Over 57 million Americans work in the “gig” economy, performing contract or freelance work on their own schedules (i.e. uber driver , handyman, Airbnb host). Check ALL with which you agree.

Thursday, January 30, 2020 Jan 30, 2020 110
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There is no “forced” labor in this country. Everybody is a volunteer. If you don’t like the job, don’t take it, or go somewhere else. We need less government interference. Not more. Our strong economy is due to reduced government bureaucratic interference, not more. The concept of the necessity of labor unions in this country is bizarre. The states where the economy is strongest have the lowest labor union participation rates in the nation. Their existence depends on a division of labor and management. If a crisis doesn’t exist they will create one. The most power that you have in this country is your feet. If you don’t like the company, walk away and create your own “gig”.

Dave Gorjup

The only forcing regarding labor I know of is those who are forced to join a union in non-“right to work” states. I was once a labor union official. I quit when I found out that it was almost as corrupt as Congress, and, in fact, colluded heavily with democratic politicians.

Dave Neathery

It’s too bad they didn’t separate the two issues of union membership and insurance. We don’t want the government forcing unions on us like they tried to do under Obama, but less restrictions on healthcare, would certainly help.

Jay Ashby

Always follow the money, meaning that when you hear the bureaucrats or politicians expressing “concern” for independent minded workers (Uber, Takl, handyman jobs, etc) or “for the children” (one of their favorite memes) their hidden motive is how to tax, regulate, and gain more power over their minions. More regulations really mean the bureaucrats get to hire more constitutionally illiterate socialists, more vehicles, more hi tech phones, software and more office space and all at taxpayer expense. Then they regulate and stifle and raise the cost of doing business and crush rugged individuality which created this entrepreneurial wonderland. Always vote NO to bonds, taxes, regulations, more money for education (far too many public school systems are a form of child abuse and a money trough for bureaucrats and teachers unions). Vote NO for new court houses, government buildings – keep the government beasts lean, starved and shackled or they will… Read more »



Bruce David

I’ve worked sideline ‘gigs’ since I was 14 & still have a few side hustles into my 60s-helps me cover the ever increasing high costs of government [MI likes to squeeze those on fixed incomes w/ highest water bills, highest auto insurance/registration fees, 13th highest property taxes, taxes on pensions, etc.]

Dale Sorensen

Part time jobs give retirees something to do except watch TV and the extra money doesn’t hurt either. I’m 73 and drive semi 2 days a week but can take off any time I want as long as I drive once a month.

John Karkalis

I know I suffer from intellectual constipation now and then (I voted for Hillary), but this seems a no brainer.
The gig economy offers opportunity and flexibility for Seniors, or anyone for that matter willing to work without some shop steward breathing down his or her neck.
Keep unions out, and for God’s sake! keep big government out of the scene.
Imagine, if you will, the Socialist Utopians Bernie or Lizzie tinkering with this alternate economy.
Truly the stuff of nightmares.


Shame on you AMAC! Conflating “join a labor union” (a leftist approach) with pooling resources for reducing health care insurance costs (an entreprenurial concept) distorts the results of this poll question and is disengenuous. Come on, you’re better than that!


Unions were needed at one time in our history, but not anymore. The natural greed of man inherent in most who come into power, becomes so corrupt with power, they usually transform into a problem greater than the original one. It’s the same pattern with government officials who become powerful with an endless supply of money at their disposal. When union bosses have at their disposal lots of money (ours), supporting their way of life, they will do anything to preserve it and most of the time it is for corrupt reasons, but who suffers is the worker who has to pay up and shut up. And if you disagree with those Union Bosses, your labeled a scab or worse. I wouldn’t and didn’t ever take a job at a union shop during my 81 years and the reason I didn’t is because I never felt I needed anyone to… Read more »

Greg shears

I think the gig economy, in some cases can be very useful for people looking for alternate employment opportunities. I am considering using it when I retire this fall for my business I’m going to start. In almost every instance when the government sticks its nose into something it ends up screwing it up. ( by the way, I would like to thank the democrats for their help in the landslide re election of our great president this fall) GO TRUMP 2020

Hadababy Itsaboy

Free enterprise.


I am on Social Security. I do aircraft repair work a few months a year to supplement my income. That income is reported on 1099MISC, as I am a “non-employee”, and no taxes, SS, or Medicare is taken out. I also have no taxes taken out of my SS income. This leaves me wide open to depradations of the IRS.
I’m working on my taxes now. For a combined income of less than 40K, I’m on the hook for almost 3000 in simple tax, and have not figured out yet what I owe for Medicare and SS taxes, let alone “penalties and interest” for not paying my taxes before the end of the year.
In my case, it is almost impossible to determine my future years income in advance, so estimated tax payments are a non-starter.
I think it is time to revise the tax code, especially for senior citizens.


We citizens of the United States of America do not need big government in their lives all around including healthcare, work, etc. The biggest mistake was when government got involved in healthcare! Many doctors, medical workers, & many citizens tried to state that before it happened, & yet it happened! BIG GOVERNMENT has gotten totally out of hand, pushing us around like the bullies they are. They have fast become tyrants to lord over us laws that we do not feel necessary. It needs to stop & it needs to stop now! Our forefathers are probably flipping over in their graves if they see some of the ridiculous & life-intrusive laws that are on the books in this country!

Vance Woolley

Allowing voluntary insurance pools is not interference. Compulsory unionization is what destroyed the utility of unions. They transformed from service entities addressing the needs of their members and earning members loyalty to predatory corporate entities pursuing their own interests.

Bob C

The less the government interferes and regulates ‘gigs,’ the faster the economy grows, always has in our great nation. Whenever government cites “protecting” workers, that’s usually code for run, wanting a piece of a pie it did nothing to create. Besides, gigs can pay very well, just ask former first families.


Lets not let the Leftists tax and get their under the table cut on the gig workers efforts.


Gig economy I guess is ok. I think some people use it to either get out of paying taxes, child support and so on. If you are an honest person, I see no problem with it.
We are to put integrity first and self interest second.

Patricia Miller

The only negative I see is some people work a gig as a full time job and never pay taxes on their earnings. I know many who do this, landscapers, auto mechanics, hair stylists, handy men, etc.

Guy Gold

The real problem is they, for the most part, do not pay income tax or SS. What this will do is bring on the chip in the hand to control people. The folks here in Florida doing odd jobs only want cash only. One person I talked to doing yard work, I asked him, why don’t you retire and draw SS and he said he will not get any, never paid into it or paid any Income Tax. He worked for his father all his life as a Mason ( Brick Layer) ,and when his father died he did not know what to do.