What MOST stood out to you from President Biden’s State of the Union Speech? Choose two.

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Joseph Vedovati
11 months ago

We should have been able to vote for all but two of the options. His address was a disgrace, and so is he.

11 months ago

Could have selected all

Stephen Hurguy
1 year ago

The brain-dead puppet president is a disgrace to this nation as is his entire administration.

11 months ago
Reply to  Stephen Hurguy

All of congress needs to be prosecuted for treason. What ever happened to they’re oath of office? I guess an oath means nothing. Probably even in a court of law.
Do you think we could get away with lying under oath in front of a judge?
I think Not

Bill Leistiko
1 year ago

Once again, the media gave him and his conspirators in Congress a bye. They are critical of conservative or dismissive and silent or supportive of leftist policies and programs.

1 year ago

We need to focus more attention on knowing who these RINOs are and calling them to task in serving the people that put them in office.

1 year ago

The problem we have to contend with is that we are having to endure three more years of this incompetent leadership. The one troubling thing is having him as the commander in chief in the event war should break out and we have only him and his failed administration to look up to. While our military is being depleted, he has more important things to shove into the faces of the American people. Like “Global Warming”. And electric cars!

1 year ago

Biden is NOT my president. Jesus Christ is my Savior and Donald J. Trump is my president! Biden is continuing the Marxist plan of “change” that Obama started as a hallow vessel of progressive ideals now filled with the excrement of racism, eliteism, progressivism, transgenderism, social justice, critical race theory, and climate change. Only Marxist principles are to be tolerated and anyone caught not embracing them is to be cancelled. Also, be sure to wear your conforming mask and get your VAX with unlimited boosters to show your liberal patriotism and acknowledge your government is replacing God every day by accumulating power from the people, over the people.

Clarence Young
1 year ago

The man is not stupid, he has an agenda and that is to turn The United States of America into a social state. He’s plotting to eliminate our freedoms and establish the RULINGS CLASS(ie Aligarh)

Do not be fooled.

11 months ago
Reply to  Clarence Young

Yup. They’re destroying this country as fast as possible as far as I see it.

1 year ago

Could Biden be the Manchurian Candidate ? I mean , Biden seems to have gotten EVERYTHING wrong . Has Biden done ANYTHING right ? How is it possible that Biden can be doing so many wrongs ? Surely , the Democrat party must have noticed . Are there even a few Democrats in Congress who are ready to impeach Biden ? Even a few ? The Democrats seem ready willing and able to ride with Biden down to ruin . Politically speaking , i am happy about this . But i’d be happier if the Democrats would only help save America ( and the world ) . I rate Giggles as a zero . But i rate Biden as a negative 10 . Perhaps Giggles can resign and be replaced by a new VP and then we could immediately impeach Biden .

Samuel Deutsch
1 year ago

He is demented and was never all that smart.
I suspect that he has “vascular dementia” secondary to previous aneurysm “clippings.”
He is basically unfit to lead a country or to be leader of the free world.
Samuel Deutsch, MD, MPH

P. Hancock (also MPH) in Texas
11 months ago
Reply to  Samuel Deutsch

Seems more like Parkinsonian Dementia to me…but in either case, we both agree (and its undeniable) that it is definitely a form of dementia…and I’d add the caveat that its mid~advanced stage. I’ve seen many patients like this as I’m sure you have as well.

1 year ago

Biden is a fraud, a criminal and a tyrant. Biden family is akin to la cosa Nostra

1 year ago

True, I didn’t watch, mostly because I expected all of the above options and more. He comes off as a blithering senile puppet of the Dems

Richard Fulton
1 year ago

So Biden is going to cease buying Russian oil and replace it with oil to be bought from Iran and Venezuela. both of whom are Russian allies… so I guess we’ll continue buying Russian oil but through Russian proxies.

Steve Ridgway
1 year ago

Morons…honest abe is the gas price terrorist!!! Joe biden is just a TOTAL FAILURE IN LIFE. HE IS A THUG..GREED RULES HIS LIFE.

1 year ago

He Is an embarrassing unqualified and weak
President who is sleeping with the enemies to destroy our sovereignty as a nation. Hosea 4:6
“For lack of knowledge My people perish,”. We, the people are the ultimate power per our Constitution, but ignorant of it. Wake up before it’s too late! Join 7 of 8 free classes Mon. night: Patriot Academy/BiblicalCitizensip. May God save America!

1 year ago

I wish I could be more optimistic but can our nation survive 2 more years of Biden and his gang of Socialist’s? Oh don’t forget the Rhino’s. I remember the Carter years and things were no where near as bad as they are now. Just think all the problems we now have were not even a thought 2 years ago.

Steve Ridgway
1 year ago

Little to zero. Be sure to insult all leaders…!….. make sure you lick their toes etc..just act normal!!!…you know…foolish..normal..tell all the lies you and jan always tell..”the truth shall not be a part of this house”

Irene McKee
1 year ago

The president, (notice the lower case) is so overrun with the idea of an all-electric green society, that he fails to recognize that in the interim and far beyond, we need fossil fuels now. Besides, there is no comprehensive infrastructure available for the utopia they want to accomplish. what a bunch of wankers! But we live in a country where the people get what they voted for. I wonder how many are willing to admit that the previous administration was not as bad as they were led to believe?
I cannot wait for November 2022, and the big change.”LETS MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN”

Robert Zuccaro
1 year ago

Joe Biden is a sock puppet.

rocky piechowiak
1 year ago

I didn’t waste my time on a guy who isn’t even running Our Country. Why can’t we boot the lot of them out, and get our Country and its strength back. They all are making the greatest Country a mockery which we weren’t. The Forefathers are rolling over in their graves.
They are so worried about green energy what good does it do when no one else is doing it.
Wish that all these elites could live with us for 1 week to see the shoe on the other foot. But I bet it still wouldn’t help.

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