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How confident are you that the economy will rebound once the Chinese coronavirus has been contained?

Friday, March 27, 2020 Mar 27, 2020 469
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Brian B

Both WWI and WWII were started because of worldwide economic instability. The world money markets are currently in a state of panic over a “pandemic” that hardly qualifies as an epidemic. This media-driven hysteria needs to end soon. The President has designated Easter weekend as a beginning of a national economic recovery. That’s a good day to infuse new life into a damaged economy, and replace hopelessness with hope. This nation, and every nation is at a critical economic juncture. Democrats, with their Marxist / Globalist motives, know that financial instability brings nations to war, and they don’t care who suffers so long as their lust for power is satisfied. We need to reopen our factories, small businesses, schools and churches. My mother experienced World War II. When news came that the war had finally ended, and as people filled the streets in celebration, she retired alone to her bedroom,… Read more »


If this had happened during Obama years, it would have been used to clamp down further on America’s economic potential. Under Trump this becomes a pothole in the road. The potential is still there for a healthy economic recovery. And we must remember, ”In God We Trust,” and continue to pray.


Everything will be fine as long as the President continues to be in office and can get around the obstructionists in both the Congress and in the mainstream media. Thank God we don’t have an empty suit, leftist Democrat nor a RINO Republican currently as President or the situation would not have been handled nearly as well to date. Also the long-term outlook for the country and its citizens wouldn’t be nearly as positive with either alternative were in place. Remember this come November folks!

Gisela H Fehr

Hey, Peoples, remember the Bible tells us that “ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH THE LORD”. So let us storm heaven with our prayers – it also says in the Bible “CAST YOUR BURDENS UNTO THE LORD”. Bring all that worries and bothers us to the Lord, and He will see us through. Amen.

Jim K

With the stimulus, we can see the Democrats care nothing about the people of this country, only advancing their Communist agenda. In spite of the Democrats and their lackey media, the resilience of this country will prevail and we will persevere.


Hopefully, Trump will be able to continue overcoming the hate from the left. Extraordinary how he functions with the assaults and lies from the media, most people would have caved long ago. That’s what they want and it seems to just keep making him stronger. We need to do everything possible to ensure everyone votes in November. We will come out of this.


Liked Trump voted for him, love Trump and will vote again for him!
He is amazing, great for our country he has made and will make America great again!
He has made me believe that someone who is wealthy really cares about his fellow man and not the power of a given party.
He is a breathe of fresh air in a Cess pool that is called Washington!

dennis w

It would recover quicker if we could get the deadbeat democrats out of office.their main goal is to bring down america and have it join with the other nations to form their one world is really sad that there is still a lot of people that can’t see through the dems agenda.

Jim C

There is something deeply wrong in all of this, it is more about control then a virus, do the research, 2018/2019 flu season affected millions in the US alone, near 500,000 hospitalized and tens of thousands died, they claim this is so much worse but the numbers just don’t add up. I am thankful for Trump, but something he uttered only slightly yesterday was, the government may need to own a portion of the airline industry when this is over. Let that sink in just a bit then look at the US Postal Service, AMTRAK, Healthcare etc, you really think the government taking over more of the economy is a good idea? I’m not a scholar just a small business owner and I see what stress this has put on our employees, their families and on our churches, something is just not right. When all the world leaders can make… Read more »

K Peter Evans

The naysayers said he couldn’t do it before and they will say it again but we know how much President Trump loves America and will again do amazing things to make us Great Again!

Patrick Obrien

We need to clone this president. Imagine taking back the house and replacing Republican never trumpets. Watching wicked Nancy wave bye bye after losing her seat. Just a phantasy.

Bill Rogge

The main premise, Will the Congress, or majority of the Congress, do what is right for the people? When the pandemic is under control, will the power realize and understand that Everyone is under the authority of a higher power and that the Declaration of Independence means what it says.


Hopefully, the plan of Pres Trump to move medicine manufacturing away from China will take place quickly. For years, I have been concerned that China has taken over production of almost every item we purchase. As a matter of national security, we should force (through legislation) the return of manufacturing to the USA. The Chi Coms have been dumping their dangerous products on us for years, and Congress takes money from their lobbyists and then blocks any attempt to rein them in. Heard of Chinese drywall fiasco? How about lead paint on childrens toys from China? Melamine as a filler in baby formula? Sad that Congress passed a bill during obamas administration that BLOCKED a requirement identifying where our food has been processed! So a company ships butchered chickens to China for processing into nuggets, patties, etc and we will NEVER know that was done!


Drain the swamp

The Freezing Senior

Commeth the time,
Commeth the man.

This will be POTUS’ finest hour !

GBA/KAG #TRUMP2020 – Deus Vult !

Chuck. D

Those of our so called leaders, present and past, who long for one new world order have not stopped in their efforts to topple our government because of an acquittal. Nancy, Chuck, Joe, Bernie, Maxine, Barry 0Zer0 and of course, the Clintons. They will not stop until we the people can no longer resist, can no longer afford to rise up, and no longer can be free! They live off of the very system they claim to revile as disgusting and corrupt, while they are the ones who are disgustingly corrupted. We will be lucky if we do not fall into another great depression! It is 100% imperative to the future of this nation that the 2020 election turnout be one of historical magnitude, one so great even the mighty Soros family cannot defraud the numbers. For if we lose, and Joe and Beto prevail, we are lost as a… Read more »

Tom M

Mostly I am concerned about the draconian levels of new prison rules they try to enact. Will we be Bill-Gates-chipped like an animal, forced to be tested, forced to be given vaccines, forced to restrict our lives in other ways? The testing/vaccines are a 50-50 proposition at best as far as accurate results go. We have seen what has happened since 9-11. There will be agencies created to further control our lives. And when does government ever know what is best for your life? NEVER. I am even reading credible commentary on the creation of a new world order…one government for all. That is scarier than the virus.

Will M.

From watching a number of trends in the nation and the world, I perceive this as a Glitch, not a catastrophe. I do believe we will see some substantial changes, meant to correct some long-standing distortions that had been allowed to creep into our structures and institutions. This will occasion some consternation, but will result in a far more healthy and robust Nation. To the extent that other nations pursue like paths, the world will prosper.
I know my phrasing may seem a little formal for an animator. There are long-standing conflicts that have beset us. I am hopeful they will be resolved so the inflammations will heal. God has blessed this country. I pray we treat the inheritance with the love it deserves.


I fear that the three or four weeks of shutdown will harm too many small businesses. Corporations can weather this but most Americans forget that the majority of us work for small businesses not corporations. If too many of them fail it will cause a ripple effect that could create a depression not just a recession. Giving them loans is not much help if they can’t pay their obligations they already have and then you add another loan on top. We recently received a letter from our electric company and they stated they would not impose extra fees or shut off power while the pandemic is going on but they warned users that they will still be responsible for their whole bill afterwards. So now people out of work for three weeks or longer will have higher than normal electric bills to pay if/when they get back to work. Now… Read more »

Andy J

Liked Brian B assessment. Economics and social unrest have always been at the heart of warfare. Not so sure we are looking at the extreme measure of another full out war but we are making a serious mistake if we believe the governmental extremists have any of our best interest in mind. In my opinion the goal is to shrink the American middle class and give complete power to extremist politicians. Fortunately we have a businessman for a president that recognizes the value of a strong economy as a stabilizing force, sort of like a fourth branch of government. The American middle class is likely the most generous class of people in the world. Getting rid of it will NOT solve the world’s problems.