What should Congress do before the recess?

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2 years ago

They should ALL resign for incompetence and for conduct of an official contrary to the Constitution.

Terry Ashley SR
3 years ago

HR 299 for blue water sailors suffering from agent orange

3 years ago

Build the wall and DEPORT illegals!

3 years ago

Get Kavanaugh on the SCOTUS!!!! Look at how much foreign aid is going out of our country, cease all the spending on Illegal aliens in this country, and build that wall!!

renee reichley
3 years ago

The senate must confirm Kavanaugh or it will cause republician voters to lose hope and stay home rather then vote !

3 years ago

I agree with the few of the other comments I have seen, which say the real priorities weren’t one of the choices. 1) Confirm Kavanaugh, 2) Expose and prosecute the corrupt in the FBI & Justice Dept. 3) stop Illegal immigration / finish the wall.

Norma Gober
3 years ago

Confirm Kavanaugh

Marvin Holmes
3 years ago

Please read all of the responses to your poll, whom ever decided to initiate this poll is definitely not in tune with your subscribers. What does AMAC think is important. Get with the program or I’m going back to AARP.

3 years ago

Why dint they do the job they have been elected for and which they swore an oat h to perform. Deliver a budget for the country instead of another flood of Continuing Resolutions. As I understand the budget act, they are required to do so, however they treat this just the same as the debt ceiling act. Ignore it or continue raising the ceiling. What good is that?

Bill Holcomb
3 years ago


The choices you offered are not really important!!
Why not fund the wall and fix all of the immigration issues? Not one penny of any fund for illegal aliens (aka illegal democrat voters). No federal funds for sanctuary cities.
No SSI benefits for any self caused problems (Drug abuse, illegal activities, etc). Mandatory drug testing for ALL persons getting any type of welfare benefit (food stamps, WIC, Housing allowance, etc). These things alone would help to reduce the national debt.
No recess for Congress except for religious holidays and two weeks maximum during the year.
Congress pays for social security, insurance benefits the same as everyone else who is working.
No maxing out on paying social security (FICA Tax). Everyone pays FICA on ALL of their income not just up to some pre-set limit.

3 years ago

Finally realized how Obamacare was going to push us older citizens off the cliff.
750.00 dollars for 3 months. Very much needed Insulin. Type 2 diagnosis husband.
114.00 dollars per month for much needed emergency inhaler. Asthma diagnosis.
Our combined income is 3,000 dollars per month. Yes we have healthcare insurance. We also payout monthly payments to payoff hospitalizations and co-pays. Yes we are looking for better insurance coverage.
Obamacare…gets rid of older citizens by the COST of life saving medications.

3 years ago

Why should they get paid to do NOTHING? They should be held accountable! Pass a real budget and get rid of the criminals, i.e. Hillary, etc. Start working on our debt as well as prescription drugs that Americans are getting hammered.

Stephanie. Dow
3 years ago

It is very important for everyone to get out and vote on Nov. 6, We could lose the house and Senate. So make sure you VOTE.

3 years ago

If we don’t vote on Nov. 6, we could lose the house & senate and everything the President has achieved. So get out and vote!

3 years ago

I think they should, finally, just do something. They’re getting paid for doing nothing at all; useless beasts.

3 years ago

Congress needs to stop talking and do something. Taking action to pass legislation that will forward our President’s effort to keep his campaign promises would be a good start.

Clifford Tolosa
3 years ago

A fifth reason should have been listed……..RESIGN

Henry (hank) Seramur
3 years ago

Before Congress takes their recess, they should pass a bill that makes them pay back all the money they have stolen from taxpayers in the past 100 years in addition to stopping the funding of non-Americans receiving welfare food stamps and other benefits they are not entitled too.

Donna Beauchaine
3 years ago

In reading opinions, the current poll IS pretty lame. Get Kavanaugh confirmed. Get the wall built to secure our birders and citizens.
0 monies to illegals

Ed Piere
3 years ago

I would just like them to get to work and really do something.

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