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Communist China’s October Congress

Posted on Tuesday, October 18, 2022
by AMAC, Robert B. Charles

Here comes China’s top holiday – a celebration of Communism’s universal repression for the public good, the glorious “Democratic-Socialist” way of life – systematic repression of speech, worship, minorities, women, travel, self-defense, privacy, security at home, selectively applied justice, no appeals, dissident persecution, one-party rule, privilege, and justified lies. You guessed it – this is the Chinese Communist Party’s 20th National Congress, October 16.

This year, things will be clear – as always. Repression’s benefits will be celebrated with a chorus of approval, or else. Lifetime leader Mr. Xi – like Caesar and the Soviets – will collect accolades and make his pronouncements of Chinese superiority and Communism’s inevitability. Stalin did that, too.

Based on recent rhetoric, China’s global dominance will loom big, people told to keep sacrificing their work, self-value, unborn children, Western rights, privacy, prosperity, faith, “life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness” for the greater good – of society and their selfless, rich leaders.

Expect to see 2,200 delegates, “representing” 96 million party members,” in a nation of 1.4 billion – disenfranchised, hoping not to get the knock at night, expecting nothing, no assets.

While the pretense of a “Congress” is to prevent a “cult of the personality” like Mao, they celebrate Mao. Xi looks up to him. Mao, of course, looked up to Stalin, both killing wildly.

Never mind. The Communist Congress is like Christmas, except for no hope, joy, faith, tolerance, religion, salvation, gifts, gratitude, or sense that the individual counts in God’s eyes or State’s. Other than that, it is Christmas – with promises of coal.

To get a feel for where one-party government leads, the big accomplishment in 2017 was to get approval for a “dogma” called “Xi Jinping Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era.” It was put in the Chinese Constitution – the way packing the Supreme Court would put pro-abortion “dogma” in our Constitution, to “live large” in Senator Feinstein’s famous phrase.

President Xi and President Biden have something else in common besides power consolidation and a special relationship with Hunter. Age. By tradition, Xi was supposed to retire at 68, but he mandated he keep himself on, so he did. Biden seems on a similar path.

More seriously, big issues lie before the Communist Congress this year. China’s indebted economy, Xi’s sliding foreign policy, and his recurring pitch for global dominance.

While the US economy sputters thanks to Biden’s energy and inflation policies, Xi has ramped up fossil fuels, especially coal. He is selling cars at breakneck speed, two percent electric. He produces 2.5 times the carbon emissions of the US. He is clever like a fox. Biden thinks he is a climate change guy and Xi tells Biden how smart he is to clamp down on energy independence.

Yeah…might be a good Communist Congress, or might not. The rub is that China’s population is restless. Mortgages ripped out from under them in 200 cities, corruption everywhere, the economy in debt, suppressing the Internet, cities locked down, surveillance unceasing, and watching the pants fall down on China’s Belt-and-Road initiative.

Perhaps the biggest thing, beyond gratuitous “hat tips” to Hunter’s dad, is foreign policy. China paired with Russia and then – invited to a “small incursion” – Putin bounced into and out of Ukraine. This did not play well in China.

On foreign policy, the truth is China wants to win and bury the West, just as Khrushchev wanted to – the way Reagan buried the Soviets – only this time, China is playing every chess piece to its advantage.

What is more, the Communist Chinese are smarter that the Soviets were. They’re more savvy and rich on Western money, the way Biden paid Iran for lots of nothing. China knows what our latest National Security Policy says – being announced just last week. 

Biden’s strategy says China is a mere “competitor,” naively hoping for a self-fulfilling prophecy. It is one big diplomatic curtsy. Only that does not work except in movies – seldom there.

Reimagining China as an potential ally, just a “different way” of seeing human rights, is to imagine they are a legitimate form of government – useless. Like the Taliban laughing at Biden’s tail-between-legs scamper and Saudi’s laughing at his begging, China knows Biden.

China knows we are locked adversaries, at loggerheads, one system favoring individual freedom, equality, human rights, constitutional order, moral norms, limited government, and the other power.

So, watch the rhetoric at this 2022 Communist Congress, even with internal Chinese weakness, wobbly economy, and foreign policy. They know Biden can be manipulated and they are at it.

Net-net, these are dangerous times. The reality is this: China is a head-to-head challenger on ideology and trade. We did not create ideological conflict but empowered their economy.

All that said, China is our adversary, do not think otherwise. They see themselves as our enemy in waiting. Xi’s world is a zero-sum, one wins, one loses. We need to take stock. On the military side, the “Chinese Dream” and “American Dream” are opposed. And their holidays are not ours.

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1 year ago

Well RBC, with President Xi having hand-picked almost all of the voting members of the CCP, the odds are quite good he will get another 5 year term and essentially become the equivalent of Emperor for Life. Whether the people of China are happy or not really doesn’t matter. President Xi controls all the reins of power in China and the people have no means to fight back against the CCP.

As for what President Xi and the CCP intend to do after Xi is elevated to this higher level has really been spelled out already. The comments from Xi coming out of official Chinese media these last several days kind of lays out his intentions. Not only on Taiwan, but for much of the world in the coming years. All of which has already been spelled out previously in the various 5 year plans and his own white papers detailing how China will re-take its rightful place on the world stage as the preeminent world power. So there isn’t really much of a surprise in what what President Xi and China intend to do going forward.

The only question is “Will we continue to ignore the obvious threat to the United States and the world, as a whole, or will we do something constructively to deal with the threat that we pretty much created over the last 30 years?” Personally, with the current administration in charge in D.C., I’m betting we will not only ignore the threat but do whatever China wants to accommodate the wishes of President Xi. That’s just a realistic assessment based on the actions of this administrations and the Democrat Party in general over the last 30 years.

1 year ago

You missed one salient point — while historically China and the US have different ideologies, Biden and China do not. They are more alike than opposing — Biden and Xi are hardly opponents and Biden’s policies (and business dealings) reflect that.

Stephen Russell
Stephen Russell
1 year ago

China to boost weapons over 5 years, have some Laser weapon too

1 year ago

Joebomma is his real name.

David Millikan
David Millikan
1 year ago

Isn’t SWAMP QUEEN pelosi Speaker of COMMUNIST China’s Congress?
I know for FACT she sure is NOT Speaker of the House in the UNITED STATES of AMERICA since she ALWAYS votes for COMMUNIST legislation put forth by Hussein Obama and DICTATOR Beijing biden.

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