Please Choose the top 3 restaurants that you would like to receive AMAC discounts at:

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Ralph Taylor
6 months ago

Would like to get a discount at Dennys

Ronda Cameron (Mike)
1 year ago

would like to have discount for Texas Roadhouse in cd’A, Idaho

Carolyn Dzurlic
1 year ago

So where’s the discount!???

Michael DiBrino
3 years ago

Disappointed, good thing it’s free

Michael DiBrino
3 years ago

Disappointed so far, good thing it’s free.

Pasquale Calandro Jr.
3 years ago

I’m disappointed, and a member for only 15 minutes. It asks to pick 3 favorite restaurants and only lets me pick one. So, is that the only restaurant that I get? I want a list of all restaurants that accepts my membership.

3 years ago

It only lets me pick one choice as well

Odis E White
3 years ago

All Landrys chains. Landrys, Charthouse, Morton’s, Saltgrass, etc.

Bea Warren
4 years ago

It only lets me pick one choice

Dean Thompson
4 years ago

When I ask where I can use AMAC for a discount, or try to look up my local restaurant…you tell me to pick from YOUR restaurants that I “wish accepted AMAC”. That’s not productive. Give me a list please.

4 years ago

do you not have discount for Denny’s

Michael Cain
4 years ago

Your survey only allows for one response. why do you ask for my top 3 choices?

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