President Trump has proposed that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) deport illegal immigrants who illegally use federal benefits.

Should noncitizens who receive unauthorized federal benefits be deported from the US?

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6 years ago

I am reasonably sure that I am not alone in saying that the true citizens of this nation are tired of the constant back and forth hashing and rehashing between political parties, over Immigration. Let’s first get one thing clear! There is a definite difference between IMMIGRATION and ILLEGAL ALIENS (not immigrants)! My ancestry on both my paternal and maternal side were IMMIGRANTS who came here generations ago in hopes of finding a “new home” where they dreamed of living in freedom and liberty under a just and lawful government. That new home was America, a nation known and respected around the globe and the requirements of these immigrants seeking this America were numerous in seeking to become citizens. Despite these barriers, our ancestors followed the laws and slowly but surely assimilated into the American society. It wasn’t easy and they faced numerous hardships, the greatest of which was being accepted. Still, they persisted and became “true Americans”, who knew that their sacrifices would eventually produce tremendous benefits which they did not have in their homelands.

Today, we have a political faction in America that has abandoned the spirit of the law(s) and was and is still favoring “open borders”. allowing a flood of ILLEGAL ALIENS to come into our country unchecked and given far and away every conceivable benefits at the expense of we, the tax paying CITIZENS with the expectation that they, the Illegal Aliens would show their appreciation to these corrupted politicians by “illegally” voting to return them to office term after term, ad infinitum!

The politicians on both sides of the aisle, in both chambers have lost all sense of reasoning and are rapidly driving this nation into a hellish state of lawlessness and corruption. We have a person in the White House that is being attacked on a daily basis because his goal for America is to reestablish a nation that was revered around the world! He is doing this to keep his pledge to we who voted for him, yet he has a more lofty purpose, RETURN AMERICA TO ITS RIGHTFUL OWNERS and rid Washington, DC of the corrupt politicians and the “special interest lobbies”!!

Unless the citizens of this nation start speaking up to these politicians, unless we start demanding that new and more definitive changes (term limits come to mind), we will have only ourselves to blame. We must, with God’s help return our nation back to Him who favored our founding fathers with guidance through a tumultuous period of sacrifice and determination to establish the freest nation this weary world has ever witnessed. If the people of these United States do not acknowledge the God that created us, gave us the freedoms not enjoyed by several other nations around the world, we will surely slide down a slippery slope into a hell from which there is no return.

6 years ago

Quite simply…
I’m tired of reading the Spanish side first on a box at Walmart.

I’m tired of the disproportionately high percentage of illegals incarcerated, their crimes, MS 13’s infiltration and the known risk of terrorist attacks.
I’m tired of building schools for illegal children and having to teach in their language.
I’m tired of paying the high cost of illegal health care.

I’m tired of caring for illegals before our own citizens.
I’m tired of carrying these people on my back.

Elena Tellez
Elena Tellez
6 years ago

Illegal immigrants ARE human beings — but they BROKE our LAWS (or their parents did). So…bleeding heart liberals –YOU pay their bills, or SHUT UP!

We need to catalog all illegals; and on a case-by-case basis, decide whether they QUALIFY to APPLY for and EARN legal citizenship. I’m tired of the US being big brother for the world… taking on other peoples’ problems. For anyone who is able bodied and on welfare — take away ALL benefits. For anyone who has committed a crime, deport them. If we take away the benefits for all who cannot prove they are legal US citizens — they will GO. This will also discourage more from coming here illegally. Duh! How dumb are we. Take away the money — OUR tax payer money — and much of the problem will be solved.

This IS a manageable situation — we are NOT managing it well.

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