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The Pentagon brass are currently examining this very issue: Should military members be permitted to carry guns (openly or concealed) on base? What is your view?

Friday, December 27, 2019 Dec 27, 2019 384
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I am flabbergasted to learn that our military bases are now GFZs. Who, if anyone, should be armed and READY to defend the fort from any enemy from within or without? The US military personnel who are trained and stationed there, that’s who. Gun free zones, anywhere, are the equivalent of target practice for anyone committed to causing mayhem, destruction, and death. Our military facilities should not be defenseless targets. Remember the USS Cole.

John Blackledge

I have been in law enforcement for 40 years, starting at 18 years old. I have trained at the regional police academy for 32 years. I was in an active shooting losing two fellow officers and four citizens in 1987. We have almost a million law enforcement officers in the US who carry firearms on and off-duty, most starting at 20 and 21. Once proven to be skilled and capable of making proper decisions, military personnel should be properly armed at all times when on duty. Off duty is their right and choice. I can’t believe Ensign Joshua Kaleb, by all accounts proven capable, competent, accomplished and dedicated was denied his right to live. ONLY GOOD PEOPLE DIE IN GUN FREE ZONES.


Has never made sense that they were not allowed. They above all others are trained and able to defend us but can’t defend themselves while on base?


Depravation of common sense is rampant in our society, none more so that such as this question. How far have we slid for even the question to be considered? Obama is gone, all his nonsense must be reversed.


If the question is should military personnel be allowed to carry their government issued (loaded) weapons on base, then yes if they choose to do so. More armed soldiers walking around a military base would deter any potential hostile act by a visiting member of a foreign military or the likes of Nidal Hasan. No for concealed carry, as the only weapons that should be on any military base should be those issued and authorized for military use. Also no to members of foreign military visiting United States military bases for either training or diplomatic purposes.


The day my husband returned home from a tour in Afghanistan was the same day our military family lost loved ones at the massacre at Ft. Hood. It was a bittersweet day for us, of course. We have spoken many times about the idiocy of not permitting those who are highly trained in the use of firearms to have them on our bases. I used to fear for him when he and his troops had to ride convoy in uniform but UNARMED (!) on the public highway like “sitting ducks” for any military hater to pick off. It is lunacy to rob our military of the right to defend themselves while on duty. They are armed 24/7 while overseas, why not here?!!!!

Kathy E Williams

Why on earth would you ever have a military base declared a GFZ? Painting a bull’s-eye on our service members is unacceptable! Under who’s watch was this less than brilliant decision made? Joining the military does NOT strip a US Citizens Constitutional Right to “Keep and Bear Arms!” As far as how they carry, they should always have their open carry, however, if they choose to have concealed carry back-up, it should be their choice. When they are stationed in a base in a foreign country, even if the countries citizens are suppose to be unarmed, while on base it should be like an Embassy. On base they are on US soil, able to open carry their service weapon while allowing them the choice of adding a concealed carry weapon! It is each individuals duty to”Keep and Bear Arms,” for those individuals who choose not to, it’s a Free Country,… Read more »

Tony G

So we have HIGHLY TRAINED soldiers who are not allowed to carry guns. It sounds like a decision made by a professor at an Ivy Leauge University.

Dan W.

Yes to open carry of military issued firearms by our service members on U.S. bases both home and abroad.

Tony Massengill

They have volunteered to put there life in the line to defend us. They should be able to defend themselves at all times by the most effective means available.

Janet Schahl

It is unthinkable that a military base or personnel are unable to carry guns. It is indefensible, and irrational.

Martin Shaw

On and off the military bases. They are trained to handle weapons and are always susceptible to abuse by radical people.


Hard to believe or understand that our troops aren’t allowed to be armed on base. Crazy.


Should be another choice: Military personnel are trained in the use of weapons and should carry on base as part of their duty to protect and defend. This is not a second amendment issue.

Martin Shaw

On and off the military bases.

Ed Kupper

Civilians with carry permits should also not lose there 2nd amendment rights. Why do we assume they can not be trusted because they step onto DOD propert


The right to bare arms is there to allow, it could be argued require, citizens to protect themselves. We have proven to be unable or unwilling to screen out the threats on base.
The reason the amendment exists is present on military installations.

Lawrence D Hall

This policy should also include retired military members in the ranks of E-5 or 6 and all officers.

Jim W

At a minimum there should be armed security on all bases at all times. It sounds good to have every service member armed, however, new recruits need training before they can be allowed to do so. Perhaps everyone with three or more years of service would be appropriate?
Under no circumstances should foreign or civilian personal be allowed access to weapons unless in a highly controlled training exercise.


U.S. military members only.