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A cut in the 15.3% Social Security and Medicare payroll tax, the major revenue stream for these programs that are already headed for insolvency within the next several years, is being touted by some as a way to “stimulate” the economy. What are YOUR thoughts?

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Teresa Lowe
9 months ago

I believe that Congress should personally (not from the general fund, but their own pockets for false charges and lying) pay back the SSI that they stole from us in an effort to impeach our president. Also make them pay back what they allowed the IRS to pay to Mexico; Primarily, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, AOC, Ilhan Omar and Strzok, and another’s involved. Hillary can pay her part too for the Steele dossier.

Barry Maltese
11 months ago

These monies usually get diverted from this fund anyway to be squandered by our beloved Politicians on other projects for it was never intended. . . . The misuse of these funds are the reason why they are heading towards insolvency in the first place. PROTECT THESE FUNDS FROM BEING REAPPROPRIATED then ask this question.

Larry Alan Davis
1 year ago

Both Social Security and Medicare are Ponzi Schemes and should be phased out of future while providing for those that already paid in.

Tom Plesser
1 year ago

Social Security and Medicare, even as poorly run and lowly paid as it is is an entitlement seniors and the disabled have paid for. Many use it as there sole retirement funds. These people already paid for it. They are deserving of it. Any others, such as illegals do not deserve it and should be automatically barred. They must be citizens to get the benefit and must pay into the system.

Theresa Rodriguez
1 year ago

The Federal, State and Local Governments should NEVER have been permitted to collect and control our tax dollars to “invest” for our retirement or to pay for our health care. That is up to us. Social Security and Medicare should IMMEDIATELY be privatized. Forcing Social Security to “Purchase” US Bonds instead of investing wisely hasn’t done anything but suck up money from Taxpayers. Illegals AND Legal Residents who are NOT American Citizens should NOT be eligible for anything other than Emergency, Life Saving care… and then should be IMMEDIATELY repatriated to their homelands. ABSOLUTELY NO Citizen benefits (retirement, health, food, housing or schooling) should EVER be given to Illegals EVER or even to Legal Immigrants until 1) they achieve citizenship and 2) have been Americans for at least 10 years. And those Immigrants (both illegal and legal) who commit sedition and terrorist actions MUST Immediately be stripped of citizenship, along with any family members the brought in, and returned to their country of origin.

Brenda G Buehler
1 year ago

I’m tired of dems calling SS an entitlement. This was a ‘forced’ savings account for years. The money I am now receiving is MY money. It is not a gift from anyone. Had Pres. Johnson not moved this to the general fund, we probably wouldn’t be having this conversation.

Mike Mortimore
1 year ago

If it is like the Obama payroll tax cut, businesses still paid their share. So it would not help jobs. Cut income tax if you want to help people.

1 year ago

I don’t know about others but my medications have gone up in price. Not to mention food,gas, and other needs. I don’t want a dime taken from my social security. I’d like to see the left live on what we have to and survive. I’am not complaing too much as the both of us have lived on a budget for 51 years so far!

Russell Mims
1 year ago

Time to tighten up who gets Social Security prior to retirement. This is another reason it is going broke. I am over 65 and if I adopted a child at my age that child would receive benefits until they turn 18. This is ludicrous to me.

Ohio Bill
1 year ago

Privatize! Stop the Ponzi scheme which charges current workers to fund the retired. Open a mandatory 401k/IRA type account for each individual. It will be your money; not the government’s. This stops people who haven’t paid in from collecting. If you die, your heirs will inherit your account balance and the amount will be added to their accounts for their retirement. No cash payouts of residual amounts except as retirement benefits.

Mark Heilbron
1 year ago

When is AMAC going to answer my inquiry into starting a grass roots case against having Social Security Administration pay those of us who are taking our paid for benefits the entire amount that is owed to us. We now only get about 1/3 to 1/4 of what is actually owed to us?

Lynn Harding
1 year ago

I oppose the existence of social security. It has been used, abused and looted from the beginning. i am in favor of letting us have our money back and letting each of us be responsible for our own retirement. The government should stay out of it.

1 year ago

Sure it helped people 2 have more money
Obama did it. Just lesson the the years of ssn. Wedid this before now its welfares / unemploymens turn. Then cut money from illegals if they need the mony. Better yet take all politicians wages as they’ve become millionaires. They don’t need it anymorr

1 year ago

Eliminate the present income tax and replace it with the FAIR TAX. This would solve the Social Security solvency issue and Medicare. It would also make the USA the most productive country in the world.

1 year ago

Both Parties are & have been responsible where Social Security is today. The problem is a retired person with $100 thousand income does not realize how much a SS means to lower income families. How many government employees pay into SS in their lifetime?

1 year ago

Too much Federal debt to consider huge cuts like this. If anything, rates should be increased slightly & the ceiling when wages quit paying SS should be removed so that all wages are subject to SS taxes. These would keep SS going in the future. The lowest retirement income population is the most dependent group on SS checks & need help the most.

1 year ago

Keep the politicians from diminishing Social Security and Medicare benefits. Americans paid for this benefit. Government keeps cutting benefits from these programs yet continue sending billion$ to foreign countries or to pork projects like Planned Parenthood.

Clare Masters
1 year ago

doesn’t the social security tax go to pay for people currently on Social security?

Jim S.
1 year ago

They need to stop stealing money from the program. Pelosi just grabbed another $60M today for the phoney impeachment costs. Make the DNC repay every penny that asshat stole and then return the rest of the $2T that was stolen

Philip Robillard
1 year ago

If you want to cut something, cut out the ABUSES in medicaide, disability and welfare. Don’t cut Social security as that was earned, paid for and is expected. The elderly that worked for it and paid into it NEED that.

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