And that starts with Joe Biden.  He created that culture and he needs to be held accountable for it.”

He said that 16 years ago, when Andy Breitbart founded Breitbart News, he “had a fundamental belief that it wasn’t the political left that was controlling America, it was the cultural left who were controlling our major institutions — the media, Hollywood, and academia.  Since then, they’ve added a third source, corporations that were increasingly supportive of the Democrat status quo, major companies like the New York Times, every media company, and every entertainment company who are part of the Biden-Harris Democrat machine.  They’re all working in concert and that’s very scary because it explains a lot of the messes we’re in.  The United States is guided by the hard political left, and so we have to overcome all of that as people who are right of center, people who are at least anti-woke.”

Marlow noted that “Donald Trump is crushing Joe Biden in the polls.  We have not seen polling like this for a Republican candidate in decades.”  However, he pointed out, that “when you start seeing who’s lining up behind Joe Biden and you look at his war chest that dwarfs Donald Trump’s [it gets scary].”  In fact, he said, people are still “donating to Joe Biden.  Why is that?  They kind of like the way things are as scary as that sounds.  They’re not moved by inflation.  They’re not moved by the open border.  None of this is convincing a lot of those people to stop cutting checks to Joe Biden, particularly those in Silicon Valley.  And that just shows you how broken the system is that so many of these people actually like what’s happening in this country right now, which is stunning.”

Nonetheless, Marlow says he believes that Biden and his minions can be beaten.  “I think we, the people, can beat them …  a few percentage points [is all we need].”   But he warns the Biden team is prepared to “cheat by mail.  They’re going to do it with their drop boxes.  They’re going to do it with tech and AI manipulation, making sure low information voters don’t have access to the truth about Joe Biden and his family’s corruption and the depth of his policy failures.”

However, he added, “When the American people go to the grocery store when they go to McDonald’s when they go about their normal lives and they see how much more expensive it is when they go to the gas station, you can’t fool them and they know something’s wrong.  They know mistakes are being made.  I tried to explain in my book, Breaking Biden, what the mistakes are.  I think it’s important to know what they are, but I think people intuitively get it.  You don’t have to be paying close attention to understand things are going in the wrong direction and that tends to bode well for a challenger, who in this case is a Republican.”

John Grimaldi served on the first non-partisan communications department in the New York State Assembly and is a founding member of the Board of Directors of Priva Technologies, Inc. He has served for more than thirty years as a Trustee of Daytop Village Foundation, which oversees a worldwide drug rehabilitation network.