In the midst of all the 'defund the police' rhetoric from Democrats, President Trump held a pro-police, pro-safety roundtable discussion at the White House. Which are you most concerned about regarding the state of law enforcement in America today? Pick your top five concerns.

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1 year ago

If you do not think this idea of defunding the police is insane then you need help and we who want more police on the street need to convince you, you’re totally wrong….Why not just put a large sign on your residence saying, Rob & Abuse Me Any time 24/7….Got the idea yet????

1 year ago

Violence in cities that promote the disbanding of police and those who drastically cut police budgets doesn’t bother me at all. These radical political leaders were voted and kept into office by those who live in those areas and there are consequences for stupidity. Look at NY where you have the Governor and the Mayor of the largest city in the county with the most insane and incompetent plans to address the problems of that state and city and look at the results, People leaving the city in masses, destruction of property, the death of senior citizens due to the stupidity of the Governor and the streets of NYC barren. Liberal ideology is a sign of insanity in motion.

Charles F
1 year ago

When will this country return schools to teaching about civics and American history? The lack of these teachings is the root cause of much of the Liberal movement in this country.

Duane CALL
1 year ago

I find it horribly fascinating that business owners fearing for their life and property is near the bottom of the scale. Number one was out of control crime. Do we as conservatives not care about others lives? We claim that the Dems don’t care. Well, if the numbers in this poll show anything it is that we are concerned about violence but are unconcerned about the lives of those the violence affects. Have we really become this calloused?

Kay Trudell
1 year ago

These are symptoms of the seeds of a Marxist revolution in the streets of America based on fanning the flames of hatred of President Trump and police and conservatives. BLM (the organization) and Antifa are funded and controlled by sinister power players who want to destroy our Constitutional Republic and institute Socialism. The rise of Socialism in America means the death of our U.S. Constitution. Race can never be used as the organizing principle of a society. It breeds tribalism and tyranny. It didn’t work in Nazi Germany or Rwanda or South Africa or the American South. It will not work here and now. The attack on police is only part of a whole Marxist agenda.

1 year ago

The results of Common Core teaching are an embarrassment.

1 year ago

I wish President Trump would send the National Guard to the cities that are out of control with looters and violence. If the liberal leaders of these cities won’t do it he needs to. We are in American for goodness sake, we aren’t in a third world country!! We have to have safety and order on American streets and to protect business owners, and citizens. Forget BLM…a front to destroy America!!

Doug Edmondson
1 year ago

The violence in the streets is is the face of an organized, funded and planned attack on our nation. These are domestic terrorists. The admin needs to declare it as such and defund the organizations driving it and prosecute the likes of George Soros , etc. for sedition.

Ralph DiNicola
1 year ago

I would have chosen all of the above. All of these topics are of great concerns. This is the beginning of moving into communism. Unfortunately, we AMAC members are preaching to the choir.

1 year ago

Also without law , what would be next? We’ve already tried vigilante system that was no good.

1 year ago

I believe when the government got involved with how we raise our children, it started going down hill. When we face possibly being charged for disciplining our children. I also believe much of this rioting is instigated by people who are not Americans. Remember when Kruchev pounded on the podium, he stated ” we will bury you and not fire a shot “. Socialism is not free. Someone is going to have pay for everything you think is free. WHO? The government will give you, if they decide you need it, when they want, not when you need it. Believe this, in Russia if you have a garden you must have a receipt to show you bought those seeds for your garden. This was told to me by a friend who came to America from Ukraine. He is now an American citizen. GOD bless America and our elected President.

1 year ago

The Demonrats and Rinos are on a global a
Agenda to take down a dualy elected President at the cost of the American people, time they are hanged off street poles like Benito Mosilinni !,,

1 year ago

Take away the police and people who can afford it will hire private protection groups that cannot be controlled. Same as cartels like in Mexico and South America.Very dangerous to all of us.

linda bennett
1 year ago

These terroists should be arrested and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. How dare our govenor let these people burn our police preceints,close businesses,and threaten anyone who dares to speak against them. Defunding the police is a terrible idea. the use of tear gas should be used to control crowds. Also anyone receiving goverment assistance should be cut off for damages they have caused.

1 year ago

I have police officers in my family 99.9% of all officers retire after a long career without ever firing their gun—except in target practice Certainly they never kill anybody! They don’t wake up each day saying “I hope I can shoot somebody today!!” Everyday citizens want and need the police. Anarchists and agitators are making people afraid and angry and aren’t really about fairness and civility. All police brutality, along with ALL violence, needs to be stopped and punished. But it is a very small minority of police interactions. Churchill once said “Appeasement is feeding the crocodile in the hopes that he will eat you last.”

Patricia Leone
1 year ago


Angela Smith
1 year ago

The police are the line that stands between law abiding citizens and the thugs. They risk their lives every day to keep this country safe and protect any citizen that calls. They deserve out utmost respect and unwavering support. Every other freedom we have is dependent on the safety of our citizens. We lose all our rights if we cannot safely exercise them in a society based on laws.

Lorri Becker
1 year ago

Unfortunately law enforcement gets the bum rap when our society has way too many criminals with seemingly more rights than law abiding citizens. The outcries come when a criminal is mistreated but no one does anything to prevent that. Law enforcement is way out numbered and until people realize that, we will continue to have the fingers pointed in the wrong direction!

Z Martin
1 year ago

We must increase funding for police and anyone who attacks them should be arrested and sent to jail for several months.

1 year ago

We have the right by the constitution to form a militia to protect our country from enemies foreign and domestic…I think we have a huge domestic enemy in case no one has noticed.

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