Now that every state has advanced through at least some phase of re-opening from Covid-19 closures, which of the following best describes your own situation?

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Mark Torche
1 year ago

Very disappointed in AMAC for this one. I whole-heartedly agree with those who say you left out the answer that best represents my position. Open up without fear. The China virus is just one more way to die in a world full of ways to die. Time to stop pretending life in fear is the way forward.

1 year ago

I want to live normally. No masks, no distancing, no plexiglass. Everything open 100%. The virus is no more a threat than the flu and is being falsely reported and politicized. Enough!

1 year ago

I’m so grateful to have this organization (opposite liberal AARP) give us good people a voice.

1 year ago

I want to be FREE! I don’t believe any of it!

Sandra K.
1 year ago

I only check meds and food because I am high risk. I go to church and doctors only because I have asthma and immune disease.
My husband goes shopping, goes to town and walks, gets his hair done, goes to church etc. He is careful because of me.
I am also starting to question how accurate the count is. I have a friend say they signed into the er room waited so long they left. So nothing was done on her. A week later she got a call telling her she was positive for covid. How..they never touched her..

Carmen Martinez MD
1 year ago

I live in NE Florida, Duval County and at first this nonsense did not affect me at all. Several weeks in my CC closed and I could no longer do yoga or lap swimming. Tennis was still available in the HOA. Later the HOA cancelled tennis for 3 weeks but that came back quickly. Now the CC is back too. I never eat at restaurants, nor go to bars, no effect. I went to all stores that were open and did not wipe down the cart or wear THE MASK. But, things have now changed in NE Florida. Our Republican RINO/ BLM ass kissing Mayor, Lenny Curry took down the first of the monuments that he indends to remove (11 total) and bent the knee with some Jaguar players beholden to Khan the Great (owner of the Jaguars, a team that never wins and has multiple criminals on its roster). After this travesty, he then “ordered” that we all wear masks whenever we went outside our incarceration cells (also known as our homes). Since then my life has taken a turn for the worse. I have been throw out of a local seafood restaurant for not wearing a mask as I entered the restaurant although you were allowed to take it off when you were already inside. I left that place yelling SHEEP, SHEEP, SHEEP at the staff and the people at the restaurant. Some laughed but to my astonishment, many hissed their disaproval. My friend and I then headed to St. John’s County where there is no mask edict and went to Pussers where only a few people were wearing mask maybe 1 out of 10. The next incident came at BJ’s a box retail store where I went in, did my shopping and went to pay at the register where a teenager who said he was a manger came and told me I had to wear a mask to be in the store. As I was about to pay and leave I asked this twerp if he wanted me to pay and leave or just leave. This idiot continued on his theme of harrassing me and told me I could not come back to the store if I did not wear a mask. I calmly told him that I would not be back, and indeed I mean it. These are random unpleasant situations, but the fact that I have to worry about this nonsense s what is so infuriating. This is not anywhere near as the next disaster that I am slowly coming to discover and that is the loss of my income. Being retired I depend on my investments to generate the money that I live on. This money has progressively been decreased as stock and other investments assess their situations and lower their dividends. I also have short term vacation rentals that have been inactive for several months with total loss of income. This “pandemic” over this COVID19 Flu has been very costly to many people, more so for lower income people or fixed income people. It has proven to have high infectivity but low mortality (less than 0.5% which is less than the regular flu). I cannot understand how all these peole have been brainwashed into thinking that they need to shut down the economy, remove all our rights and privacy, and also opress our FREEDOM.
None of your choices in your poll are any good. My response is OPEN EVERYTHING, STOP TESTING, STOP ALL THIS STUPID SOCIAL DISTANCING

David Smith
1 year ago

The choices provided do not include a suitable answer

Clyde Lynn
1 year ago

It’s time to get on with life. I’m 75 and I’m ready to get on with my life. I think we are going to have to let this Virus run it’s course and get weaker as it goes through the population. This country has turned into a bunch of WIMPS that are afraid of their shadows. SUCK IT UP AMERICA

Clyde Lynn
1 year ago


David C
1 year ago

Vaccines cannot be an answer due to mutations and due to negative side-effects. The 1986 hold-harmless law removed accountability for companies making the shots – so taxpayers are left paying over $4B in compensation. Also, Harvard proved the VAERS injury reporting system barely captures a fraction of shot-related harm. Vaccines are always dangerous, because everyone’s body responds differently – rushed vaccines are doomed to be deadly. The better solution is to learn how to defend the boy, naturally, and to protect the more-vulnerable more effectively. Masks are of limited effectiveness as there’s no standard – I’ve seen crocheted to hazmat – a poor mask encourages risky behavior. Contact-infection is rare. We need to find a healthy balance.

1 year ago

The mask situation is creating a hostility across the nation, not because they may not be necessary but because they have become a political joke created by the DNCommunist and their willingness to undermine the idea of the mask by choosing when and how the mask will be employed or denied….Give a DIMM a job and you can bet they will mine it for their own benefit and deny they are doing it for political gain……MAGA is the goal…America for Americans is a fact……

Lynn Harding
1 year ago

Where is the option to vote for no mask, no social distancing and a full return to being a free American? The CDC can’t even make up their minds regarding what works and what doesn’t. I am sick of the new rules that come out every other day and still makes no sense. I refuse to be forced into arbitrary behavior. The reasoning is unsound.

Herring Harvey
1 year ago

When people are “allowed” , controlled, to visit Home Depot, Lowe’s, grocery stores, ABORTION CLINICS, MURDER CLINICS, and people are not allowed to go to their church as granted in our Constitution, it is not about our health.
It is about control of citizens and political deeds to try and destroy President Trump’s re-election.

Scott Herrin
1 year ago

The whole shutdown was idiotic. I refuse to live in fear or a state of paranoia.

1 year ago

This whole Sars nonsense has been grossly over blown. I have resumed my usually daily routine. Throughout this nonsense I have never worn a mask and I have shook hands with anyone willing to shake my hand. I went about my daily business and shopped in any store that was open – except Cosco which required a mask. I am 70 years old and just fine health wise. If I do get sick I can guarantee I won’t go to a hospital. Too many reports of ventilating thus killing patients that would have recovered if given proper care and time.

Gary Mott
1 year ago

I don’t believe anything on the main stream media with the constant doom and gloom narrative and the relentless non stop attacks again our President. I’m lucky to have a brother in law who is a cardiologist in Germany, so I was able to get real information first hand . . . not the scare tactics that the networks dumped on us. My wife and are in our 60’s and we’ve been on the go for since April.

James P Daffron
1 year ago

I am in Delaware, a Democrat-controlled State. The restrictions are based on Politics, not facts. The Gov had to be aggressively approached by a large number of Clergy before he would allow any semblance of First Amendment Right of Freedom of Religion. Democrat politician do not like to allow any First Amendment Rights that conflict with their agenda!

Saul G
1 year ago

A few weeks ago the CDC and health folks said homemade cloth masks were useless and they had a 0% chance of protecting us from getting the virus and a 0% chance of keeping the wearer from spreading the virus. The only effective ones were the N95 masks which the healthcare and frontline folks desperately needed. So… now suddenly you’re (CDC) pushing for us to wear the same masks that are basically deemed useless??? Research shows that even the N95 mask protects to .3 microns, where as CV19 is significantly less that; .1 -.05 microns. So exactly, what is the point of wearing a mask anyways??? Anything that is contact with, ” air that we breathe”, has been in contact to CV19??? I would think so. Unless it is deemed that the CV19 is NOT airborne… which is it??

1 year ago

The shutdown should not have been implemented. The slaughter of the elderly should be investigated and charges of homicide against elderly care facilities operators filed

Ella J
1 year ago

I’m going out as normally as I can. We never should have shut down. I’ve refused to wear a mask as they’ve been proven to do no good in keeping people safe and could actually cause harm.
The democratic mayors and governors purposefully put sick people in nursing and retirement homes to kill off as many older people as they could while at the same time scaring the public into compliance of their arbitrary confusing pointless rules.

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