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Weingarten Report Ep 17: COVID and Wokeism Are on a Collision Course

Posted on Monday, September 27, 2021
by AMAC, Ben Weingarten

This week Ben reports on a brawl at NYC’s popular Carmines restaurant involving the hostess and several black patrons — a direct result of New York City’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate. But the altercation didn’t end there, cue Black Lives Matter. They immediately sprung to action calling vaccine mandates racist, posing a major challenge to the Left. Tune in to the Weingarten Report for shocking vaccine statistics and the ongoing issues being caused by mandates.

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2 years ago

I truly enjoy Ben’s commentaries. He is always on target, straightforward and unwavering, as well as thorough and concise in his delivery. Thank you for sponsoring him…one of my favorite journalists!

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