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AMAC Magazine Exclusive – The Chinese Communist Party: A Transnational Criminal Organization

Posted on Friday, March 11, 2022
by The Association of Mature American Citizens

By: Frank J. Gaffney


Over the past few years, China has been systematically detaining and exterminating Uyghurs in what the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) calls “re-education camps.” The CCP has surpassed all of history’s other, monstrous regimes in its crimes against humanity. By some estimates, it has murdered 100 million of its own citizens and those of Captive Nations it has subjected to totalitarian Communism “with Chinese characteristics.”

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2 years ago

Yet every administration from Clinton to Biden, with the exception of Trump, has bent over backwards to not only condone this type of activity for decades, but built-up China to enable it to threaten the world. Kissinger used a naive Nixon to crack open the door on diplomatic relations with China, as a bid to try and destabilize the Soviet Union a bit. That was relatively harmless up through G.H.W. Bush. But Clinton’s push to get China most favored nation status and membership in the WTO, without any internal reforms on China’s part, set the stage for a massive wealth transfer from western nations to the CCP. The rest as they say is history.

2 years ago

I kinda think our own government is also a transnational criminal organization.

2 years ago

Russian Attack on America!
Chinese troops in America!

North Korea and Cuba will also join the attack against America, I have read in other places.

Foreign Armies WILL Invade and Occupy America – The Enemies of America Will Bomb Our Churches and Synagogues
During the same time as the vision about the state of Florida in July of 1995, God gave me a vision of a massive army coming down on America. He said, “John, I am going to allow the enemies of the United States to judge America. When America’s enemies come they will have no mercy on the men, women and children. I saw troop movement and they appeared to be Communist Chinese and Russian troops coming into the United States. As they came in, America was no match. I saw churches and synagogues were being leveled by heavy artillery. As the churches were being blown up I saw Jews and Christians being herded up and shot like cattle in front of their churches and homes. I saw the troops killing children and infants with their bayonets. I saw the American people tormented beyond imagination. The troops were void of emotions. Their objective is to take the nation and take it hands down. All able bodied working people will be forced into slave labor. Some will be taken to other countries and some left here. The soldier’s main objective was to kill all Jews and Christians. As I am seeing all this horror I asked, “Lord, what is happening?” He said, “Because of the wickedness of the United States of America I am allowing her enemies to invade her lands.” God ended the vision.

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