News reports continually suggest major shortages of items this holiday season. In light of this, which best matches your situation?

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Zoe Frost
2 days ago

Having a shortage of funds after paying bills and helping family members, our family will get together and celebrate that we have: health, a roof over our heads and each other…what a difference 11 months of traitor expletives in power makes. Also, am adding to savings whenever can, because guaranteed, costs are going to continue to rise under the Commie/Globalist traitor Brandon regime.The expletives are on the totaltarian tyranny bullet train to hell, intent is to destroy our freedoms and opportunities Constitutional Republic, especially economically and culturally.

2 days ago

It is a design to get people to feel they must go shop NOW. It is getting tired and people see it. We are being told over and over to go buy things now, it is urgent… Make sure you have real goods at all times like food, water, lighters, chocolate, panty hose etc (older folks will get that reference), that is all that matters. I am not too worried about whether or not we can get ‘presents’ for Christmas. The ships are being held up due to the executive order by 45 about human trafficking I have heard. It isn’t a staffing thing, the companies that own the ships are being investigated? We have no signs of supply problems here in NW US that we have seen.

Charles Kyle Brown
9 days ago

let’s go Brannon!

15 days ago

always started buying for next christmas right after this one. also i always buy extra and watch the sales.

Dave R
19 days ago

My situation isn’t really represented in this poll…

X We are doing a homemade Christmas and our projects spanning the last several months, are nearly complete with NO supply chain issues.

Rob J
19 days ago

Anybody need further proof that we need to Hobble the EPA, eliminate ‘ OPIC ‘ ( not to be confused with OPEC,the oil whores ) and return a strong Manufacturing base to the USA ? ! ? !

24 days ago

I believe that many of the shortages Americans will face are exacerbated by the policies of the Biden administration. The current gas prices are a direct result of the administration’s insane allegiance to climate change policies. I don’t know if America can survive three more years of this lunacy.

24 days ago

I’m more concerned with the food supply. When there’s no food, things will get ugly. Forget about the latest version of Buzz Lightyear, our leaders should be focusing their efforts to ensure the grocery stores keep getting deliveries.

Patricia DeClue
24 days ago
Reply to  Jeagerjohan

Food supplies from 4Patriots (or other sources) of emergency food or other supplies are good gifts for family and friends as well.

25 days ago

I usually give a gift card or check. They can buy something of their choosing and ENJOY!

26 days ago

I have not been shopping for Christmas because it is more for stocking up on absolutely necessary items to live because America has been destoryed in 11months.

26 days ago

test comment

Steve Ridgway
26 days ago

biden finally going to docks today, a month full month after he should have. He will put on a $3 shirt and act like he is solving a problem. SOB, of course is factually going to make matters horrible…on purpose. Nobody ever turned his lights on…

Steve Ridgway
26 days ago

Fact: No, joe biden can’t lead a horse to water.

25 days ago
Reply to  Steve Ridgway

He probably can’t lead his self to water either!

Mary Downs
27 days ago

We need to shop if we can to support store owners !

Robert Latta
27 days ago

I always shop early and if I can’t find anything good, then I will give silver dollars as gifts.

Mark L
27 days ago

It’s a shame that President Trump is no longer President! If he was OUR Country wouldn’t be hostage to China and all the Coal, oil and gas pipelines would have OUR Country prosperous! Biden has done nothing but stop the economic growth.

Diana Dennison
27 days ago

I wont be shopping for the holidays. They are to commercialized. They have lost their meanings.

Jennifer Foster
27 days ago

This year’s gifts will be a pair of Bombas socks (buy a pair and they donate a pair) and a donation in THEIR NAME to an organization that helps others.

Patricia DeClue
27 days ago

I also make many gifts. However, I need to buy or order some items that I use in them. Live in rural WY with few places to shop and long distances.
Then I also question is this another ploy by big tech and corporations to increase and ensure their profits by more fear of shortages?

Jodie Woods
28 days ago

We give our grown sons and their wives gift cards. That won’t change. Sometimes my husband and I don’t exchange gifts because we usually get whatever we want and don’t know what to get the other so we focus on the grandkids. We ask our daughter-in-laws what is best to get the grandkids and do our best from there.

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