In his August 12 press conference, President Trump said:

1.) He is fully committed to the continuation of Social Security and Medicare.

2.) He would forgive the debt of those whose income is less than $104,000 who forego paying the payroll tax this year.

3.) In 2021, if re-elected,  he will end the payroll tax to provide American taxpayers more money in their paychecks.

4.) He will fund Social Security and Medicare through the General Fund of the U.S. Treasury.

Do you agree with the President’s plans for Social Security?

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11 months ago

In interview, Trump said that payroll tax deferral will not hurt SS plan this year. How does he figure, as the payroll tax is 12.4% of wages from employee/employers. Also, if not reelected, then people will have to pay this back according to Trump. This is a terrible decision from someone who does not realize many citizens live off of SS benefits.

William Brown
11 months ago

I am all for it but afraid other taxes will go up to recover the loss. I would be in favor of removing property taxes as well. My house is bought and paid for and the land but I have to pay thousands a year just to be able to stay on my land and property. In essence
I am renting to land with a lifetime agreement to pay rent and it always goes up. With property taxes I will in my life basically pay for my house almost 3 times the price I originally paid for it.

11 months ago

I urge Trump to leave the payroll tax as is & not fool with it as he wants to. Also urge him to take time to read the stances from both AARP & AMAC regarding Social Security. & that might make him realize that all retired people are not as well off as the people WH thinks make $100K per year wages.

1 year ago

SS has been robbed on more than one occasion and I do not recall the funds ever being replaced (correct me if I am wrong)……SS was blindsided by the Clinton admin…claiming it was a taxable income and not a paid for entitlement, this should be repealed…if your going to end pay roll taxes, then why not stop taxing our SS insurance entitlement paid for by our payroll investment…..

Larry Hughes
1 year ago

Pass the Fair Tax! VP Pence is a co-sponsor! It is the most researched tax plan in history, no one pays tax below the poverty level and the government is fully funded! Best of all congress can not use the tax code to reward their friends and punish their enemies, if the raise or lower the tax’s for one they must do it for all! Best of all it totally eliminates the IRS and filing taxes, the only form you fill out is to report the number of people in your household so that you get a monthly check for the taxes you would have paid on the basic necessities for your family up to the poverty level!

1 year ago

Implement the Fair Tax and take our money out of the hands of the politicians.

1 year ago

I’m amazed that people don’t know that social security and medicare are taxes that go into the general fund. The money collected has never been held in a special account. SSI was sold to Americans as saving but when payees sued, FDR’s government argued that it was a tax and the court agreed with the government, it is a tax. Congress can at anytime chose and change who is the beneficiary of this tax and when they will benefit, as they have many times in the past. I expect the government will change the means test, leaving people that saved and payed in the most to these taxes receiving nothing. If you don’t think there is a means test already try working after collecting SSI and see the benefit go down the more you make. Everyone working 40 years with SSI collected and invested in the stock fund of the top 100 companies would be a millionaire at retirement.

1 year ago

This is a disastrous idea. SS should be privatized into individual accounts. Every individual should save for retirement! Those who won’t must be forced so they don’t become a burden on those who do. This will create another excuse for the have nots to come after the haves!

Bobby West
1 year ago

I think Pres. Trump should make it mandatory that all government officials be subject to the sames rules and laws as the rest of us. That specifically includes Congress. They should participate in Social Security the same as us. Then Congress would fix the problem. I also think Congress should be required to contribute to a 401k and not have a Special Retirement fund different than the common citizen.

1 year ago

When are the Nursing Homes going to be cleaned up or all the wasted & bad care that Pubic Aid is suppose to watch & Fix

1 year ago

I believe lack of real concern for the senior citizens & nursing home deaths is that true history will not live anymore. To get honest history knowledge, forget highs school or colleges.  History has been so white washed and fabricated to fit the lefts agenda. It has been going on for a long time to set us up for the socialist/communist takeover trying to happen now. Take a quick course in Hitler’s rise to power: control the media, burn the books, Kill intellectuals, limit gatherings, and turn people against each other (race pandering, haves & have-nots). Like now, if you think about it. Too frightening.

Dee Hodges
1 year ago

Social Security and Medicare should be privatized. There are many countries which have privatized Social Security to great success. Citizens are happy and glad. Over the years, Congress stole the Trust Funds to finance more government programs like welfare, which has hurt many Americans, both those paying taxes and those receiving the dole.

David F
1 year ago

I’d rather have a plan where
21 year old stop paying into social security (work still does) but their 7% goes into THEIR 401. (never collect)
30 year old would pay only 2% in to social security but the 5% into their 401 and can only collect at the (at the time current) life expectancy
40 year old would pay 4% social security and 3% into their 401 and can only collect 10 years before life expectancy.
50 year olds well nothing, expect maybe lowering for everyone to 65.

Anyhow SOMETHING like that eventually in 50 years or so, social security doesn’t exist but people don’ need it because they have been (forced) to save for themselves.

So what about people who never worked, you’ve had employers that have continued the 7% hopefully that could also be reduced.

Kent Huey
1 year ago

Had Congress not viewed Social Security as their own personal “Piggy Bank”, to fund their own “little pet projects”, as they began to do under LBJ, There would be MORE THAN ENOUGH money to fund Social Security, Medicare, etc., for many more years.

Sherry Goad
1 year ago

I fell asleep during the Thursday speeches.

I trust President Trump. His business acumen has made our economy grow and I just trust his ability to provide for Social Security and Medicare with his plans. I am a member of AMAC!

L Bryan
1 year ago

I would rather that it NOT be with the general funds at all‼️‼️ Another President will come along and spend it!

1 year ago

SS & Medicare are Ponzi schemes. I disagreed when Bush and Obama suspend the FICA Tax, and I don’t support this one. Also when SS was set up, it was not a retirement plan, because on average, men passed away before the age of 62. It was established as a widows and orphans fund, and women on average were unlikely to see much of the money in their “lock box” since their life expectancy was not much longer. We now live into our 80’s, and there are less people funding it. So every time the politicians (Rep & Dem) suspend the funding, it puts the program at greater risk.

Chess Erwin
1 year ago

We seniors need to realize, for the benefit of our kids, and generations yet UNBORN, SS and Medicare as we presently know them are ‘busted’ and benefit cuts/higher taxes/ means testing are right around the corner. Folks thinking otherwise are, IMHO, kidding themselves and not living in the ‘real world’ of DC politics and deficit finance. WHEN IS ANYONE GOING TO TAKE SERIOUSLY OUR ANNUAL DEFICIT AND DEBTS will BUST THE TREASURY within most of our lifetimes ?! Time is wasting with each passing month Congress dawdles without enacting meaningful reforms EVERYBODY dislikes, but will get the job done. Honestly, SS is a simpler fix than Medicare because health care markets are distorted beyond belief. That is, however, NO excuse for NOT taking urgent action to educate and persuade EVERY TAX-PAYING citizen action must begin now. We don’t have another 5-10 years to ‘study this thing, yet again’! Rome, in this case DC, and our futures are ‘burning’ RIGHT NOW!

1 year ago

keep it out of the democrats reach! they have done enough to try to destroy this country!!

1 year ago

I agree that would make up for when they were taking from SS in the 50s 60s 70s and putting in to the General fund they robbed it for a long time then said it was going broke , if a union took from their retirement fund to supplement their medical fund the goverment says no no put it back , they do not live by their laws that’s the problem

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