Over 57 million Americans work in the “gig” economy, performing contract or freelance work on their own schedules (i.e. uber driver , handyman, Airbnb host). Check ALL with which you agree.

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1 year ago

We need some regulation to protect the consumer. I see this as a greater issue than the matter of protecting the worker. It is voluntary as to “who works on their own” but those persons should not be totally free to function without some regulatory oversight — too much opportunity for scammers!

1 year ago

Wait till the DEMS abolish CASH. They are talking about it in Committee. They will tax every move you make to enrich themselves. They are THUGS. I know, as I was a Union Member and a ( former) Democrat for 30 Years. It is a Crimminal and depraved organization.

1 year ago

Push BACK. If we have to work under the table( like what is done in the Socialist countries I’ve lived in) to make ends meet, DO SO.
These g.d Demo/ Socialist Control Freaks want to decide if you are born, where you will get your education, what you will learn, who you associate with, how much you will hate America, our Homeland, how much you will make and keep, and when you die, also, how much they take off of your corpse and bank account in death taxes.
Time for all of us to grow a spine, and show how American we are by being REACTIONARY, as Lenin would refer to us. Time to PURGE Government and the Educational Systems.

Jim Anger
1 year ago

The unintended consequences of the liberal idiots trying to control our lives! PERIOD!

1 year ago

Perhaps Congress should concentrate on protecting people who want to be “protected” by government, and leave the rest of us the hell alone.

B. Kelly
1 year ago

Hickory Nick is the only citizen so far that can drink koala venom and still pass the glitter-land test. (But I personally think he uses that enhancing herb known as Elf Jello and I just dont think that is fair.)

1 year ago

The wording of the 4th one is problematic because it negates requiring background checks if you don’t approve of the entire statement. Background checks are important to know that the person picking you up in an Uber is not a threat. My daughter was nearly kidnapped by an Uber driver.

1 year ago

How about some tax relief for seniors? We are subject to Medicare and we pay the Medicare tax?

1 year ago

I just read “The Beauty of Human Life” and I want to thank you for this very touching and profound interview with Lila Rose and publishing it in “The AMAC”. I am supporting Pro-Life organizations and I will add Live Action to that.

Kathie Attaway
1 year ago

When you have a gig you aren’t a worker – you are the boss. You work when you want, as hard as you want – and you can walk away anytime. What needs ‘protected’ are the rights of Americans to get into business for themselves – without so much red tape that all you can do is go be an automatron for some corporation.

Guy McCormick
1 year ago

The small business is the backbone of the American dream. Any person working in the self employed arena is doing so freely and with the hope of making it work. It doesn’t work out for some people, and they go back to regular employment. For those who stay in self employment don’t need any regulations to stifle their creativity and industrious spirit.

1 year ago

Pelosi and her Communist Party want to destroy this job segment so that they can then complain about the unemployed Americans that THEY are responsible for! Disgusting Communist hypocrites!!!

El Ey
1 year ago
Reply to  Paul

ALL democrats must be voted out.
Please name one democrat who works for the good of Americans. Anyone?

Mary Campbell
1 year ago

‘Gig’ economy is a cute term, and I agree with the concept of more freedom in employment choice. The major issue with this freedom is that it NEEDS some government regulation due to the general public’s greedy propensity to think it is OK to “work under the table”. DISASTROUS!

Bob Wippermann
1 year ago

These jobs are called Independent Contractors. Independent Contractors are responsible for their own taxes including local, state, and federal, medical insurance, and business licences. They must make enough to pay their own way or find another line of work. This has been going on since the founding and only since the Fed’s got involved is it now a problem. These types of businesses give the owner freedom to set their own work schedule and make as much or as little as they chose.

Old Griz
1 year ago

What happened to the “Free Tax” movement to eliminate the IRS. Getting rid of the IRS and all similar State Earned Income taxes sets gig economies free.

1 year ago

Is this an issue?? The first selection is me. Retired from full time, work part time when I feel like it and want to.

1 year ago
Reply to  Bruceal

I’m guessing, after reading thru some of the comments on the “gig economy” I must be one of the very few that pay my taxes & SS on the earnings I make. The original poll should of been; Do you work under the table?

1 year ago

I have worked in both a union type job and a non-union type job, for a similar position. there’s plenty of argument both pro and con, but what most people don’t fully understand is those “worker rights” everyone assumes they have, aren’t always there unless your local state has it written down as labor law. e.g. overtime, benefits, scheduling, etc.. We all have the right to work in most of the 50 states, but some states have limitations and some do not. Working in gig employment type of work means you control not only the hours you work but how much you make and you pay for benefits like healthcare, etc.. The big argument with a gig job like Uber/Lyft, mainly has been concerning a guaranteed hourly rate, which was never a conversation part of the deal to drive for these companies. Those jobs mainly give the person who signs up a right to drive and pick up potential clients under the banner, but the company failed to limit the number of drivers who could sign up in a given time period, resulting in drivers failing to earn. You can’t oversaturate an area. (basic scheduling).
If you are a gig person (that means you work when you want and earn), remember you are the one causing most of your earning problems, not who hires you. If you want a certain condition, you need to earn it and not assume it is a right cemented in place.

1 year ago

Adam Schiff said it-“The ballot box can not be trusted.”

1 year ago

Looks like we’ve lost Virginia, Folks. Shows you what Bloomberg money can do. Virginia now California East. What did the Gipper say? The scariest phrase in the English language: I’m from the Government and I’m here to help. Freedom takes vigilance and responsible voting.

1 year ago

The devil is in question #4. Why should we have to have government oversight to be “allowed” to join a union or insurance pool?

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