Now that every state has advanced through at least some phase of re-opening from Covid-19 closures, which of the following best describes your own situation?

Thursday, May 21, 2020 May 21, 2020 1172
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Brian B
2 months ago

It’s time to unmask America. Democrats don’t want an unmasking. To them masks are a reminder that we must remain in a prolonged state of hysterical panic. The truth is that masks are merely a psychological crutch. They no more prevent a virus than your underwear prevents body odor. They are a deception. Many doctors have denounced masks because they are more likely a vector of germs than a preventive. People constantly touch their masks, getting germs on their hands. Then they reuse them just to appear socially correct. It’s time to unmask, and to quit playing the game by… Read more »

Paul Straub
2 months ago

I didn’t vote in this poll because there where no answer’s that addressed the way I see it. That is, we have been under house arrest by the communist governors long enough to know how fake this entire plandemic is. They have destroyed many of our small business owners and their families, put millions out of work, added trillions of dollars in debt all for personal gain and power. End the charade now!

Darby Whittier
2 months ago

This is a ridiculous poll, because you forgot the ONLY correct answer.
“I will live my life without fear and in freedom, and will not submit to the arbitrary and unscientific guidelines of politically aligned groups that want me to treat other people as if they are poison to me. I will not hand away the legacy of freedom that I inherited through the sweat and blood of my ancestors for an illusion of safety. I will not make slavery and bondage my legacy to my children. I will not comply,”

The Freezing Senior
2 months ago

Wear your muzzle and practice Socialist distancing , because the Fake News MSM and your political betters command you to do so.
And If you should be unlucky enough to live in a DEMOCRAT controlled city or state where the police have been
politically weaponized against the citizenry, you may be fined and/or imprisioned.
Remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our liberty this Memorial Day and fly the Stars And Bars.
GBA/KAG #TRUMP2020 – Deus Vult !

Karen Worden
2 months ago

I think the whole virus scare was just that. Alot of people did not need to die. Fouci knew Hydroxychloroquine works, is safe and affordable. I think it was a dry run to see how easily Americans would give up their rights and of course take down President Trump. It makes my blood boil. We don’t need masks and social distancing!!! We don’t do it for the flu or any other virus. I’m done.

2 months ago

Poor Survey! Did not give all of the options. There should have been an option of no mask and/or not social distancing. This was the biggest media, political and government control issues of my lifetime. This is remaking our country into a liberal/socialistic culture. A horrible miscalculated experiment or deep state run amuck!

Marie M
2 months ago

I live in NYS and would like to go back to normal without a mask, attend Church, see family and friends. Most of us in this state are waiting over 2 months to get a straight answer as to when people can get on with their lives, they keep extending the lockdown. Most of us thought things would open up once we “flattened the curve”. We are experiencing socialism, and it ain’t pretty!

Cherry Kovacovich
2 months ago

I’m tired of all the hysteria. Loved the idea of the poll about reopening but the correct answer is not there for me. I am very concerned about venturing out but NOT because I’m afraid of the virus – I’m afraid of the sheeple who insist everyone follow the panic. I went to the chiropractor’s office last week. Called them before I went and was told that, while doctors were wearing masks, they were not asking patients to wear masks or gloves. I went bare faced and when I walked into the office the only other patient there, who was… Read more »

Bob Bradshaw
2 months ago

I believe this whole thing has been blown out of proportion by “ experts” who guessed and guessed wrong.

2 months ago

We need to open everything and stop living in fear. The media just sensationalizes everything and I don’t trust the numbers they report because non COVID deaths are being flagged as COVID so that they can get more money. It’s al about the “almighty dollar”. It’s asinine

Denise Baker Voltz
2 months ago

We are past ready to have our area open to all businesses. We live near Hickory, NC with a Democrat governor that keeps pushing the date back to opening up the state. As of Friday 5/22/20 we are just starting Phase 2 with very limited openings and he pushed the next phase to at least July 1st. Are you kidding me???? We are not stupid and can clearly see the Democrats are taking advantage of the COVID-19 closures all in an effort to try and hurt our President for his re-election. It is juvenile and ridiculous!! I can promise you… Read more »

2 months ago

I am surprised citizens of New York and New Jersey are not calling for the arrest of their Governors for murder, after knowingly placing Covid-19 patients in nursing homes. They knew they were issuing death sentences to the elderly when they issued their marching orders to hospitals treating Covid-19 patients.

2 months ago

Other than avoiding people that were coughing or sneezing, doing the “social distancing” and washing my hands clear up to my elbows, I did not change anything; if we do not let the virus run its course the Virus will not “die out”. I’m certain many will say this attitude is “risky”, (or worse) because I am 55 yrs/old an my BMI puts me in the Obese (20lbs) overweight but it’s a chance I’ll take.

Jim VH
2 months ago

Where is the answer saying just get back to normal. I believe this has been a waste and the lock downs have just made things worse. I’m sorry so many people have died but, has anyone else noticed there hasn’t been anyone die of any other reason according to the state run democrat media. People die everyday for a variety of reasons and allot more than from this Wuhan virus but according to the media the deaths fro the virus are the only ones that have happened. Totally BS.

2 months ago

Please, not another lame Covid 19 question.
The deep state is trying to get even deeper by setting the government up to track everyone’s movements and activities like they do in China, and you want to know how badly we want to go out for din-din?

2 months ago

Unfortunately like most polls I had to check an answer that I think is closest. I go out when I please, do not wear a mask and do not social distance unless of course the other person wants it or masks are required. In my opinion this is just like the flu and we need to be slowly exposed to build our immunity. Get plenty of sunshine and vitamin C

2 months ago

None of the above. It’s time for the US to get back to normal and back to business.

Grumpy Gal
2 months ago

I live in PA, in a county that went yellow yesterday. I would gladly go back to normal, if not forced by our governor to live this way. I’ve never stopped going out when I want to. Unfortunately, I’ve been limited in where I can go. I don’t believe the masks work, and many people wear theirs below their nose.

2 months ago

I will social distance but won’t wear a mask. I am ready to go back to normal.

2 months ago

Feel the so called knowledgeable individuals who shut the country down can no longer be trusted as the got it wrong and continue to correct their mistakes from wearing masks to surfaces it can be transferred from.

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