President Trump, citing CDC guidance and the endorsement of The American Academy of Pediatrics, has stated all K-12 schools must open this fall. Which comes closest to your view?

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1 year ago

Actually it would be wiser if everyone could homeschool because the children are not being taught they are being INDOCTRINATED! This is not ok with me. ALL fed funding should be stopped IMMEDIATELY to universities.

Leslie Harig
1 year ago

I sure would like to know if Trump’s youngest son is going to “in person “ school in classrooms with other students. Just curious.

1 year ago

I would vote for state/local option but I live in a blue state and they will never open given any option to opt out

Byron E Baker
1 year ago

Who, tell me who is voting on this poll to not open schools or letting the teachers union decide:

  1. Those who watch and believe the lies on CNN/MSNBC.
  2. Those associated with the teachers union or other corrupt public sector agencies.
  3. Democrats who believe any they are told by the party.

The virus is real by the Kung Flu hysteria is a hoax generated by the FakeNews media. Designed to stop Trump at all costs.

Edward L. Finley
1 year ago

This whole Covid situation has gotten out of hand and the Left is using it to dictate and run the nation. I agree with several on this thread, that the left is using this as another way to control not only our nation, but the voting situation. They would love nothing more than to turn our country into a progressive’s Banana Republic where the elites run the government, become wealthy off their government positions and we the peons live in squalor.

A. D Roberts
1 year ago

The schools should open. The rest of the world has figured it out. The Democrats want them kept closed. They and cowardly teachers who should quit teaching. HOWEVER, it would be best to shut down public schools permanently as they are now nothing but indoctrination centers where students are brainwashed against America. Look at what the college coeds are doing in the street. WHITE FEMALES rioting with all those BLM thugs.

Alan Ortiz
1 year ago

A president and the word must is a problem. Local folks need to take care of schooling based on current situation
like the president saying you must wear a maks

Janet Szczuka
1 year ago

I voted not sure but: if the schools were not tools of the liberal elite I would vote for th we m to open. As it is, the more families homeschool, the better.

Jim P
1 year ago

“The benefits OUTWEIGH the risks to children”. That’s the most popular answer. A child is not a solider you don’t put them in harms way for any reason, not ever. I’m not saying keep kids uneducated and ignorant like some republicans who think global warming is nonsense and Covid 19 is a political arm. I’m saying find a cure and or find a way to keep kids safe. We have a responsibility to Protect those who can’t help themselves, the elderly & children to start.

Patricia A Vance
1 year ago

The children need to be back in school in person only if each state/local school districts can implement a safe environment for the student & teachers. Our 8 year old grandson will be doing on-line learning through the online school provided by the district we live in. He & his father & older recently graduated brother live with us & 4 of us are highly vulnerable to contracting COVID-19. Also, the 8 year old had a traumatic brain injury when he was 20 months old due to a pedestrian car accident in which his mother was also injured. He does school work very well, but is hyper. Wearing a mask all day would create serious issues for him. He actually wants to stay home & do the online learning. There will be outside experiences for him to do through the online program the school district provides.

1 year ago

As much as reasonably possible, send them back. Kids need to be educated, but NOT INDOCTRINATED. Encourage Home Schooling, private schools and Charter Schools with special emphasis on low income districts. Ban Dept of Education, Common Core, the NEA, and all Teacher Unions except, local, non-affiliated unions that are not permitted to engage in political lobbying. Do not require attendance beyond the 8th grade and create a system of tech. training programs supported, in part, by corporations that need employees with tech. skills. We also need to discontinue Fed. funding of Colleges and Universities. Replace that funding with merit based, full ride scholarships/grants for students attending approved schools.

1 year ago

The media is making this a pandemic. This virus is 99.8% survivable. Children have been shown not to transmit it to adults. We need to stop being afraid ,stop masking, stop staying in our houses, and get on with life.

1 year ago

I do not agree with Trump having power to withhold funds from schools that do not open. Some areas have extreme circumstances & need support from the Feds & not blackmail. Unite & not divide this country.

1 year ago

Considering how our schools have become indoctrination centers of antichrist and anti-Bible beliefs, training for immoral behavior, promotion of communism/socialism, twisting of U.S. history and the Christian truth behind our formation, it seems better to me that parents find private schools or train their children themselves to keep them from becoming the next generation of ANTIFA or BLM.

Delores Shelton
1 year ago

Child care businesses are considered essential and take care of children from birth through age 10 or older. I have not heard of any cases/deaths as a result of this policy. Schools need look to this child caring professionals to learn how to bring up schools successfully.

David Smith
1 year ago

Out of curiosity, did any parent discover the lessons required of their homeschooled student while locked out of public school were unAmerican in nature or revisionist history?

1 year ago

There are many factors and variables involved which must be considered in regard to the opening of schools and the safety of the general public and children. While many tout the fact that children are less prone to serious effects of infection, this is still a novel virus and there are ramifications which are still being considered from data and research as the cases evolve and spread through our population. Furthermore, the epidemiology, demographics, and strata across the nation are quite variable. For that reason, it is my opinion that school policies should be left up to local and state school boards who have a better understanding and knowledge of local conditions, as well as public opinions. Our elected officials are expected to represent those who elect them and the more local they are to their constituents, the more informed they are to their particular needs and preferences. Threatening to withhold federal funding may be a blessing in disguise as it would clearly offer evidence that the federal government is not needed when it comes to didactics of educating K-12 kids. And, when it comes to the so called experts, it should be remembered that those in the federal government all have some political interest of varying degrees. We don’t need politics in our education system. It opens doors to biased indoctrination.

Madeline M
1 year ago

To home school the children will be upending many families, and if one state isn’t experiencing an upsurge with the virus, why should those families be so greatly inconvenienced just because another state has the misfortune of a rising epidemic? All things are not created fairly, including this misery.

Kay Barnum
1 year ago


1 year ago
Reply to  Kay Barnum

Lets do this right and get accurate testing results, too much not truthful.

Richard Kee
1 year ago

It’s time to take back our country, I’m tired of the left wing radicals trying to destroy our country. We must support President Trump and our Police ,we have spineless Republicans that don’t support our President we need to vote them out. Even the Democrats stick together even when they know they are wrong which is 99.9 percent of the time. Can hardly wait for them to tax me to the point I become Rich.

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