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Trump Win Sanctuary Cities

Regarding President Trump and “The Squad” (the collective name of the four progressive Congresswomen), which of these comes closest to your view of this week’s public feud between them?

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Brian B

I enjoy watching the MSM and Lunatic Left respond to the President’s tweets. The President is far more clever and methodical in his tweets than either Party can understand. Each tweet is a fishhook. And the Democrats and RINOs just can’t resist biting. The end result is a national discussion that invariably exposes liberals for the fools they are. Reminds me of “The Scarlet Pimpernel.” The “pompous fool” is a patriot and a genius. Our “unpresidential” President makes me smile. God bless President Trump. MAGA


Keep them in the headlines, because their immature hatefulness will lose races for their party in 2020.
And if you consider their vile position on Israel and the Jews, just WHO is the racist here?
Yes, the “Fraud Squad”.


Since the press doesn’t call them out for their anti-American rhetoric, I’m glad the President does.

The Freezing Senior

THE MOB SQUAD Vs. POTUS I find it to be quite interesting that these four are all “women of color” who are being fronted by the MSM / Fake News Media Mob in a never ending conspiratorial effort by DEMOCRATS and their various behind the scenes instigators in a well contrived effort to overthrow POTUS and our country. But of course this only serves to bolster our resolve in support of POTUS all the more while exposing their vile collusion against him. The chant of “send them back” proves that the public is fully aware of this and they do not like these contemptuous women or their seething hatred of America and President Trump. Attempting to overthrow a government by mob action always comes with dangerous and often deadly consequences which have yet to be realized, you don’t want to be on the losing side of that conflict with a… Read more »


Let’s keep America Great and not allow these four haters to convert us to a nation of socialists. I am sick and tired of people who come to this country and do nothing to support our freedoms and our way of life. We don’t want to be converted or be like other countries, we are the United States of America.

Karl W

All the democrats are playing right into Trump’s hands. They are uniting around those 4 reps, the most extreme leftists. Now they all have to answer why they support anti-Semites, just throwing a wrench in all their campaigns.

Rick Needham

If Congress is swarn to up hold the law, how can these women who want to eleminate our constition, remain in office?


The media is keeping the squad in the forefront trying to make them look favorable. They are not and never will be, they are anti-American and want to fundamentally change America. They are radicals and need to be voted out, or should I say socialists!


I believe in the statement ” America love it or leave it. “


Keep giving them enough rope they’re going to hang themselves. They’re not that smart. People are getting angry and the more they talk the stupider they sound. The more corrupt they sound and the more on congresswoman like they sound.
Time to drain the swamp!
Let’s make them cry again!
Trump 2020!
My only regret is I can only vote once. But I don’t mean that in a legal sense I mean that is a sense of satisfaction. My satisfaction is telling them I voted for our president Donald J Trump.


Look, if people hate and don’t like the United States of America, then really, leave, get out! What is so wrong with being asked to leave and shut up. People come into this Country illegally and spit and trash our Flag . Leave….I tell ya. Golly, what is people’s problem?! Such an oxymoron!! Shows people’s intelligence, the lack of it! Go stand and make your way to North Korea, for heaven sakes.


The United States is such a magnificent country. It is the only place where newly elected members of Congress can openly trash the country and its citizens. Try that in China or North Korea. If the “Squad” doesn’t like living in America, they are free to leave. You are embarrassing yourselves with your rhetoric. Trump 2020!


The President could have said .This is our country, not perfect, but none better.. but if you rather not embrace it .. there are other places to live!!

Martha Gerald

I really do not blame our President for calling them out. BUT, rather than saying, “You cannot talk about America that way……etc” it would have been better to say, People who love America, do not talk so Un-American. This is the greatest nation on earth. Not perfect but better than all the rest. We are a work in progress. We should not say that those who come here can practice their religions here, period. Do we want people coming over here and practicing “honor killings”? – NO but it is already happening. Do we want them coming over here and practicing Sharia Law? NO

Pete Johnson

Matthew 12:30 You are either for Me or against Me, – America is in the same position of authority as God, that is you are either for us or against us! These women are anti-America!!

florence Siljenberg

They are zapping the strength of the country. Getting so tired of them. Talking less about them, I think the more we focus on them, the more powerful they become. I say let the surigant take the down. Keep building up the country. It’s to early to keep on giving them what they want. A little surprise of that squad would be that we take them at the Polls in 2020. Like and Earthquake we need to vote for the president. Mention them once in awhile but I really think they get to much attention, and many of us are tired of them. Someone who has authority should really investigate this Omar. Something about her doesn’t pass the smell test.

Jim Siegendorf

It’s amazing how the MSM is always on the wrong side of the issues.

Jesse Church

“some people done something” Omar on 9/11. “somebody said something” Me, on the Presidents tweet.

Ike Gilmore

They do not apricate what the AMERICAN WAY STANDS FOR. Sorry if you don’t like it go somewhere that suet’s your thinking we like ours..


He was right, but his use of the Lord’s name was disappointing. Those women don’t like America, they need to go to the countries they’re supporting! The countries that they’re FROM (ancestry) If they think do poorly of America! They shouldn’t be in office if they hate us so much!! Soros!