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AMAC Magazine Exclusive: The Border Invasion Election

Posted on Thursday, May 30, 2024
by The Association of Mature American Citizens

AMAC Magazine Exclusive – By Shane Harris

With Election Day fast approaching, no issue has dominated the headlines quite like the ongoing crisis at the US-Mexico border.

While voters are undoubtedly concerned about inflation, crime, the wars in Ukraine and Gaza, the threat from communist China, and the rapid spread of left-wing extremism in American institutions, President Joe Biden’s greatest political liability is his direct role in allowing millions of illegal aliens to flood into the country. In poll after poll, the border and illegal immigration rank among the top concerns for voters, and the president is deep underwater on the issue with Republicans, Independents, and even Democrats.

From big cities to small towns, Americans of all political stripes are feeling the brunt of Biden’s border invasion, and it may well land him out of office…

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9 days ago

This is why I signed up with your magazine you said you go after issues in court to help the American people no one should be voting for America in anyway shape or form unless they are legally vested Americans that means their citizens their ancestry had paid their dues for this country Like we have also building this nation and making the rich even richer off of our backs and then they think they’re gonna turn around and use someone who never had to work a day in their life for this country to vote no you’re not absolutely not

Jim Molock
Jim Molock
9 days ago

It is certain that any Patriot should not just be concerned but be extremely angered by this Leftist Illegal Alien invasion. It’s not just Leftist Biden but also his now Socialist Democrat Politicians. All Patriots, Conservatives, Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, and Moderate Democratic voters must come together and vote all leftists out of our We the people government. We all are now in grave danger, and no one should vote for any of them that helped.

Myrna Flynn
Myrna Flynn
9 days ago

Every day, the Biden administration and the outsiders that are given governmental for privileges that they’re not entitled to cause it never been elected and then Trump is committed to prison by a kangaroo court. It was totally rigged. I certainly hope he’s voted out Biden that is and election is not stolen like it was last time.

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