Numerous current headlines that seem impossible to be true actually are. Which one of these is the most outrageous news story of the past week?

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Mary mcFarren
2 days ago

I wanted to vote for all….. such treasonous leadership
Must be dealt with legally and hopefully with integrity , not seen in our current mob of destroyers. Such unbelievable corruption.

3 days ago

I couldn’t vote for all of them, so I voted for none.

Ede Armstrong
4 days ago

Parts of all choices are disgusting but true! I am appalled by our current government. I am so frustrated with the Republicans jumping back & forth on supporting or stabbing other Republicans! I have little hope left. Please stop “Biden Bucks” first & foremost! Start supporting prosecution of KNOWN, PROVEN crimes for the Clinton’s the Obama’s. Get Soros out! Help this country to become more independent. STOP BIDEN & FAMILY,PELOSI & FAMILY FROM PROFITING BY BETRAYAL WITH FOREIGN DEALS

Ede Armstrong
4 days ago
Reply to  Ede Armstrong

I missed one very important topic. Energy! Please focus on this. Electric cars is not the answer & you know that! Sustainable energy is very important, not filling junk yards with lithium batteries,

Ray L
7 days ago

This was an almost impossible choice. The Democrats refusal to enforce laws is a violation of their oath of office, and could amount to treason. This applies to the border and protection of Supreme Court Justices. Using foreign oil, when we have plenty of oil and natural gas right here is another dereliction of power. The situation of the bodega owner is so absurd that it defies reason. I’m not a big conspiracy theorist, but everything the Democrats do looks unquestionably like collusion with Red China. They MUST be held accountable!

Randall McCraney
9 days ago

They are all outrageous! Stupid people and fraud put this demented criminal in power but nothing is being done to correct this unbelievable atrocity! Liberalism has proven itself to be a scurge on our country!

Nancy Millich
10 days ago

I was looking for an option that said, “All of the above!”

Robert Schultz
11 days ago

There is no substitute for oil and natural gas currently. The future of energy is not buying cheap Chinese solar panels or wind turbines. These will undoubtedly end up in the land fill since they are not efficient enough for long-term electricity production. The 5-year plan should include a mix of oil, gas, and safe thorium salt reactors. In the long term will be electricity for mass transit, fuel cells for cars and trucks, fusion reactors for making the electricity, and aircraft will be powered by some type of e-fuel. Getting rid of fossil fuels now would leave the public with no viable alternative and inflation as all farming and transportation can not make the transition to a fossil fuel alternative at this time because no alternative exists yet.

A. Rymski
3 days ago
Reply to  Robert Schultz

The end of fossil fuels will mean the end of fertilizers for both farms & gardens; many parts in or on your car ie. ,bumpers, knobs, dashboards, steering wheels; containers for everything from medications, meat displayed in the coolers, food products like salad dressings, peanut butter, jellies, ketsups, milk etc, etc; liquid cleaning products like laundry products, Pinesol & the like; personal care products like liquid body & hand washes, toothpastes, shampoos-do want to go back to glass bottles in the tub or shower; PVC pipes-copper lines corrode when imbedded in concrete, iron waste water pipes also corrode even if not in concrete, clay sewer pipes eventually collapse; some medications require fossil fuels; so take a look around your home as well as the grocery store and be aware of what you and the generations to will give up that has imroved our lives as well as made them safer. Also go back to your biology lessons-CO2 is a required element for life. Plants require it as they take it in and produce Oxyen & water and humans require in balance to stimulate our breathing.

Matt Knighton
16 days ago

I chose the border crisis although I almost went for the SCOTUS protection issue. Like others have said, they’re all outrageous —because Biden & his ENTIRE administration is outrageous!

17 days ago

They were all outrageous but I chose the refusal to protect supreme court justices because it shows just how little these people value the lives of anyone who they perceive as going against their agenda .They are not even subtle now. And shows yet another example of their dereliction of duty to enforce ALL laws on the books equally for all offenders regardless of socio economic status and political affiliation. The same bunch that has no problem weaponizing the IRS to target certain groups with which they do not agree and the list goes on and on.
And some people in this country still don’t have a problem voting for these people and giving them even more power over their lives.

10 days ago
Reply to  KMN

Why won’t Biden & AG Garland enforce the federal law that protesters are breaking by protesting at the Justice’s homes ???

17 days ago

They are ALL outrageous, it makes it hard to pick just one.

Will Goss
18 days ago

That thing sitting there makes s post turtle look dignified.

19 days ago

All of the headlines are totally outrageous!

Bruce Johnson
20 days ago

Add all of above choices☹️

22 days ago

AMAC, Please add an “ALL OF THE ABOVE” option.

J.Richard Snavely
23 days ago

All the above-mentioned

24 days ago

All of the above…..

24 days ago

An option of “all of the above” would be great. It’s very difficult to choose only one because of the train wreck this administration has created.

24 days ago

Each news story is pathetic in its own right. Key theme is that Biden administrative officials, judges, district attorneys do not want to enforce existing laws. Problem is that many people in the country are getting tired of this- and tired of the headlines- almost becoming bored and ignoring each as a “so what else is new”. Unfortunately, this can lead to antipathy and staying away from the polls out of disgust.

24 days ago

All of the above and THEN SOME!! Kickbacks and graft for his crooked son to share with our POTUS!?! what’s really upsetting is 1/3 of our population think Brandon is doing a good job!

John Migliozzi
25 days ago

All of the above. This country is in such horrible shape thanks to this illegitimate administration

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