Daylight Savings Time begins on March 12th. Congress and many states have plans to change it. But should it be changed, and if so, how?

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K Otto
3 days ago

I dislike daylight saving, always have!
It’s political bs and disrupts everything for what reason?
I’m old and retired now, only want to know the time to be at a medical appointment.
If the kids want it differently, then they need to change it, take responsibility!
I’ve influenced enough, change comes slow ???? and I’ll be gone before any good comes again.

Fred Shuman
7 days ago

Were it up to me, I’d abolish Daylight Saving Time and stick with Standard Time year-round. The one choice that makes zero sense, is to adopt Daylight time year-round; all this does is re-label the hours we should be naming noon and midnight, and the rest, something other than what they are. When it’s mid-day, mean solar time, the Sun being at highest culmination, that’s 12 noon, not 1 pm. Sure, the Earth’s orbital eccentricity moves that time back and forth a few dozen minutes in the course of each year, but we average that out, and mean solar noon should be called 12:00 N.

If we want to have more daylight in the spring & summer evenings, we just have to agree to change our business hours at those times of year, and leave the clocks alone. Clocks should indicate time-of-day relative to the Sun, in each Time Zone.

P.S. There’s no “s” at the end of “Saving,” in “Daylight Saving Time.” Look it up.

7 days ago

Some people make such a big deal about this! It’s not that important. Keep daylight time or get rid of it. I’m so tired of hearing people’s opinions. There are more important matters.

9 days ago

When I was hauling ready mix concrete we had contractors who wanted concrete on the ground the moment there was daylight. Sometimes I had to drive an hour to get to the batch plant, then another hour to the jobsite. If that first daylight came at 4:30 in the morning…you’re getting out of bed at 1:30 in time to be there. Daylight savings time was appreciated then. I don’t mind switching clocks…

10 days ago

Thought about it this morning, during EDT, the day is light around 5:30am. If we stayed in EST, it would be light at 4:30am — what a waste of sunlight. Virtually everyone in this timezone is sound asleep at that time of day.

7 days ago
Reply to  david

But there shouldn’t still be daylight at 9:30 p.m. There’s a reason why it’s referred to as “9:30 at night.”

10 days ago

I think the standard time should be the permanent time. Better for school kids, and better for us as far as rest. The daylight savings time was originally done during ww1, to save on energy. The presumption was if families are outside longer they will not use as much energy inside the standard time should be all the time.

9 days ago
Reply to  Mary

It was actually done to help farmers as well. The kids could do more work after coming home from school.

Rocky's Revenge
11 days ago

I would suggest moving the time ahead a half an hour in the spring and leaving it that way all year permanently.
This would be a compromise between the keep it standard and keep it daylight savings all year. If not doing it all year then use the half hour move just in the same months that DST is now.

9 days ago

I would like to see the calendar moved back a whole month. When I was growing up on the farm here in central Wisconsin we used to get snow by Thanksgiving…now we don’t see it until Christmas. We used to get snowmobile trails open by New Years Eve…now they’re not open til the latter part of January. The farmers would be in the fields for Spring work by mid April…now they’re waiting until mid May. Right now we’re almost at the first day of spring…and our snowmobile trails are still open.

12 days ago

When daylight savings time was explained to the old chief, he said, leave it to a politician to think that you can cut six inches off one end of a blanket and sew it on the other end and make the blanket longer.

13 days ago

I vote every year; But, nothing changes, I really wish it would. EST is best.

Lloyd O. Whitcomb
14 days ago

I’m amending my earlier remarks. I know why the program was instituted. But now, no one can give you a clear and compelling reason why we still observe DST.

14 days ago

I’m ashamed to admit that I fell for this poll hook, line and sinker. The world is burning and AMAC kept us busy with this little game, while my roses need pruning.

Hot Dawg
14 days ago

If it stays kept the current system.
I have one request.
When time falls back (gaining an extra hours sleep) change time at 2am on Mondays.
When time moves forward (losing an hour of sleep) keep time change at 2am on Sundays.
Most workers would appreciate having an extra hour sleep Monday morning in the Fall.

14 days ago

Nothing is perfect.
If, in fact, the reason for the entire population and work force changing clocks back and forth each year is related to school start and finish time of day, how about we re-consider changing the time of day that the school starts and stops twice a year instead of the entire country actually change when they get up and go to bed, and manually changing the clocks in every room of every school, college building, house, store, factory, warehouse, airport, restaurant, boat, car and truck, government facility, office building, etc, etc. The inconvienence becomes someone in each school administration has to type a few lines telling everyone the schedule change of the schools’ hours, and, of course, the parents must plan to adjust. The same basic change for the kids would be limited to only the involved people instead of the entire country. They still start school in the same amount of daylight as now without the participation of so many other millions of people in the country.
I’m sure there are additional reasons for each individual to keep our current system, (baby-sitting for one) but this option may possibly be the most efficient for the majority. Again, nothing is perfect.

14 days ago
Reply to  Jim

Excellent common sense solution, Jim.

Michael Quinn
13 days ago
Reply to  Jim

Wow! An innovative lower impact solution. I agree with Jim and dittos to Donna.

Rob citizenship
14 days ago

The safety concerns about a time change and children going to school should be the determining factor in this issue. The safety of children should be the priority, better to head off to school after sunrise . That is a serious consideration. After reading many of the comments and thinking about this time change matter for the past few days I am thinking it could be time for some time humor too. So, the expression ” time flies ” , meaning the time seems to pass quickly, has been around for a long time. I remember many years ago hearing someone say ” If you want to see time fly throw your clock out the window .” In the interest of safety I would not do that . It would
be safer and more sensible to throw the clock across a field or lawn so nobody could be injured by time flying by.

14 days ago

I honestly don’t care whether it stays at Standard Time or Daylight Saving Time, just Lock the Clocks. I’m so over changing the clocks and trying to adjust. We all know the studies that have been done show changing the clocks is detrimental to our health. #LocktheClocks

Miolton Jordan
15 days ago

The time change to provide more daylight in the morning for the kids to go to school was prompted by children’s deaths going to the bus stop. I still see death reports on the news that should not be happening.

Wendy Foley
15 days ago

Personally, I think this time change is out dated, and ridiculous. It takes me weeks to adjust to the time changes. I honestly DON’T CARE what time they decide on, just STOP THIS MADNESS ALREADY. I think being lighter in the mornings is probably the way to go. It’s safer for one. Make this change already. Enough is enough.

Philip Hammersley
15 days ago

RINO Mitch changed our “Indiana time” when governor by claiming businesses couldn’t tell what time it was! Total BS! Now, our fireworks displays can’t start until 10:30 at night! How STUPID!
We cannot “save” any daylight and only idiots think we can!

Mike L
14 days ago

Very true Philip. The time change for Indiana so it gets dark at 10:30 pm (July 4th fireworks) is set by the folks back east in New York so they can watch their fireworks at 9:00 pm.

Should set the time so the sun is directly overhead at noon, based on the city that is geographically in the center of the time zone; not far to one side (east) like New York.

Went to college in Indiana and remember the craziness of still being light at 10:00 pm Makes it great for golf, get 9 holes in starting later than 7:30 pm.

15 days ago

100k kids are dying of drug overdoses in 2023 and you want our government to focus on what time your clock says? set it for whatever time you want and focus on stuff that is important.

15 days ago

There is only so many hours of sunlight in a day. Farmers work when it gets light and quit when it gets dark. Quit messing with it. I heard a saying once: Only the US government thinks if you cut a foot off the bottom of a blanket and sew it on to the top you will get a longer blanket.

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