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Defend Children, Families, and Innocence

Posted on Thursday, March 23, 2023
by AMAC, Robert B. Charles

If one did not know better, the conclusion could be drawn that leftist Democrats in the United States – and leftists around the world – are enjoying a flirtation not just with Marxism, which devolves into Stalinism and Maoism, but with Plato’s idea that “children belong to the State.”

In Canada, a member of the clergy who is distressed at children being misled, mutilated in the name of gender equality – which was a crime when done in Africa – and subject to sexually deviant drag shows and perversion, is arrested, dragged off in cuffs for protecting children.

In the United States, children are coopted by public school teachers who decide what to share with parents, and often share little or nothing – as they persuade kindergarten boys they are girls, girls they are boys, and seek hormone and surgical transmutation of these innocents souls.

Parents who object to this, and to any actions subjecting their children to sexual, racial, and political indoctrination, are called advocates of violence, told they have no rights, are “domestic terrorists” by the FBI – still operating a task force used against parents vocal at school boards.

All this adds up to a strange throwback – and bizarre idea – promoted both by those who believe in atheistic communism, and who believe in the idea that the State owns children. The idea may sound absurd, as it implies that the word “their” may soon be outlawed, describing relations between parent and child, but it has roots.

In roughly 385 BC – “Before Christ” – a man named Plato decided to write about his vision of a perfect society, noting in one of his books – The Republic – that the “family” should give way, and should also give away their children, to an entity known as “the State.”

Notably, we are now not supposed to used “BC” to describe time’s passage, the divider before Christ’s appearance and afterwards – but are told by the “woke” world to use “BCE,” for “Before Common Era.” But that is another beef for another day. Plato’s Republic was written in 385 BC, or Before Christ.

In that volume, which the left seems to have rediscovered, he argues for total State control over a great deal, including children. In Book 5, he “abolishes the family” and insists children belong to the State, and are “held in common” for the betterment of all.

Plato – in a theme picked up by Marx, Engels, the Soviets and Communist Chinese – thinks children can be taken from families, educated by the State. Of course, in China, they are aborted by the millions – especially girls, used as repositories for “organ harvesting,” and “educated” by the State.

In Plato’s imaginary republic “the child belongs to the state and its education is the responsibility of the state,” which becomes uniform, suppresses individuality, is compulsory – and is both “cultural and physical.” That is all in Book 7.

So, what is happening today in modern North America? A lot of perversion, distortion of traditional Western – and global – emphasis on the family as the repository of moral, intellectual, cultural, and physical values.

Put succinctly, the left does not care one iota about the family, has twisted and redefined it, and most importantly has demanded – now with coercion from the State – that children, specifically for purposes of indoctrination or education, from their gender to moral (or immoral) fiber, is a prerogative of the State.

If all this sounds too bizarre for contemplation, let alone polite conversation, just recall that there is few things new under the sun, and much of what is anti-democratic, anti-republican, anti-family, anti-moral, and antithetical to America … has been written about and thought about in a prior time.

No society that respects the individual, individual and family rights, the family’s role as the central unit of civilization, parenting, or power of value transmission from generation to generation through loving parent and grandparents – has EVER sought to take children from their parents, or from the traditional influences of the family, let alone for State mind and body control.

But we are there. And in case you thought this is impossible, just reread Plato, Marx, histories of the Soviet Union and Maoist China – or look at how Communist China today dictates family size, coerces abortions and organ harvesting, and punishes those of faith or with any inclination toward individuality.

Forty years after Ronald Reagan’s famous “Evil Empire” speech, let it be said boldly and plainly. Evil has always existed, existed in the form of the Soviet Union, exists in the form of Communist China’s oppression, mind and body control over individuals and families, and could grow here.

Our obligation is to understand that even writers like Plato were wrong about some things, as were Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, and Mao. We live in a world where spiritual warfare is real, and will remain real. If we value children, innocence, and families, we must … defend them.

Robert Charles is a former Assistant Secretary of State under Colin Powell, former Reagan and Bush 41 White House staffer, attorney, and naval intelligence officer (USNR). He wrote “Narcotics and Terrorism” (2003), “Eagles and Evergreens” (2018), and is National Spokesman for AMAC.

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Viking 8674
Viking 8674
1 year ago

Robert, as chilling as your message is it’s more so because it’s true. We must stop this now before it goes any further! I praise the parents that are standing up to this nonsense. We must form a united front and stop further damage by the Woke Left!

David Millikan
David Millikan
1 year ago

Excellent article.

Rob citizenship
Rob citizenship
1 year ago

It is important to defend children, innocence and families and as you mentioned we are dealing with the reality of spiritual warfare in this world. The symbolism involved in denoting the passage of time can be regarded as an indication of friend or foe in a certain way, it depends on who prefers to use Before Common Era , instead of Before.Christ, and why they think that is necessary. I am going to stay with Before Christ for dates before the birth of Christ and A.D. the abbreviation for the Latin term — Anno Domini , meaning Year of Our Lord . Enough said on that topic , one of the main concerns in
defending children, innocence, and families I believe is having the whole matter brought to public attention as much as possible, what is mentioned in the article there is already a very wrong idea by those educators that they can influence children with all manner of strange behavior, strange outlooks on life and not inform the parents what is going on with the indoctrination. So, at all levels it is important to remember as you stated in the article , we are in a state of spiritual warfare , so things need to be done accordingly in order to defend the principles of Faith, Family and Freedom. Back to the Before Christ, Before Common Era , Anno Domini notation briefly , the topic has much to do with the understandimg of what is meant by secular, those who are against reference to anything having to do with religion or spiritual matters are in the secular group and are promoting the Common Era way of thinking, so realizing that brings importance to the issue. Thanks for writing another great article Robert, it is appreciated. Sincerely, Rob citizenship March 24, 2023 A.D.

Patriot Will
Patriot Will
1 year ago

Being a loving and responsible parent who protects younger children from mental, emotional, physical, sexual, and political assault is an extremely rewarding and natural calling. There is absolutely no job more important than being a good and caring parent. Those destructive Marxist individual and organizational forces that desire to cruelly separate the healthy growth of a child from the nuclear family are monsters. Our young need to be protected and cherished. It’s our duty as a nurturing and good society.

anna hubert
anna hubert
1 year ago

In Plato’s Acaeamy all the children were boys He was in paradise

Keith P Hezmalhalch
Keith P Hezmalhalch
1 year ago

Terrific article!! I learned about Plato’s philosophy in Junior College but NOT about the part where children should belong to the state!!??

But, even so… I thought he must have been a wacko or at least on drugs to believe there is another “plain of existence” that is actually REAL and that in that place, exists the PERFECT representation of all objects… A “perfect” table, chair, lamp, etc.

Again, something was not right with him or else his mind detached from all reality because he didn’t need to work to buy food or pay for shelter!!
He had WAY too much time to be sitting around “contemplating” the universe and pretty soon, he was permanently in la la land…

Even if that was not the reason, he was definitely not married, or a family man or in touch with reality when he proposed these things!

1 year ago

Plato’s philosophy comes from the satan

This people teach the philosophy of their father the débil

That what Jesus said

If God was their father
They would teach God’s philosophy

They are no other plain of existence.

There is the plan of God

And the plan of the débil

Platos knew in his mind clearly that it was teaching the plan of the débil

Why children
Because is their sacrifice to the débil

They can not have children

They go looking for the kids of other people

Mike Sutliff
Mike Sutliff
1 year ago

I’ve never commented b4. Everything about this article is informative and I agree with but the numbers of children being “sacrificed” to trans ideology etc seems beyond just blaming it on satan. Where is all this coming from? Can all these teachers be Marxists? Can all these parents be so blind as to not see they are sexualizing their kids bringing them to drag shows? In MN a teacher said “That is the goal” when told her kids couldn’t tell what her gender is. “The devil walks the earth” – from my mom which I believe but still, so many shallow minds boggles my mind.

Judy B
Judy B
1 year ago

Great article RBC!!

Joanne 4 justice
Joanne 4 justice
1 year ago

Is this article ???? opining a trend toward Communist/ Marxist influences ?????? If I’m strongly opposed !!!!

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