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What should Congress do before the recess?

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None of the above, I think the 2most imporntant are stopping every penny of financial support, ie food stamps, housing allowance, etc to NON CItizans should be immediately ended, second they should fund the wall


Who put this poll together? Confirm Kavanaugh, fund the wall, pass a budget for a change!

Steve McLeroy

This poll is trivial. How about to confirm Cavanah to the Supreme Court. How about to do their job and stop obstruting Pres. Trump. How about putting Hillary, Obama and the supposed clowns in jail like Muller and his criminals he has runninf things. How about Congress needs NO RECESS BECAUSE THEY HAVE NOT DONE ANYTHING.

Karen Woods

None of them would be top of my list really, but I feel immigration issues and border control should be #1


Why are they getting a recess? So much work to be done on all these. I know they want to get home to schmooze with their constituents but still, when I was working, I couldn’t take a recess if my work wasn’t done.

Harvey B. Rich

This is a great Poll because it shows how poorly the Republican run Congress has failed to tackle the important issues of today. What have they done about the National Debt- except increase it!
The President is trying to cut the costs of prescription drugs, not the Congress. And of course we still are stuck with Obamacare.
If the Republicans lose control of the house in November it will be because of a lack of leadership on their part.
What are they afraid of?

Rick Marchione

Congress needs to stay put and get down to business. This summer break was first introduced before Mechanical Air Conditioning in buildings, to escape the heat in Washington. As far as returning to their districts to work, most are in the Tropics. They get enough time off during the year as it is. Get Busy.

Mark Sirinides

Pass laws that help Trump fulfill his agenda. ObamaCare must go but also: make tax cuts permanent and FUND THE WALL – all of it.

Kevin Walls

None of the above, I think the 2most important are stopping every penny of financial support, ie food stamps, housing allowance, etc to NON CItizans should be immediately ended, second they should fund the wall. Second Choice is TERM LIMITS and put all congress past and present on same laws that they pass laws on.


All the choices were worthy but I chose to lower the cost of prescription drugs because right now it’s good politics. But there is a lot we should do ASAP, fund the wall!, stop giving aid to illegal aliens, stop giving foreign aid to countries that don’t like the US. Allow insurance to be bought across state lines.


Build the wall. Mandatory E-Verify, fix other immigration problems. Make the tax cuts permanent. Nationwide voter ID law. National concealed carry bill. All are more urgent than the given choices and will become more difficult after the mid-term election.

The Freezing Senior

Congress needs to get a handle on the national debt, all else is secondary.
Apparently, some people can’t quite seem to grasp the effects that debt has on the economics of America.


Getting rid of lobbyists period would end so much problems in this Nation.Redundancy in Government would cut spending also.

Bruce Bielfelt

Gramgreat… you hit the nail on the head. Want to run for Congress??? I might add one more thing. Write a law which makes it illegal for sanctuary states and cities to exist in the union and take their governors and put them in jail as well as their mayors .

Nan V.

They should NOT go on recess…. they don’t have their work done.

John Wyckoff

You are missing the most important in the poll; fund the wall!


Get off their lazy butts and do something other than argue, do what our tax dollars and votes pay for and put them into office for. To represent their constituents!!!!!!!!


Stop “abortion” (murder of the innocent)…!


This poll is completely useless. Both McConnell and Ryan have said exactly what both houses of Congress will be focused on before recess. Which doesn’t include any of the options being offered anyway.

Nancy Sexton

Would like to hit more but can’t. Get rid of a forced health insurance Obama No Care Insurance.