The conduct of elections at the state level continues to be a top concern of voters. As we head into 2023-24, with which of the following do you agree? Check all that apply.

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Robert L Roberts
14 days ago

We need to do away with these Chinese voting machines and go back to paper and ID, s NUFF SAID.

17 days ago

We should all have voter ID’S in this day

26 days ago

I’ve asked about a “receipt” for my vote before. I was told that once the machine accepts your ballot, it proves that ur vote was tabulated. I then asked if I could get a “receipt” showing that my vote was tabulated correctly for the persons that I VOTED FOR!

I was told, “Oh no, there’s no way that we can give you that” and I said “Maybe, elections ppl should know that we should be getting one!!!!!”

In this day and age, it should be a no-brainer and very easy to accomplish! Why the companies that are contracted to “tabulate” our ballots don’t already have this option tells volumes about these companies and the “Hobbit Hobbs-type” “election officials” who use them and refuse to use anyone else!!!!

Wade Hanna
1 month ago

Elections have been for sale since before Kennedy . I seriously doubt that they have EVER been for the better good

Steve Solsberry
1 month ago

Our voting system is completely out of control and not reliable. Gosh knows who has been coming through our open borders to trash the system even more. Imagine Fetterman tasked with voting on a fix!

1 month ago

The day will come when people will finally realize their vote no longer counts. The people controlling the system have pre-selected who’ll win regardless of the count, the media and paid off courts are all in concert with this and any whistleblower will be ignored.

1 month ago

Once again our county had massive problems. About ONE THIRD of our voting districts had NO SPECIAL PAPER in the voting machines in primarily RED districts. The problem was so bad that a judge extended the voting hours. But because there was still NO MACHINE PAPER (or emergency or provisional ballots, they ran out in the first two or three hours) what was the point of extending the hours? In the end we voted on COPIES of provisional ballots, which were later transposed onto “official” ballots. SO THE VOTES WERE NOT SECURE, AND SOMEONE VOTED FOR US. Every election it’s another problem, parties incorrect on the primary ballots, wrong machines (thus candidates) in the voting location, poll workers fail to show up, machines don’t work, batteries not charged, electronic software expired, incorrect date and times in the machines, improper mail in ballot instructions, and other problems.

William B. Corbett
1 month ago

I believe reporting election results (or even trends) should not be allowed on radio or TV until the polls have closed in every state and the counting is complete in every state. And I don’t know how to do what I’m about to suggest, but we need to devise a way to keep vote counters strictly honest, because as old Joe Stalin said: “those who vote decide nothing—THOSE WHO COUNT THE VOTES DECIDE EVERYTHING.”

Tommy Hemric
1 month ago

Way to rig voting.

1 month ago

Suppose, after hours, operatives posing as janitors, unobserved, go to the boxes of signature verified ballots that have not yet been counted, and substitute Democrat votes for Republican votes, ballot for ballot, so no count and no recount will find any disparity. The more days of early voting, the more nights Democrat ballots can be substituted for Republican ballots. That’s why Democrats are so insistent on early voting. Given more nights to rig votes, vote stealing approaches a 100% success rate. Do I know this for sure. No, it is conjecture based on fact patterns.

In person, same day voting prevents that kind of vote stealing because the entire process from signature verification to insertion of the ballot into the tabulating machine is done under continuous, line-of sight, voter observation and bipartisan observation by poll watchers.

Honest officials would welcome audits to prove what a fine job they have done. Crooked officials will launch ad hominen attacks against the voters who want to ensure the integrity of the vote by an audit with obnoxious claims of “vote deniers”, a newly invented pseudo-crime by the pathetic leftists who think their asinine distortions of the English language will trick and intimidate their adversaries.

Wherever money is involved, good business practice calls for safeguards like double entry bookkeeping and regular audits. Unlike early days, voting today involves a lot of money because of the great differences between taxation policies, personal and corporate welfare programs, and awards to partisan special interests between the parties. Legislatures ought to require regular and extensive audits of all elections according to procedures devised by forensic accountants.

1 month ago

Now that i’m disabled, i see the need for some sort of extended voting period. However, the problem is SECURITY: How to make sure ballots aren’t thrown away or entered multiple times? Even ballots at the polls are often not secure: in 2020, conservative poll watchdogs were locked out of polling areas.

The socialists are intent on winning by any means possible; in AZ they put voting machines in need of repair in conservative areas. i saw this myself!

1 month ago

Voter Photo IDs, return to hardship absentee ballots, no drop boxes nor “harvesting”, a week or so early voting, tabulate early votes, computer database of IDs

1 month ago

We need secure elections – paper ballots, hand counts, not machines that break down and can be hacked, results same day, no early voting, absentee ballots only in certain circumstances. We seem to have enough money to throw at every other problem we certainly can find the funds to do this efficiently

1 month ago

Drop boxes should be like ATMs. Put your ID in, put your ballot in. Verifies signature on ballot to ID, takes picture of person and prints on ballot envelope, print date and time submitted. If the ID cant be verified it marks the ballot invalid, swallows the ID and sends a picture of person to local LEOs.

D Elder
1 month ago

If Nothing Else, I like the Receipt option.
A Receipt is Given with the even the least amount of Money Spent on a Transaction.
A Receipt should absolutely be Given For Voting!

1 month ago

test comment

Kathy Houser
1 month ago

Fair voting practices should be everyone’s concern. Without them, we have NO SAY in our government. I think that is called Communism.

1 month ago

The items above plus the following items would make it more difficult to cheat and by the way all votes should be counted on Election Day before midnight not days or weeks afterward that’s insane! What’s really needed more than anything is to get rid of the Dominion vote cheating/changing machines or anything like them that have the ability to be hacked into and/or perform any other task than simply counting the ballots for candidates where the voter has checked the ballot!! Then outlaw ballot harvesting, drop boxes, mail-in or out ballots, and those caught performing or attempting using these means should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!

Glenda Haberstroh
1 month ago
Reply to  AJB

Agree, I say, NO Talley machines, hire many democrats and republicans to count them. Early voting is ok, but no Talley machines. And picture IDs to prove citizenship!

Jacque Vanderbloom
1 month ago
Reply to  AJB


AE French
1 month ago

Voter ID required. Period. No more agenda driven bleeding hearts telling long sad stories about the forlorn

1 month ago
Reply to  AE French

Voter ID’s are absolutely essential…no more bullsh*t excuses.

1 month ago
Reply to  AE French

Voter ID should be required to vote or sign up to vote in all 50 states.

1 month ago

You forgot about IDs. Yesterday’s news said 1000 illigal immigrants crossed our Southern border. I am sure the Biden Campaign has relocated them to those districts that do not vote “D”.

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