AMAC is constantly working to increase the size of the membership. How do you share AMAC with your friends and family?

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3 days ago

I need to share it more with family & friends to gain more strenth in the market. We need an alternative to AARP who is in bed with the government & big pharma.

4 days ago

AMAC Needs to connect better with a medical insurance which is so desperately important to all retirees.

D Stills
12 days ago

I say they are a great alternative to the Democrat funded AARP.

28 days ago

I talk about Amac with my friends and family.

29 days ago

AARP lost me when they openly supported Obama and his liberal ideas. We found AMAC and are happy with the organization. We still subscribe to AARP, but only to know what they are up to. “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”

Jean Ransdell
1 month ago

I significant other to my membership

Michael Keith Thweatt
1 month ago

Share with military organizations!

Herb S
1 month ago

I am here by myself, no one to share with.

1 month ago

I’ve shared all of the above. Mostly I talk to other people about AMAC. So far my experience has been very good.

1 month ago

I dumped AARP years ago. This is left wing propaganda aimed at unread seniors.
That organization is misleading the seniors.

Stephanie Keolanui-Cachola
1 month ago

Don’t do social media! I tell anyone who’ll hear me to dump AARP cuz they’re totally “woke” & join AMAC, an organizaton that still believes in God & traditional moral values!! That’s what my hubby & I did! Thanks for giving us an alternative to AARP! God bless AMAC!!

Tommie Munn
1 month ago

I share all the top 4 answers. I share links to articles on the AMAC and AMAC Action websites.

I share emails detailing member benefits and call-to-action advocacy campaigns.

I share AMAC social media posts.

I share the AMAC Magazine.

Tommie Munn
1 month ago
Reply to  Tommie Munn

I also tell them dump AARP that they promote liberal agendas and that AMAC is the Conservative’s answer to AARP and urge them to join…:)

Gary Miller
1 month ago

Hi, haven’t started sharing about AMAC yet. I just joined but, I will share the magazines once I start getting them my entire family shares all the magazines that they get.

1 month ago

I tell my friends what AMAC is about and the benefits involved and how to Sign Up.

1 month ago

I have given a 3 year membership

David A
2 months ago

I tell them information I gain from these articles and the magazine

red green
2 months ago

Only with those willing to listen. I tell them to ditch aarp for AMAC.

2 months ago

Emails are nice, magazines are nice, but in reality the best and most effective way to pass AMAC and its message on to others is through ambassadorship… actually speak face-to-face with strangers and employ some influence. When I’m out in public, I keep my ears and eyes open for people who are sympathetic to pro-American causes and concerns, and I approach them.

2 months ago

I chose AMAC because it is conservative but trying to get lots of people like AARP left wing organization is an uphill battle.

Stephen m Ridgway
2 months ago

Aarp…a lot…LOT..of mislead folks on hi to George…Dems..”Global Warming”…was of course a FARCE!! Now it is “Climate Change”….the soon to be FARCE!..AND THIS F….D DEMOCRATIC GROUP..ALL VOTED AGAINST PARENTS HAVING ANY SAY IN THEIR CHILDRENS SCHOOL SUBJECTS…..NOT ON MY WATCH!!!

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