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How to Build a Culture of Life

Posted on Saturday, May 27, 2023
by AMAC Newsline

AMAC Exclusive – By Ben Solis

After the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade last year, both Republicans and Democrats have attempted to use the ruling to sway voters and win elections. But as previous generations of pro-life activists have taught us, the battle to protect the unborn must also be waged at the cultural level in order to build a society that holds true to the belief that all life is worth living.

The prevailing mainstream media narrative following the Dobbs decision was that the subsequent cascade of pro-life state laws would be an electoral vulnerability for Republicans.

That indeed seemed to be the case in typically conservative states like Kansas, where voters last year rejected a pro-life state constitutional amendment and then re-elected their Democrat governor who made abortion a major issue in the race. Politicians promising liberal abortion laws also won in Kentucky and Michigan.

In other states, however, this narrative did not hold up as well. In Ohio and Georgia, voters overwhelmingly re-elected Republican governors and state legislatures who enacted strong pro-life laws.

In response to these mixed results, some on the right have advocated that Republicans retreat from their pre-Dobbs opposition to abortion out of fear of losing elections.

But this position misunderstands that overturning Roe was not just the end of one fight, but the start of another. If Republicans and the pro-life movement truly want to protect the unborn, they must now work to build a culture of life and reverse the decades of anti-life sentiment the left has worked to instill in every American institution.

Conservatives need only look at the unhinged reaction of the left to the Dobbs decision to see how determined their opponents are. The Supreme Court Justices who signed on to the majority opinion faced very serious assassination threats and protests outside their homes which were encouraged by President Joe Biden himself. Justice Samuel Alito commented that he had to be driven around in “basically a tank” to protect him from pro-abortion activists.

Pro-abortion activists also attacked pro-life pregnancy centers and churches under the cover of darkness. Thousands marched in the streets and demanded the right to unrestricted abortion.

All of this evidence reflects the fact that the abortion issue is a question of spiritual and cultural decay, not just political divisions. While the right affirms the basic humanity and value of the unborn, the left denies their humanity altogether – dehumanization in the purest sense of the word.

This position by the left reflects an erosion of the concept of “inalienable rights” which was pioneered by the American Founding Fathers and was once the standard throughout the West. In the 20th century, the rise of radical social and political movements began to deny these rights under the pretense of enhancing “quality of life” and vague arguments about the “good of society.”

The apogee of this backward and anti-human thinking was the Holocaust, an unspeakable tragedy that was only possible through a society-wide denial of the sanctity and value of human life – the idea that some lives were inherently less valuable than others.

While the world united to extinguish the great evil of the Holocaust, the cultural poison of the denial of the sanctity of life continued to fester throughout the West through the pro-abortion movement, spread by postmodern academics and liberal politicians feigning “compassion” for women.

While most Western countries have now completely succumbed to pro-abortion extremism, America has retained a relatively strong culture of life, with a vibrant pro-life movement. Recent polling data from NPR indicates that more than two-thirds of Americans say they want abortion limited to the first trimester. A Marist poll from April shows that six in ten Americans oppose taxpayer-funded abortion.

On the other hand, liberal voters are increasingly more likely to support late-term abortions, including of babies who are viable outside the womb. In one harrowing example that made the rounds on social media recently, abortionist Hern Bristles admitted he has performed late term abortions involving healthy mothers and infants that could have survived outside the womb, and on one occasion he even aborted a baby because her mother “didn’t want to have a baby girl.”

To begin to understand how they can build on the momentum of Dobbs and build a culture of life, conservatives may find it useful to turn to Whatever Happened to the Human Race?, a 1979 book (that was subsequently turned into an excellent movie) from former U.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop and Christian writer and thinker Dr. Francis Schaeffer.

The book emphasizes that a fundamental shift in worldview will be necessary to turn public opinion against abortion. The authors name three specific steps to accomplish this: education, culture, and legislation.

“We must say that we are proponents of the sanctity of all human life – born and unborn; old and young; black, white, brown and yellow,” they write. “Without uniqueness and inherent dignity of each human being, no matter how old or young, sick or well, resting on the fact that each person is made in the image of God, there is no sufficient foundation to build on as we resist the loss of humanness in our generation.”

They encouraged the recovery of correctly understanding women’s rights by pointing out that a woman cannot “liberate” herself by killing her infant, and that such thinking often leads to life-long feelings of guilt – as recent studies on severe Post-Abortion Stress Syndrome, and even a testimony on TikTok suggest.

The key, as Koop and Schaeffer identify, is “renewed social atmosphere.”

Americans can look in many places both at home and abroad – although so often not in the mainstream media – for inspiring examples of what this atmosphere of life might look like. It can be found in single-mother households, orphanages, or aged-care facilities. Upon visiting an orphanage in Central Europe funded by American Christians, evangelist Billy Graham once told employees that “they were most compelling apostles of life, making themselves channel of genuine love.” Those who give dignity and care to others in need are a living testament to the inherent value of every person.

In the age of social media, everyone can make these noble efforts more visible, contributing to a culture of life and inspiring others to follow.

Despite the sharp national divide, Americans still can foresee horrendous consequences of rejecting unalienable rights and, as a nation, recognize the urgent moral imperative to protect the unborn.

Therefore, it is time to stand bolder and more courageously opposing the media, political left, and cultural elites, and declare the truth that “all life is worth living.”

Ben Solis is the pen name of an international affairs journalist, historian, and researcher.

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9 months ago

I fully agree with this wise counsel. Americans need to recover the priorities of our preceding generations. As this author, I also have strong confidence in our Pro-Life Movement. Republicans should not tolerate abortion tolerating supporters; let them go to the other side. Either we are moral or pragmatic like Biden and his cohorts. “Let the mad die; let the wise one live.” We must start fighting the Left as we did with Target. The list of Leftist firms is long; it is time to begin bankrupting them.

Hallo AMAC, I had difficulty accessing this article. It requires determination to reach it. If you publish it in a more popular place, more of your readers will have a chance to read it.

It is an excellent article; I learned a lot. Thank you for the link to these videos. I cannot wait to watch them with pleasure.

9 months ago

Our Declaration of Independance declared we, as a people, adhere to the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God that men are created equal and endowed with certain unalienable rights and among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.Our laws should always follow nature and always be about protecting life and our way of life. In nature, life is each animals responsibility, which includes humans. This dosen’t mean we, as a people, won’t help or lend suport to others in a time of need. In fact, Americans, as a people, give more internal ade as well as foregin ade than any other country in the world. The imporant difference between what Americans give in dollars is training, with support. Again, in nature each of us has to learn to take care of yourself. You can give a man a fish and they eat for a day, teach them to fish and they feed themselves for life. This practice works for women and their health as well, it’s common sense.By policing medical decisions through medical jurisdiction and not legal or political jurisdictions, we can provide a natural and common sense solution for indivuals rights. This same common sense medical process would protect unborn life as well. So, medical not legal or political jurisdictions should police this and be responsible for its governance at multiple levels. If the indivual and their medical doctor or doctors determine an aboration is necessary, why should any law prevent the procedure.I would not support an abortion, just like I would not support an execution without due process. Medical services are not a legal or political service. Medical groups can determined the circumstances and the needs of a patient. In all cases, the taking of a life is wrong without due process. The same should happen in the medical profession. Doctors are sworn to protect life. They should be the group that carries the responceability to evaluate such cases. However, their are two people involved with pregnancy and both have natural rights.Abortion is a death sentence, no matter how you try to justify it. Yes, it is a woman’s body that carries the gift of birth, the burden of life, but it is not just her decision. If she did not say NO, the responsibility is shared and equal. If force or other criminal act is responsible for the pregnancy then it is solely the woman’s choice to be considered, and again, not legally, medically. The legal side is the circumstance and the judgement for the person based on a crime. Rape is a crime, incest is a crime, as is a statutory circumstance. An abortion must be decided by the patient and the partner, unless it was criminal, and a medical review. Remember, NO is still the most effective birth control method.The primary considerations are patient life and fetal life. Secondary considerations are partner concerns. The ability to take care of a child is not a medical reason for murdering life!Patient:Is the patient healthy enough, and able to give birth. This is where a medical review starts. Next, are there any medical conditions the patient has that may put either in jeopard; if the pregnancy goes full term or a medical condition that could jeopardize the patient or unborn child, if the patient goes full term.Fetus:Has life been detected. This question has been argued for a long time, but has to be medically and legally determined. Eggs aren’t Chickens until the yoke shows embryonic development. Then they can’t be sold as an egg, they are a living animal. So, by nature, life starts with the appearance of life in an embo. Six to sixteen weeks have been touted as first life, but not medically or legally concluded. Nature identities when life begins, not doctors or law makers and once a fetus has life, options are medically and legally limited, because nature has established its existance.Other medical factors come into consideration as the pregnancy proceeds. The fetus may not develop properly and in rare cases are determined with conditions that would not allow the unborn child to live outside the womb, or with birth defects that would greatly reduce the fetus abilities to live a sustaining a productive life. These are the questions only a medical review can determine.It is reckless for people to act irresponsible. If you speed, you are irresponsible and if ticketed are required to stand in court. Then if found guilty must pay restitution. Your actions are your’s, your’s alone. Its is your responsibility to know the law to live in society and your own body. When a person practices unsafe or unprotected sex they are subject to disease and in some cases, even death. When a woman practice unsafe or unprotected sex they are subject to the consequences, and pregnancy. You know it is wrong to practice unsafe and unprotected sex so, you are responsible for the outcome of your actions.Hundreds of millions of people have had abortions in the United States. That’s hundreds of millions of murdered unborn childern. A fraction of these millions were aborted because of rape or incest and another small portion because of illness or potential danger to the mother. Most of them were done for women who claimed they couldn’t support a child, were childern themselves, just didn’t have the time for a child, or their career wouldn’t allow it. Regardless of the reason, hundereds of millions of childern have been murdered and the risk takers are still not accepting their responsibilities in the murder of their own unborn child.Being ignorant, stupid or morally corrupt isn’t breaking the law. That’s why abortions have to be medically reviewed and each review evaluated by a medical group before a physical aboration is allowed. Their are reasons to allow abortions but it isn’t a cure for ignorance or neglect of the person’s responsibility to themselves and others. It is also not the responsibility of American tax payers to fund these cases without medical review and potentially criminal review for people that abused the laws of nature.

9 months ago

A baby is and always will be a human baby. What else would it be? With all the birth control available in today’s market, there is no real reason that anybody shouldn’t be able to prevent getting pregnant first place. Better yet, why not show some self-control? Ending a human life is not “birth control,” it is murder.

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