Trump Win Sanctuary Cities

Regarding President Trump and “The Squad” (the collective name of the four progressive Congresswomen), which of these comes closest to your view of this week’s public feud between them?

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Daniel Crockett
2 years ago

The question should read in part “progressive socialist.” That is the name of what was once the Democrat Party.

Mary Buchanan
2 years ago

President Trump is the first President to truly keep his campaign promises to America and show the American people he means what he says and he is NOT afraid to stand up for us .He does NOT tolerate the
Leftist lies or their Unconstitutional Policies .
TheDemocratic Leftists have no clue what America truly stands for or what it means to be a Patriotic Leader or a true American . All they believe in is how to lie ,cheat.and steal from the American people including a Real Honest Presidents trust and Honor! No one has the right to dishonor or slap our President of the United States ofAmerica President Donald Trump in the face the way the Democrats and Leftists do. I love it when he keeps them guessing on what he plans to do next and burns them to the core when he is right.The squad asks for what they get when they do the stuff they do and think they are above President Trump and others and don’t feel anyone should say or do anything just because of who they THINK they are but they still are nobody Democrats trying to stir up trouble but making fools of themselves and who wants a

2 years ago

The “Squad” is a perfect reflection of the Democrat party today! A real HORROR SHOW if, God forbid, they ever take control of our country! God bless and protect our country! God bless and guide our President! Trump 2020! ??

2 years ago

What I find interesting in this case, and with the Cumming’s tweet, is that the Democrats. RINOs and MSM immediately diminished the equality gained by these ‘women of color’ and a civil rights icon. Appears they only want to be equal to dish out vile and hateful rhetoric, but whine like helpless victims when they are called out for it! If you can’t justify the vile hateful rhetoric just call those who disagree ‘Racists’.

S McDowell
2 years ago

The President was right to call them out. Once or twice. But this interminable squabbling is a waste of energy. The President has so much more important things to deal with. The best way to negate instigators is to ignore them, relegating them to a nonentity. Not worth the time and effort. Telling them in so many silent words, “I have a country to run. I don’t have time for you and your foolish utterances.

2 years ago

Mary M. I did not vote for Donald Trump in 2016 and I will not vote for him in 2020. When he talks about others and their “deficits” he is really talking about himself. It’s called projection. He is hopelessly in over his head and his behavior embarrasses me. I simply cannot understand why thoughtful, intelligent people support him. I know the United States is in disarray politically. I’m afraid for this country. Why would someone talk about the “lunatic” left. Why not talk using serious words for a serious problem?

2 years ago
Reply to  Mary

Be The lunatic left is mostly the problem and the socialist party and the communist party and the Nazi party who would ever believe those parties would even be in this country I think Donald Trump is doing a great job and they don’t like him because he’s not one of the boys he stands up against them and they can’t stand it but I think he’s doing a great job

2 years ago

What about the disrespect to the President . What about all the f words that you hear mostly from the left in front of kids and everyone. No respect for anyone. And all these people that want our borders open. They can’t see that it’s taking away from our children, our Social Security, takes more away from hard working Americans and their families. Why can’t minorities see that the Government is using them still, the Government tells them one thing and whites another. My Dad told me many years ago that the Government was the ones that keeps trouble stirred up between the Whites and the Blacks so that we wouldn’t see what the Government was up to and no I don’t mean President Trump. It’s mostly the old Rhinos and new millennials that think they are Queens and Kings and not Servants of the People. And I’m mostly disappointed in We the People for letting them get away with it for so long. No we’ve waited for the free programs that are only bait for the trap of Government control of the People. Wake up America , one person can’t make it Great again!!! It takes We The People, real God fearing Americans to make America Great again !!!!!

2 years ago

The President is laying out his war plan for the 2020 elections. He is a genius!!

2 years ago

His comments were not racis! He was telling it like it is. They want to destroy the USA. If they don’t like our constitution and democracy, leave.

Marlene Worley
2 years ago

I do not expect tact and diplomacy from him, but his playing with their foolishness does get tiring. Seeing so many go ballistic over his dry jokes that they take seriously is wearing out my Wow! reaction! I have not noticed where he says exactly where they should go, (home could be where they sleep), exactly WHO he means OR mentioned their skin-tone. However the so-called ‘liberals’ keep adding and highlighting details while accusing him of lying!! Sheesh!!

Stephen L. Witherby
2 years ago

I support the President

Frank Frazier Jr
2 years ago

President Trump does everything just right. He has them chasing their tails. Till they head to trial or Tribunal.

Donald Vice
2 years ago

WE NEED TO STOP THE NONSCENSE! Leave them to suffer alone and stop reading their headlines. Forget them and remember our rapidly soaring debt that WILL BE PAID but when it is the cost
many time more than we intend it to be. Inflation is caused by our Representatives in the House and Senate voting for mostly unConstutional spending today that will be multiplied many times over in the future. When I was a young boy I paid 18 cents for a gallon of gas for my 32 Ford. Today It can be anywhere from $2.50 to $5.10 depending where you buy it. During WWII our service personal were given a $10,000 life policy. It was considered a small fortune then. And when your favorite all-day restaurant was started in Atlanta by a couple of ex servicemen you could dine on a steak dinner with the trimmings and coffee (10 cents) for $1.45. Give this a thought. Remember when? Yes, coming soon! Yes, be nice but STOP FINANCING THE WORLD of nations who think we are crazy for forcing our citizens to send their money to every Country that can’t keep up. How dare my Reps send any money to anyone else when our people are now desperate with people living in the streets and many of them our precious service men and women. I need to stop!

Judithp Filippini
2 years ago

No doubt Mr Trump loves America and has kept a cool head with respect to the anti-american in Congress until now. It appears no others want to defend our beloved country. God bless our president and America.

B. Kelly
2 years ago

Gallstinker! These polls are barely humorous. Not unlike taking a multiple choice test with the correct answer in bold type. lol.

The ‘squad’ should not even be in office. Clearly citizenship would rule out several of them. Oh wait…..was it not President Trump that brushed aside the issue of Osama Obama’s birth certificate and natural born status? President Trump is now being bitten in the buttocks by the snake he did not kill years ago.

For the others that remain, I think treason would be fitting.

Rid America of the demon possessed in power and we will be better fit for recovery.

Paula Burkhalter
2 years ago

They could only have gotten elected if their districts were not paying attention and also had low voter turn out. They can’t help but pay attention now. I hope enough people in their districts are mortified at how they are being represented. Perhaps people will turn out to vote in a better, more mature and common sense representatives to replace each member of the squad.

Roy Marris
2 years ago

It was so bias, really shows how far the left is trying to go on a false narrative , they all even muller should be hung for treason & lying !!!

2 years ago

Talk about 4 females putting the wrong spin on United States values, that show a millennial ignorance on
All the new named phobias, and White people are the true racists, when in reality it’s been getting better from the start, but I predict that if this is our future, they will bring racism back into the fold, because I’m sick and tired of
someone telling me your a racist and Zen-a phoebe for not Agreeing with them!

2 years ago


Hal Kranz
2 years ago

Shut down the border until the wall is built, send them all back to where they came from, all the demonrats and some republicans should be rounded up for TREASON and shipped to gitmo for there court and executed for what they have done to this country and WE THE PEOPLE, MAKE a clean sweep of all the government’s officials that have committed crimes and get back to running this country the way it was meant to be run by the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, GOD BLESS ARE PRESIDENT TRUMP AND HIS FAMILY AND ALL THOSE THAT ARE MAKING AMERICA FREE AGAIN, GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS AND THEIR FAMILIES, ALL THOSE THAT ARE ENFORCING OUR LAWS AND KEEPING OUR FLAG FLYING, FREEDOM.

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