Which of the following do you consider to be the biggest news stories of 2022? Please select 5.

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13 days ago

Illegal Invasion of our country. And no one is concerned about this except regular Americans, maga people, and hard working citizens who are paying for all of these dirt bags. We are just like the Jews.

Ron Ellis
14 days ago

I’m shocked that AMAC did not add to this list the growing impact of encouraging illegal impact at our southern border. Now in year two, it may be the most consequential change in the direction and potential of our country EVER!

All accomplished with the slimmest of majorities and virtually no public debate about the merits of implementing that decision.

fred smith
14 days ago

Things are getting very strange out there.

George F. Bentley
25 days ago

In the US: The Republicans blowing the mid-terms! If I was running their advertising budget, every single ad would have required a snippet of video featuring James Carville stating: “IT’S THE ECONOMY STUPID!” Ring any bells from 1992?

26 days ago

I can’t pick 5. Sports figures and actor drama shouldn’t even be in the list as far as I’m concerned. Hunter Biden’s laptop, and all of the corruptness surrounding this administration will never be allowed to fully be exposed. So it should be left off also.

27 days ago

The White House “War on Fossil Fuels” is the biggest issue & has the biggest impact on all Americans and our future. Without energy independence we will become a poor nation.

Matt M
27 days ago

I agree with others who point out the other big news stories such as the border crisis, Afghanistan and many more. It seems to me that almost every morning I watched the news there was one after another national crisis taking place under the current dysfunctional administration and the previous democrat congress. It’s my hope and prayer that with the new republican control of the house of congress that the mornings big news will be of a positive nature with sanity and hope of a better country.

28 days ago

Why is the border and Afghanistan not in the choices? The border is a mess and a threat. Their is a literal army fighting our poor agents down there.

M D Edinburgh
28 days ago

Surprise that Biden’s Open Border and invasion of Southern states was not on this list. Much more important than any Johnny Depp news

J Paul Angelo
30 days ago

Another useless poll . The biggest stories are being ignored.

Donald A Colongeli
1 month ago


1 month ago

What do those terms even mean, in whatever context you bring them forth?

Dale Krebsbach
17 days ago

Stupid racist comment !!!

Judith P
1 month ago

Crime was a big issue. Snatch and grab, highway shootings, pushing people on the train track, random beatings, carjacking, and rape. The first job of government is keeping Americans safe. Much of the crime was the result of no cash bail, court dismissals, and early release of dangerous criminals.

Rob citizenship
1 month ago
Reply to  Judith P

To Judith P , Great , important comment Judith, Law and Order is at the foundation of having all the other systems operating properly . Whenever on the topic I mention a book entitled
” Criminal Law and Society ” , by Frank Day (1964 ). It covers the history of law enforcement, causes of crime , importance of criminal law education , things that give a very straightforward understanding of the situation concerning law and order. And in the appendix is a reprint of a speech ” Who Is Tampering with the Soul of America” written by Jenkin Lloyd Jones , in 1961 , to the organization The Inland Daily Press Association, a group of newspaper editors then. It mentions the need for new honesty, new idealism, new integrity, to deal with law and order prevailing then and I believe most of the recommendations then have a place here and now ,in 2023. I would like to think that members of AMAC , those of us who regard the importance of this organization ,who value the defense of Faith, Family and Freedom, will appreciate those thoughts of a new honesty, a new integrity and a new idealism . If the majority of the population of the United States sees that law enforcement is honorable and needed , and thinks in terms of being allies with the police then I believe the situation will improve , crime will be drastically reduced and life will be far better , then the Soul of America will be respected. In the spirit of respect for Honor, Honesty, Integrity , Courage and Loyalty. Respect for the will of God.

Susan Gilchrist
1 month ago

Some of the top stories in my opinion were not included in this list. What about the multiple trillion dollar budget deficit? or the border crisis? or election fraud? or schools indoctrinating students against parents wishes and parents being victimized for speaking up?

Deloris Capps
29 days ago

Agree! Roe v Wade overturn was great but these issues should have definitely been on the list as they are destroying life as we know it and will destroy the future of America.

Linda Meyer
1 month ago

what about all of the Obama b.s. coming back to haunt us through Biden? Check propane prices under Obama, then look at energy prices now. It’s just getting worse and nobody is doing anything about it.

Robert Wilson
1 month ago

How about liberal voter fraud and covering it up? Like the vaccine that’s killing our young people?

Deloris Capps
29 days ago
Reply to  Robert Wilson


1 month ago

This poll is like all others(MEANINGLESS). Open boarder invasion, Myocarditis and SADS after Vaccination(BIOWEAPON) roll out, Stolen elections and the fact of being complicit we are loosing our freedom and liberty.

Joe F
30 days ago

Well said ????

1 month ago

The biggest story of the year: The attacks on our children by Randi, the Teachers Union and the Democrat/leftist gender grooming/alterations nonsense. Everything else listed here is small potatoes.

Robyn Hewitt
7 days ago
Reply to  no-mo-libs

Totally agree!!!

1 month ago

The people are coming. They have learned the law. They have sent notice to their employees at the Supreme Court. Suddenly the Court rules for Bruin. Suddenly the Court asks for Brunson to send their case ASAP. Really?! The common law is set forth in the Maxims of Law and the 51 Constitutions-our 50 state Constitutions (yes we own and can use them all!) and the Federal (if we need it but the states are stronger). For decades the people have not been taught the law and how to use it, for decades the BAR hid the law and made changes to take land, children, cars, grandmothers, etc by “programs” that judges and attorneys administer which are not a court of record under the common law-a guaranteed right. But if you do not know your rights and how to use them they will be lost. Were you taught that you have 2 jobs as an American? To teach your public servants the law (by a correctly given Notice) and by holding them accountable by remonstrance (Affidavit). It’s been 2 years almost for me to learn what I should have learned 55 years ago. And I am still learning. Because our parents and grandparents weren’t taught either is how our country has been slowly and steadily stolen from us. Are we at the 11th hour? Yes. But as long as I can I will peacefully and lawfully work to restore it as a small part of the great battle between good and evil that we see openly all around us every day.

1 month ago
Reply to  2ifbysea

Exactly! Well said

Deloris Capps
29 days ago
Reply to  2ifbysea

Agree! But our society, populace has been so dumbed down over the last few decades most are unmotivated and unable to even read or comprehend basic written thoughts, let alone laws and rights. But for God, we are already a nation gone under. Pray!!!!!

28 days ago
Reply to  Deloris Capps

Work (learn and teach-find Truth Tornado on YT, Rumble and share out especially to those younger than you) as if it all depends on you. Pray as if it all depends on God.

1 month ago

2nd Chronicles 7:14
We need a good leaders, a good president. Christians leaders with back bone. God may soon take His hand off of America.

Castle Doc
19 days ago
Reply to  Pete

Yes! It could be that the forest fires, storms and flooding are warnings. Associated with the very evident iniquity in much of modern America! When will enough people become penitent to save America? Or will immorality continue and bring about the Second coming of our Savior?

1 month ago

How could you possibly forget to add the open Southern border of the USA??

1 month ago
Reply to  Sabre6


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