This is the second of a two-part poll to determine AMAC’s Man or Woman of the Year for 2022. The candidates below represent the top three vote-getters from last week’s poll and the top vote-getter will be recognized as the winner.

Who do you think should be AMAC’s Man or Woman of the Year for 2022? (Please select one)

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Barbara Floyd
1 month ago

Where are the women we were supposed to be able to vote on?

Joe Tyler
2 months ago

I’m with President Trump ! He is the only one who can clean up this mess. He is by far along with Reagen the best President we have had in my life time. God Be with America, Keep her FREE and STRONG! Amen.

Keith Boyer
2 months ago

Desantis Is a Rino. Trump is the only President in my lifetime who actually did what he promised.

Mark Norton
2 months ago

DeSantis lost my vote when he stated that the russian war is a territorial dispute.

Morris Hewitt
2 months ago

DeSantis should wait 4 more years. You can see how he governs over a longer time period. He is just causing problems now. Trump on the other hand was one of the best Presidents ever. He will overturn all the Dems policies that hurt Americans in so many ways. I am not sure that DeSantis is not just another Rhino.

3 months ago

Sadly, once again the American people are being “charmed”…..DeSantos is not your knight in shining armor but another RHINO. Be careful for what you wish for.

3 months ago

When you learn that President Trump is THE BEST PRESIDENT this country ever had for exposing so much BS in Washington. Then you will learn how to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

Howard Mackinnon
3 months ago

I vote Trump. Trump did some amazing things for this country even though the left would not have us know that. When the left treats Disantis as bad as they treat Trump then and only then will I believe he is a good guy.

3 months ago

Elon Musk is the REAL MoTY hands down. He came out of nowhere to take over Twitter single handedly on his own. It has changed the course of History and exposed Twitter as a crime scene that at the very core had violated our Laws of the Land (your Rights and Liberty).
Trump already had his MoTY moments and DeSantis is just a me too as far as being a change agent and influencer.
You may say – but “I don’t use Twitter”. Well – you might not live in Florida either. DeSantis did some noise about fines on Twitter that amounted to nothing. Twitter still banned political candidates. Elon took control and did something talk can’t match… Action and conviction. That is what MoTY means.

Sheila Maison
3 months ago

I think Ron Desantis is doing great things and voted for him for the reasons you had listed, but you listed Elon Musk only for promoting free speech, yet he has done so much more for the World not just the USA. Elon has created affordable internet where people who previously could not access it now have the opportunity. Elon created SPACEX that has already promoted drastic benefit to the studies of space and may someday save our people by providing other worlds to explore and possibly live. Elon provided STARLINK to Ukraine at his expense to attempt to help continued communications and so much more. Elon helps the World not just one state or one country.

3 months ago

This poll is rigged just like the election! Shame on you AMAC. I won’t continue to support you

3 months ago

Trump is the ONLY proven candidate who has been President. He was cheated out, with a few tactics, ballots filled out en masse by cheating leftists. He’s the one Dems hate the most, and that’s a clue of who we need 2024.

4 months ago

President Trump’s only flaw is that dems know he’s best and they berate him most.

The G Girl
4 months ago

I choose Elon Musk because he took a stand against the attack on Free Speech which affects all of us. This alone helps the causes of many who need to have their voices heard without bias and distortion from the mainstream media. Today’s news organizations do not report the news honestly, They have an agenda and distort the news to fit their own bias. “Fake News” describes it best.

Kurt Heinlein
4 months ago

Trump won the last election, he needs to finish what God has called him to do & Ron DeSantis needs to be his VP to carry on the legacy.

4 months ago
Reply to  Kurt Heinlein

Trump can run on his RECORD and win!! He absolutely needs to finish what he started and more. We (Republicans) did not realize how wide and deep and pervasive the swamp actually is!!

Andy in Texas
4 months ago

I like what I see and hear from DeSantis, but there’s a MAJOR issue that doesn’t pass the ‘sniff’ test… Trump has been out of office for some time now and the communists are STILL blaming him for everything and working frantically to take him out. DeSantis is doing stuff to appeal to the patriot base, yet not a word from the enemy. I don’t trust it at all. I’m hoping they (the enemy) aren’t ‘losing’ realistically small battles in Florida in order to get their man in who’ll turn on the patriots like a rabid dog. These are the same people who have managed to outright STEAL 2 elections without any serious pushback other than from Mike Lindell (his evidence is ROCK solid), Trump and Kari Lake. It’s even out in the open now and still the R’s just whimper and roll over. I’m not even sure why we hold elections knowing what the predetermined outcome is. Do Venezuela, Ukraine and Russia ring any bells?

2 months ago
Reply to  Andy in Texas

You have brought some major concerns and valid reason not to trust. I hate to say it but ai think you are right on all accounts.

4 months ago

test comment

4 months ago

I agree 100% w/ Gail Ramsey

douglas icenhower
4 months ago

Common sense dictates that when a person, place or thing can be identified as a source of constant turmoil, lies, divisiveness you corruption you destroy or avoid at all cost that source.

Gail Ramsay
4 months ago

Trump is my hero and I like DeSantis if he’s a white hat. Some think he’s a black hat. Floridians are happy and I love him there to be an example of what can be done logically.

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