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How confident are you that the economy will rebound once the Chinese coronavirus has been contained?

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Charlie Zammit
1 year ago

Why does most of the major media reporting think that we don’t see their biasness and fakeness in their reporting? Do they believe we are blind and deaf? Thank you President Trump for opening our eyes and ears to the bias and fake news that some of the politicians and major media reporting that preyed upon some of us who don’t have the time to see the full report of those politicians and reporters in assembly.

Charlie Zammit
1 year ago

With all the media cameras filming the rioters, looters, firestarters, destroyers of businesses and property, destroyers of government property and statues, and outright assults on the police national security and all human lives matter; nobody has been brought to justice for the crimes they have committed.

Laura K Briese
1 year ago

We Love our President Trump and Vice President Pence.

Ray L. Miller
1 year ago

Americans have a thing called freedom. Everyone who wants to open a business or meet in public should do so. If arrested, sue for false arrest. Exercise your Constitutional rights or lose them here and now.

1 year ago

With nanny p running roughshod over the house she will do everything possible to ruin the country to WIN the election

Deanne Mikols
1 year ago

Well I’ll just say, if it hadn’t been for Trump’s leadership in getting our economy roaring we’d be in deep dodo. Thankfully he’s been our president during this difficult pandemic. The prior administration will go do in history as the most divisive one in history! This blatant hatred that the MSM has for our duly elected president is unbelieveable! Obama had a grand opportunity to heal our culture’s last remnants of racism, but instead inflamed it! Throw away the the government forms that make you identify race, what in heck does it matter what race you are. This continued need to classify ones self is unnecessary and quite frankly stupid. Mankind is become more and more homogenized for heaven sakes! Get over it! I’m not poor because I’m black, I’m not rich because I’m white. At was at the point where when I looked at someone, I didn’t think about what color they were, until Obama entered the picture and made the “race” some kind of identifier of “give me, give me, give me.”

1 year ago

I am very confident so long as the economy is not handed over to the democrats. Should democrats win, expect a protracted recession and a devastating spike in job loss and national debt.

1 year ago

OK I’m confused —– plus equals OK/yes and minus equals negative/no or visa/versa?

Don Nichols
1 year ago

I take a common sense approach to things and look at who gets rich and who loses their employment due to our trade policies.I am 70 years old now and I know what is causing our demise.I grew up listening to my elders talk about what has happened to our Country.Our WW2 Veterans had told me that they did not go to War for what is happening today.Every one I met said the same thing.They are almost all gone now and I thanked them for their service to our Country.We have lost our way and I do not think we will find a way to return to our once great Country because the rich are controlling it until the End.This is History repeating itself.This is why Countries die and we are on the way Too.

1 year ago

Stop the social distance mitigation policies now and let’s get back to work! Who is in charge of the US Government? The Doctors or the President? Would you seek financial advice from a medical doctor? If the answer is no, then why do we listen to them regarding closing the economy? Please do you own research when it comes to herd immunity and why the death toll numbers do not include the individual’s background or profie information? How old are they, do they have a medical issue already, what was the actual cause of death?

Theresa Stencil
1 year ago

I soo sorry to hear ,of the death of DanWeber. May He Rest In Peace.
I must say something has to be done with the How that 35.0000 is dolled out.
Especially.when the Kennedy Foundation. Layed off all thier rich Employees so they could get
Thier Sweetheart deal ..First In Line for For the money. Our small restaurants and Businesses
Need it more. Hope you can do something inyour power to change this and put the money ,
Back where it belongs. Thanks Theresa Stencil

Jon W Patteerson
1 year ago

It will but the last 2 black swan events dot com-911 and RE bubble took over 5 years for the markets to recover to break even. Being a senior myself please be aware of this time frame.

1 year ago

I have confidence in the President! Not Democrats or RINO’s

Renee Gardner
1 year ago

We’ve got to do everything we can to stop the pork in these relief bills.

1 year ago

We think Trump is doing a great job. The best he can do under the circumstances.

1 year ago

I couldn’t find what I would say.
I would have put Not confidant due to the fact that Communists in our Government and Country are using this pandemic to totally bring America down and destroy it from within.
Like they say “Never waste a good catastrophe”.
I am praying that God gives Trump tremendous strength and wisdom to endure the evil and constant barrage of insults and disrespect for literally doing what it takes to run a Nation day to day and then a Pandemic that throws everything into a whirlwind!
God Protect Trump
from secret things of all sorts!

1 year ago

Stop the over the top shelter in place policy for all Americans ASAP! What should the threshold number of deaths be that trigger a national economic shut down? What about future annual virus outbreaks? Should we shut the economy down for 500, 5,000, 50,000, or 5,000,000 deaths from a virus? Why don’t we concern ourselves over the more than 20,000 flu deaths in 2019-2020? Based on our response actions to this current virus, each year we should shut down the US economy over 1,000 deaths from a virus??? More people in the USA die each year from drug related incidents, so why don’t we shut down the country for that? There are so many other examples of threats that kill Americans each year but we don’t shut down the entire US economy in response. Something else is driving this current shut down and I think many of us have our suspicions? Stop the over the top hype and let’s compare actual numbers not probabilities that scare people. I’m sure the over the top media can’t wait for our annual Hurricane Season to begin in less than 2 months so they can begin to hype that too.

Ray Loevlie
1 year ago

I believe that Washington DC is spending too much money it is very scary how much our operating debt is! Then ask Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer etc… why they would continue this course?
Power is corrupting & We The People… need Term Limits!

That we need to look out for our grandchildren & great grandchildren! Stop the spending please, Republicans and Democrats!

1 year ago

The economy is not what bothers me, but the debt really concerns me. Washington so pretends that it doesn’t exist.

1 year ago

Oh, and PS: Look for revenge connections between red China and the Clinton crime family in loosing the virus cooked up in a Wuhan lab, seeding it in the U.S. about 60 days before anyone knew of it, due to both entities having enmity for President Trump (who handled both of them like a boss). It would not be a surprise to learn that the Biden boys colluded with Clinton and Pelosi to rig with China a plan to destroy Trump’s fabulous economy. None of these individuals cares one whit who has to die or what suffering is caused so long as they gain power and dominion. === It sounds far fetched? Hmmm. Then I suggest taking a look at the Swamp’s all out war against this President. . .comprised of complexity enough for a 3,000 page novel.
———–29 March 2020 Sunday

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