How do you plan to vote in the general election in November?

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The Duncans
10 months ago

We are voting straight Republican. Democrats will never get our vote ever again Tramps and thieves like a bunch of gypsies!

Debbie Bruns
10 months ago

I would of voted in person but our corrupt governor Enslee only allows for absentee voting.

Heidi Weber
10 months ago

We had to vote early by absentee ballot because we moved and would not be in our new location long enough to be considered residents.
I hand deliverd to the Town clerk

Last edited 10 months ago by Heidi Weber
10 months ago

Waiting until Nov 3 is a bad idea! The democrat governors are already ramping up new covid fears in order to justify shutting down in person voting on Election Day! Using covid as a means to steal the election has always been the plan!

Phil Dufault
10 months ago

I already voted for Trump! Absentee, and did the official card that is logged into the System.

10 months ago

Our state (WA) doesn’t allow in person voting. Our ballots always come in the mail. So my husband and I already voted and hand delivered our ballots to the voting center ballot box. Trump/Pence 2020

David A
10 months ago

Will vote straight republican in person!

10 months ago

Voting in person and on Nov. 3rd! It’s my honor and privilege and there will be no chance that my vote will get lost in the mail or thrown into a dumpster.

gerald r
11 months ago

would like to vote in person but due to medical issues will vote by absentee, sent it in already that way it will be there waiting to be process.

Arlo Smith
11 months ago

forced to vote by mail in WA state and I think on-line or telephonr registration is potential for fraud.

Rhonda Keiper
11 months ago

What is most outrageous to me is that Jo Jorgensen, Libertarian candidate for President, who is on all 50 state ballots AND Washington
DC is not being included in the debates. I believe they are afraid of how badly she would make them look.

Roxanne Bays
11 months ago

The truly only American way to vote is for Donald Trump and a straight Republican ticket. The Democratic Party (name as well as ideology) has been hijacked and is now being run by Socialists attempting to alter (if not overthrow) our Constitution in favor of Communism. I know that my opinion is shared by many. And everyone SHOULD read the Communist Manifest of 1963, an US Congressional document that enumerates the steps needed to be taken in order to install Communism in this country. You’ll be shocked if you haven’t read this before. Google “Communist Manifesto of 1963″……….it’s happening today, led by so-call Democrats.

11 months ago

It’s difficult for me to grasp the large number of low information voters. Where do they get their information? Oh, that’s right, the crooked media.

Stephen M. Zumbo
11 months ago

Actually, I feel forced to vote by mail even though I would prefer to vote in person. I am worried about mail-in vote fraud, but feel I have no choice because of Covid-19. I live in a group home and have been asked not to leave the facility because of the risk of bringing the virus home to myself and other elderly residents..

11 months ago

One bright spot this week at town hall debate: Trump said he would accept results if it was a fair election. That is first time he even hinted he might accept results, but he still did not go as far as to say he would do a peaceful transition if he lost. I have to give Hillary Clinton credit in that she called Trump & conceded 2016 election about 3 in morning. Would Biden or Trump concede is a big question at this time.

William Raymond O'Hayre
11 months ago

Early voting. Don’t wait. Vote in person or take you ballot to the poll/voting station. Don’t wait until election day. With all the social distancing and any other restraints, the lines will be longer than ever before. You may not get in before the polls close. You could be hours standing in line and may still not be able to vote. VOTE EARLY VOTING at the polls in person. I’m registered as an unaffiliated, but will vote with the republicans this elections. Voting for Trump.

Maria Teresa Panman
11 months ago

I am 70yrs young :) and I always got my ballot by mail, but I never sent it by mail I drop it the day of election day; then I got my voted sticker. This year will be nov 3th.

11 months ago

Washington state only has Mail in voting (for several years now). We have no other option.

11 months ago

I will vote Red the lessor evil. I also know that America can not vote its way out of the systemic corruption in WA DC. I do not put any faith in the USA political system any longer. The corporate Shills deep state or what ever label you can put on it own both horses in the race. Biden runs for president he should be in prison. Crooked Hillary globe trotting freely on million of stolen fraudulent money, live a life of crime and deceit. Obama clearly implicated in Treason and fraud, Bush maybe the most prolific criminal of them all from a long line of traitors. No candidate will address the entrenched corruption, the immoral money supply and privately own banking cartels running the globe. No one will put Bill Gates back in the AI Box, The fraudulent Covid reset is upon us clearly planned out, it doesn’t end there the next crisis is in the works. No I have no faith or trust in high ranking political parties or their propaganda men the national news. I have faith and hope in Christ and the millions of other families who share similar values, that’s something I can trust. I don’t trust Trump any farther that one could throw him. He puts on a great show, does many great things but the big elephants still stand, they still are all in play, Trump won’t stop anything. The day I believe Trump is the day I see not an investigation but the day we see major prosecutions and justice in WA DC. Barr will go after street thugs but no WA DC thugs. He’s a Bush hold over and Verizon Corp shill otherwise heads would be rolling already.

David A
10 months ago
Reply to  Don


Karen Galarza
11 months ago

I will vote, everyone should. I don’t understand people that don’t vote. This is your chance to be heard! Not voting is a cop-out, because then you feel you have no responsibility but you should WANT to have a say.

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