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The Pentagon brass are currently examining this very issue: Should military members be permitted to carry guns (openly or concealed) on base? What is your view?

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John Davis
1 year ago

Of they are qualified to carry in a war zone and left defenseless at home makes absolutely no sense at all!

John Davis
1 year ago
Reply to  John Davis

If they are qualified to carry in a war zone and left defenseless at home makes absolutely no sense at all!

Winford Nettles
1 year ago

My father served in the military. He was issued a firearm, trained to use the firearm, clean the firearm, disassemble and reassemble the firearm, and be very proficient with his firearm at all times while he was in the military. He knew where his firearm was at all times during his service. It was his sworn duty to do so. That was a while back. Guess our military has strayed from the principles that kept us safe as a nation. Sad. Really sad.

Tracy Pringle
1 year ago

This shouldn’t be a question. Hmmm disarming the soldier on their own turf. President Trump should definitely fix this. 18 years old to serve and die or maimed in the name of our country but cant carry or possess a firearm is stupid and ignorant

John G.
1 year ago

After an enlistee has passed basic training he/she should be permitted to carry a side arm concealed or open.

1 year ago

Our military brass needs to work harder to rid the use of mind altering drugs for our military members. Use and abuse of these drugs is causing a lot of problems on our bases.

Emma Stout
1 year ago

Why should another massacre be allowed like the one at Ft. Hood? I’m just horrified by that memory as I still have two in the military!!

Tom Nathe
1 year ago

During my 23 years in the U.S. Army we were always permitted to carry a firearm on base. For me that was always a part of the uniform whether military or civilian uniform. And now more than ever, and of course you need to register that weapon with the base AG.

1 year ago

Once people have passed through basic training they should be able to carry loaded firearms.

1 year ago

Are folks asking the poll question about gun carry on a military base because of the three sailors killed by another service member recently murdered? I agree the military personnel do not lose their 2nd amendment rights. Will they be issued a side arm or carrying the usual military weapon of war? Will the civilian and -or military authorities or combination be the authorizing and certifying agent for the military person to carry openly or concealed weapon? Military police carry when on duty and may very well as some civilian police have conceal carry when off duty. Unfortunately guns are used inappropriately. Methods of self defense in our society, which has lost its value of human life, and become more violent – quick to settle things, with a gun may be the only answer. Certainly it seems that our founding fathers were more concerned with the arming of society to prevent government and foreign enemies from being free to control the population. In days of knights and kings, etc the citizenry had few weapons but pitchforks and rocks to defend from the evil government official. Regaining a high moral standard vs shoot first and ask questions later is of value and most Americans have high standards of conduct. This is a mixed message and lets you know some of my thoughts leading me to vote undecided. I have read some of the other replies now and am in agreement with most of the arguments of self defense. Fort Hood may not have been as tragic if more persons had weapons. Note that the three sailors as well as Fort Hood were Muslim initiated.
Right now there is a move by one party to take down our commander in chief. perhaps he did ask Ukraine to follow up on the investigation of the company that Hunter Biden was on the board. It appears that Joe Biden, currently running for 2020 election as president was reported and filmed bragging how he had stopped the investigation of the company his son worked for by getting the investigating prosecutor fired. Now Our commander in chief is under fire. Obama wanted the UN to be able to charge our war zone service men with war crimes. What have we come to as a nation when our government is so corrupt. Keep Amendment 2 for civilians and military. Sorry I get carried away.

Eugene Baker
1 year ago

While on duty/on watch, on bases they should carry, especially and specifically Military Police!

1 year ago

On 3 occasions in the last 10 years, I bought a firearm at the exchange on the nearest base, Patrick AFB in Florida. On each occasion, at the direction of the base commander, I was not permitted to purchase ANY ammunition, I was not even allowed to stay in the store. As soon as the paperwork was finished, I was escorted out of the store along a path that required me to be in sight of the store’s security cameras – and I was left at the door with instructions to leave the base as directly as possible. Given the level of paranoia IN the store, I found it remarkable I wasn’t escorted off the base. I WAS instructed to drive straight out the gate of my choice as rapidly as possible and the only reason I don’t suspect the store of notifying the AP’s (base security) that a dangerous unhinged foaming at the mouth gun buyer loose on base was that the employee who escorted me out of the store turned around and went back into the store without looking back to see what vehicle I got into.

On the first occasion, not understanding that I would not be permitted to purchase ammunition, I arrived home to find my small herd of (6) yard cats (I live in the weeds) agitated and crowded around the back of my wife’s car. Turned out to be a rattlesnake, and there I was with a shiny new rifle AND NO AMMUNITION – it was my first purchase of that caliber – facing a rattlesnake. I had to call a neighbor to come over and dispatch the critter. I was not a happy camper.

I am a retired Army Chief Warrant Officer, and I have been retired longer than I was on active duty. Second generation – father was a CWO and a 3 war veteran – and I have been using the facilities at Patrick AFB since I was 16 years old. I was raised around guns. I find the fact that I am not even permitted to transport my firearms across the base highly irritating… no, more like insulting. I know more about what to NOT do with firearms than most of the gate guards.

Here’s the fun part. When I was 16 and had obtained my learner’s permit, I regularly drove to the small bore range on Patrick AFB – with my Mauser bolt action .22 target rifle in plain view in the back of the Falcon SW I drove back in the day – with no problems. Later, with a real driver’s license, as a member of Cocoa Beach High School’s first Army ROTC class and Captain of it’s rifle team, I regularly transported the team’s “arsenal” of target rifles in my SW to that range and the Cocoa High School indoor range. Somehow, a gaggle of teenage boys with guns didn’t frighten the base commander (or the local cops) back then. The only time any “official” notice was made was when I was involved in a traffic accident on my way back to the high school from a drill team event with my ROTC issued M-1 Garrand strapped in the middle seat belt. As soon as the officer saw my military (dependent’s) ID (the JROTC uniform didn’t hurt) I was free to go – and so was the rifle.

No firearms were harmed in the production of this episode.

Kent Robinson
1 year ago

I think things are going along pretty well. So we shouldn’t rock the boat.

Lynne Foland
1 year ago

Why would men and women trailed in the Armed Services be anywhere without their service weapon? Are Secret Service disarmed? Are Police in all cities disarmed, how insane is this situation? Trained people disarmed! Think about the reality!

Sgt. Chris
1 year ago

I agree that the enlisted E 5 and above should be able to carry only after conceal carry course
By this time should be able to see who is with us or against us

Neil Wingenroth
1 year ago

Cryanshame there’s a shooter on a military base and the nearest responders are from the Sheriff’s office off the base.

Arlene Cole
1 year ago

I have three family members actively serving right now. They own guns and shoot at their local range. They are trained and trusted to defend us and our country, so why are they not trusted to carry on base? It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever!!! If some soldier goes berserk and starts shooting, he/she will immediately be put down by whomever is nearby. If that same situation happens today, our soldiers are defenseless!!! We must protect our soldiers as they defend us. Period!

Jerome Simons
1 year ago

For the most part, they are trained in the proper use of firearms. Only an idiot would assume there would be a problem on a militry base where firearms are available (as in range time).

Mellie Swaney
1 year ago

I don’t trust any news I read or hear.

1 year ago

Who better to carry and conceal? Our military members are well versed and trained in-the use/ handling of firearms. It is absurd the think that those who are sworn to protect and serve, (and willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice for Our freedom), would lose their right to protect themselves. It is obvious with the incidents we have had on military bases that the “private contractors” , hired to protect our soldiers, have failed miserably. .

Maurice D
1 year ago

Deepest condolences DCB, with gratitude for you families’ selfless services to US. Praise to AMAC members. {Wess, agitator, Obama has NOT gone anywhere. Have you followed the insidious treachery of Organizing for Action (OFA)}? I digress. How many of the (900) sharia “no-go zones” in Europe and (7) US States – where law enforcement officials have no control – must one ponder to correctly value the Second Amendment? The recent church shooting near Fort Worth, Texas, by 71-year-old Jack Wilson, proves, happy, virtuous citizens, with guns, value, nurture, and protect Life. Unhappy, coldhearted agitators destroy life and themselves.

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