Which of the following do you consider to be the biggest news stories of 2020? Please select 5.

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Bruce Marshall
6 months ago

What is missing on this list is the direct attack on The Bill of Rights. In extension, the radicalization of the Teachers union, and their malfeasance in properly educating our children.

Virginia (ginger) Horvath
6 months ago

All these issues need addressing. However, the reality is, if dissenting voices are silenced…NONE of them can be resolved in a way that benefits the American people, and brings our wonderful country back into alinement with the principals that formed it to begin with.

Narlene Guest
6 months ago

Joe Biden and all of his cohorts have been running wild with LIES and breaking our laws. They feel EMBOWERED and are moving into a very scary world domination faze. Our founding fathers would NEVER HAVE ALLOWED THIS TO HAPPEN and it scares me. I love my country and want it to remain FREE. I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD BE LIVING IN A COMMUNIST COUNTRY. BIDEN IS NOT MY PRESIDENT HE IS ILLEGALLY IN THE WH AND NEEDS TO BE REMOVED IMMEDIATELY. ALL OF THOSE WORKING IN CONCERT WITH BIDEN BELONG IN GITMO FOR LIFE AS ALL THEY WANT TO DO IS DESTROY AMERICA

Dale Bishop
7 months ago

If President Trump doesn’t get the proof of voter fraud to the mainstream population, the Dems will stay in power forever.

Jesse Church
7 months ago

I live in Ga. Very disappointed in the governor. When he ran for the office, we thought we were getting a Trump type governor, well we got us a Mitt Romney. Lost my primary vote.

7 months ago

There is NOTHING the Dems, Rino’s, or Media can say or do that would erode the support of over 80Million Trump supporters, DONALD JOHN TRUMP IS THE BEST PRESIDENT SINCE LINCOLN!

David Ikehara
7 months ago

President Biden should be impeached because of the abuse of power, corruption, and money laundering from his family from China and Ukraine while he was Vice President in the Obama Administration and even now. Hunter still has active investments. He is also allowing illegal immigrants to come to America. Illegal is lawlessness and lawlessness is sin and the wages of sin is death and separation from God. Kamala Harris, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, AOC, Eric Swalwell, Maxine Waters, and Ayanna Pressley should all be impeached because they FALSELY accused President Trump and tried to impeach him twice in the Mueller Report and the Ukraine Phone call farce, and in both incidents he was found NOT GUILTY and they spent millions of our tax payer’s dollars and wasted their whole term in office trying to do these 2 impeachments, and they still got paid. Trump should sue them all for defamation of character. And even after Trump was out of office they tried to impeach him again, even after Chief Justice John Roberts who apparently doesn’t care for Trump, refused to preside over an obvious UNCONSTITUTIONAL ACT in Government because you cannot impeach someone who is not in office. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that. I pray for these government officials almost everyday that they will repent and believe in Jesus, so that they may turn from their wicked ways. The Arch Bishop of San Francisco said, that Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden is doing evil by supporting abortion. Abortion is murder in the womb. Be alert for our Lord is coming at an hour when you least expect it. May our God and Father and our Lord Jesus Christ bless and keep you all in Jesus name, amen.

7 months ago

It is really hard to chose just 5. There are so many news worthy topics. The mental decline of Biden is a sickening show of just how far the Dems will go to put a puppet in office. He does not even know where he is half of the time let alone what he is signing with the executive orders. His level of cognition is at best that of a 3 year old, and without queue cards and teleprompters he would be a babbling idiot. Shame on his wife and the Dems for doing this. Pelosi is a danger to this country and is also a puppet to AOC and the squad. She is so desperate to keep her “power” that she will prostitute herself to keep it. I am so offended that she and Biden both use the Catholic religion to give the people the pretext that they follow those beliefs and ideals. If they were true practicing Catholics, how can they begin to support abortion, especially through delivery??? Sickening.
I could go on for ever with what is wrong with our current state of government, but I won’t. We are all flawed, but I would take President Trump and his flaws any day over the radical left that we seem to be stuck with at this point. I pray that this does not last long and the American people truly realize what just happened with this election.

7 months ago

I’m so disgusted with people all over: they went “tits up”when the ridiculous Scamdemic started; no one fought to keep their business open and the tyrants in charge saw how easily they were controlled and pushed more and more restrictions on them. So now, the world is populated with unthinking people wIth sheeple who can’t research real science on their own.
Then there is the collusion to steal our election and again, no massive uproar by The Sheeple to AT LEAST LOOK AT THE EVIDENCE.

Our complacency has cost us our freedom; our laziness will perpetuate the control/surveillance.

7 months ago

It seems that my opinions are not far from the majority. Joe Biden is not my president because of rampant voter fraud that the left just doesn’t want seen. I know the truth and so do 80 million voters. We are not done.

Jackie B White
7 months ago

Please everyone, find a conservative group that meets regularly in person (safely) or through Zoom , etc. and get a list of all the bills/ sponsors in your State House and Senate and also your local government issues and contact these people to give them your opinion on how they should vote. THEY WORK FOR US!

7 months ago

Most troubling to me is what appears to be a concerted effort to shut down conservative points if view

7 months ago

While the scamdemic is the top story it’s tied for the loss of our fair and honest elections. This may actually become the top story as citizens realize how they have been trained (public schools) to fall for the narratives put forth by the ruling classes.
And now the censoring of communications from one side is just the begining.

Theresa Tolf
8 months ago

Not sure what you mean by “biggest” news stories of 2020. Do you mean most important or what I heard about the most?

David Rath
8 months ago

The censoring of conservatives, and election fraud.

Michael Berry
8 months ago

This election was the biggest sham in American history. The proof is there, why isn’t anyone listening??????

Gail S
8 months ago

The most important news story should be about the mainstream media’s (CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox and the Big Publications) failure to report the truth. There are too many people who rely on broadcast news for their information – and do not believe it when they’re told to question what they hear! If not for the media’s twisting of fact, and outright lies, I do believe 2020 would have had a much different outcome.

8 months ago

How come the root cause of l the turmoil and recent riots in this country is not addressed more. The root cause was election irregularity and cheating at the polls by Democrats. What happened afterwards was only the effect. Now the liberals, who set into motion the turmoil by cheating at the polls want to prosecute people for reacting to the unfair practices at the polls. The Republicans and President Trump have exhausted every possible legal avenue to redress grievances. They were NOT HEARD. A handful of very aggressive people stormed the senate. Now the president is blamed for their behaviour. The Democrats know that the best defence is offence. By attacking the president they totally distract people from looking at their initial contribution to the riots. The non transparency t the polls is what triggered and set the turmoil in motion. Impeachment agenda is to try to silence a this president for good and forever blaming him for the behavior of a handful of very aggressive group of people. Democrats need to introspect and see how their behavior at the polls set the current turmoil and the riots into motion.

Craig David
8 months ago

It is time to move on and found a new country that supports our beliefs. We need to leave the old one to those who have stolen it. We need to take our GOD given rights, our money, and our beliefs before they are stolen too. Go to your state legislature an demand succession.

Pat Harmeyer
8 months ago

Continue to report on current events and political activity as many resources are going to be shut down.

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