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A Crucial Action For County Commissioners, State Legislators, and Governors

Posted on Friday, March 24, 2023
by Outside Contributor

Author’s Note: In a repeat of the 2020 national election, the outcome of the 2024 presidential election and indeed America’s future could be determined by widespread, fraudulent- laden, mail-in voting due to the occurrence of another pandemic, i.e., it will be argued that citizens cannot vote in person due to lockdowns, quarantines, etc. This article discusses this possibility and suggests a crucial action for county commissioners, state legislators, and governors to take hopefully to mitigate the political effects of another pandemic in the near future.    

It is no understatement that the future continuance of America’s constitutional republic depends in large part on certain actions that need to be taken by county commissioners, state legislators, and governors. For reasons discussed herein, these officials need to issue strong public statements and resolutions (ultimately state laws pursuant to the 10th Amendment) affirming their duty to protect the health, safety, and welfare of American citizens by vowing not to support health regulations and treatments promulgated by the World Health Organization (WHO), largely controlled by the Chinese Communist Party and multi-billionaire Bill Gates.

Below is an example county commissioner resolution followed by information supporting the need for such a resolution:

Whereas the duties of xxxxx County Commissioners include the primary duty to protect the health, safety, and welfare of xxxxx County citizens; and 

Whereas the World Health Organization (WHO) is known to be controlled by persons and organizations, including the Chinese Communist Party, that desire great harm to the United States of America, its constitutional republic, and its citizens; and 

Whereas the health regulations promulgated by the WHO during pandemic situations, including the wearing of masks, lockdowns, and forced, often deadly inoculations, and other invasive actions against citizens, are designed to primarily control citizens’ behavior and not provide for citizens’ health, safety, and welfare; now therefore

Be it resolved that the Commissioners of xxxxx County of the state of xxxxx do not and will not support any health regulations and/or policies promulgated by the WHO or by any WHO intermediaries or associated organizations during pandemic situations or other similar health related emergencies. 

Why are the WHO health regulations so concerning? The answer to this question is two-fold: (1) a presidential election is occurring in 2024; and (2) another deadly pandemic may/will happen prior to the election, and the WHO-mandated health regulations probably will greatly affect the outcome of the election.

Another deadly pandemic most likely will put great pressure on state governors (again!) to issue emergency proclamations authorizing wide-spread use of fraudulent-laden, mail-in voting during the 2024 presidential election. Such voting has been shown to work to the great advantage of the radical, far-left controlled democrat party. 

It is very important that the suggested resolutions or similar statements be issued as soon as possible because during May 2023, the Biden administration is expected to take an action that will, in effect, require America’s medical doctors, health care providers, and hospitals to abide by and implement legally binding, international health regulations promulgated by the WHO. The dangers of WHO control over American health care during pandemics and other declared health emergencies are explained in detail by attorney and international law professor Dr. Francis Boyle in a short video.

In the event of another pandemic, the WHO most likely will require its member countries, including America, to implement draconian measures such as lockdowns, quarantines, masks, forced inoculations of experimental, often deadly or disabling gene therapy “vaccines”, and so forth. This repeat of COVID-19 pandemic draconian control measures must not be permitted again in America.

According to Dr. Boyle, the agreement with the WHO most likely will go into effect in May 2023 on a provisional basis as soon as it is signed by WHO members, including America. The agreement will be legally binding on member countries without being ratified by legislatures, i.e., the United States Senate. Dr. Boyle believes that making the WHO agreement immediately effective on a provisional basis was deliberately done to circumvent the power of the Senate to give its advice and consent on a treaty.

Americans need to know what Dr. Robert Redfield, ex-Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), predicts about the next pandemic. He believes that a pandemic caused by a weaponized, highly contagious, respiratory bird flu virus will happen – it’s only a matter of time. Further, it is reported that a method for producing a weaponized bird flu virus already exists.

Dr. Redfield predicts that a highly contagious, respiratory bird flu virus will have a catastrophic 10 to 50 percent or higher mortality rate. For comparison, the mortality rate of the COVID-19 virus was roughly one percent resulting in over a million American deaths. Using this death rate as a basis, a 10 per cent mortality rate equates to roughly 10 million deaths, and a mortality rate of 50 per cent equates to roughly 50 million American deaths! 

Americans must be able to receive medical treatment during pandemics and other health emergencies in accordance with traditional American medical practice and personal relationships with family physicians who may prescribe off-label treatments and other medicines that are not supported by WHO international health regulations.

Quality medical care is perhaps best described by American physician, Dr. Avery Brinkley:

“Quality medical care requires a good patient history and this applies to newly prescribed medications including vaccines.  For the latter, the prescribing doctor must know if the patient has natural immunity to a particular infectious disease as this far outweighs any benefit from a vaccine; moreover, natural immunity stimulates the immune system to develop cell-mediated immunity in addition to antibodies whereas a vaccine only stimulates antibodies.  Vaccines are never to be given during pandemics as it takes some time for the immune system to build a response during which time a virus can develop a new variant which the administered vaccines may not prevent, and in fact, increases the risk of the vicinal antibodies believing that a variant is the original virus for which the injection was intended.  In this case, the person’s immune system actually can assist the variant entry into cells resulting in infection. This is called immune imprinting. Bottom line is that in general, no vaccine should be given to a person who has natural immunity.”  

To summarize, county commissioners, state legislators, and governors need to publicly affirm their commitment to protect the health, safety, and welfare of their citizens from WHO draconian health regulations during a pandemic or similar health emergency. This will most likely lead to litigation with the Biden administration, but as Dr. Boyle states, “the fight is worth it – it must happen”. Further, the forthcoming WHO health regulations must not be allowed to adversely influence the outcome of the 2024 presidential election.

Thus, it remains for county commissioners, state legislators, and governors to issue the statements and resolutions described herein as soon as possible.

Paul S. Gardiner is a retired Army officer, Vietnam veteran, and avid lover of America. He is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the University of Alabama, and the United States Army War College.   

Disclaimer: These are the views of the author, an AMAC member, and not necessarily those of AMAC.

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David Millikan
David Millikan
1 year ago

Excellent article Paul.

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